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Friday, August 9, 2013

Women I Love

You don't have to be a goth to be into fetish culture, but it certainly helps.  Goth Culture allows women to display their sexuality in a completely powerful, reverent way.  Goth Clubs have long been the seat of the fetish scene for a lot of people.  There is so much overlap it's a non-issue which brought you to the club, the fetish or the music- heavy makeup, barely there clothing, the PVC, latex, thigh high boots and leather.  Goth women have been forcing Bi for as long as I can remember, it's just par for the course.
When I was a kid I was shopping in a thrift store and came across this cassette tape in a bin.  I paid a quarter for it and became immediately obsessed.  I shared it with everyone I could.  The strength of the woman's stare, the strength of Her voice, and Her ability to sing about things like semen and genocide with such grace and passion was absolutely magical to Me.  I dyed My hair black.  I started wearing see through shirts, big black boots, and heavy eyeliner.
I searched for every photo I could find of Her and collected them.  I did the same with the music.

For some reason I found joy in these dark, heavy, yet luxurious things. Siouxsie Herself stated that She was not a goth.

As goth at this time period seemed to mean one thing and one thing only: Marilyn Manson (whose shock
tactics and poorly applied makeup I found terribly boring, not to mention his plain old rock music, palatable to any dumb male wanting to rock out), I was not a goth either. 
When they photographed Me for the school yearbook with My "Most Creative Style" in a glittery, extremely lowcut top covered by a flowing black lace jacket I had sewn Myself, spiky red hair, and black lipstick, I told them I was glam-punk. I still listen to Her music all the time.

I am still obsessed with dark and luxurious things.  I still love the graceful juxtaposition of the sacred and profane, and the acknowledgment of pain, transformation, and ecstasy. I feel I have Her to thank.