Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 26th, I will be hosting a full on, open to anyone fetish party at the Dock, in Cincinnati.  The back room of the club will be set up for play.  At this club, and this event, the appropriate attire is fetish or black clothing!  This means if you are male, and wish to crossdress for this event, you can get away with it.  You can wear hoods, gasmasks, latex, bondage gear, as little or as much as you like. Make sure nipples and genitals are covered, in adherence to Cincy laws. 
Special points for girls and boys dressed for a day at school!  
There will be a station with wristbands so you can denote to any interested party your preferences without saying a word- just like at any swingers event.  I will be bringing a great deal of My dungeon furniture for playing out in public.  Spanking benches, crosses, and more.  Tons of paddles and straps, and this cruel Goddess READY to use them, and YOU!  
There will be games, contests, tops and bottoms, music, drinking, dancing, debauchery, and a sextoy giveaway at midnight. Come play!