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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013



Your favorite shockingly addictive bitch will be administering all manner of electrifying fun!
The evening begins at 10pm, Thursday evening, at the Dock in Cincinnati.  Costumes or fetish wear encouraged but not required.  There is a cover, there will be drinking, dancing and full on DEBAUCHERY in the delicious style of the House of DeSade.

Any Ladies who would like to participate in the evening with Me should email directly.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A few photos from the Goddess Party

The Butler did it!  In the red room with the candlestick!
The Goddess Party was lovely.  We had roughly 13 Goddesses in attendance, in full demanding, luxurious Goddess mode.  The slaves, maid and butler were in absolutely top form- I suppose that's what years of training can do for you!  There were only 5 males allowed to serve at this party, so if you were not allowed to serve, you should be fully aware not many males were allowed.  I may have another, more completely open party for Goddess worship in the future.  This party was about Goddesses being served, worshiped, and adored, and not at all about the slaves or submissives.  I know many of you may find that hard to understand but.... welcome to real Femdom lifestyle. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Myths and Reality: "Slaves have no Limits"

As a real life Female Supremacist and keeper of male slaves, I am not the full authority on these matters, and can only speak of My experience.  I can also draw from My learning about other Females of the same nature, and their slaves, and how they are in real life.
Regarding the myth: SLAVES HAVE NO LIMITS.
"Slaves have no limits, so perhaps I am a submissive."
Slaves DO have no limits to their Mistress. A slave, in My world, a REAL slave, has been with their Mistress for a long time. They have already spent a few years working out the kinks of their actual real life limitations, be it :

  • Physical concerns; Illnesses, inability to take too much pain, doesn't like nipple torture, can't physically be on knees for more than a short time, bad back, etc.
  • Worldly concerns; Only has certain amount of money to spend on Her per month, would not like to be outed BDSM wise to family members, must continue 9-5 work schedule, etc.
  • Emotional Concerns; Likes to feel needed and appreciated, gets frazzled when dealing with family issues/ deaths in the family, likes to be reassured of their status weekly.
  • Personal Tastes; Is grossed out by indian food, anal play, Loves when She dresses up nice or in stockings.
A Mistress/ slave relationship is a long process of learning and growing.  It is somewhat a Mistress's job to know all these things about Her charge, and he will also know much about Her once all is said and done. 
My REAL slaves do have no limits to Me. This is because they have known Me long enough, we have learned about each other enough.  They trust Me unequivocally to take care of them, their needs, and not abuse My power. I may push their limits, I may do things I like and they do not, however, they are always safe and at this point in the game with Me they know that, once again, unequivocally.

So that is how it is that Slaves Have No Limits.  It takes time, care, and trust to establish such a thing and it is not to be taken lightly.  

Monday, October 14, 2013



This is a position of supplication and offering of the body and mind of the slave to the Goddess for Her use and pleasure. On knees, Bottom positioned over hips, knees spread to expose genitals and torso. Hands placed open on thighs in supplication.


This is a position of attentive rest for the slave. On knees, upright tower with torso, knees together. Hands placed palm down on thighs, or behind as suits the slave and Goddess.

Worship. (also known as "OBEY")
This is a position of worship and respect. It can denote simple obedience or be used for foot massage/ worship, or simply respect and worshipful attitude. Begin in present position, then move head to the floor, arms in a triangular position with hands near the face. Lift the head roughly four inches from the floor. you can easily see, both slave's head and hands are in position to worship Her feet with the use of both his hands and his face, body should be well supported so slave can stay in position as SHE likes.

Whipping. This is a position offering your body for HER use, for whipping, strapon, nipple torture, ball torture, whatever. This is also a position to help the slave feel their complete vulnerability to HER. Begin in worship position. Head goes to the floor, arms in triangle position as before, but placed together for support, Ass should be in the air, muscles spreading open but comfortable. If anything that should be exposed seems blocked by limbs, adjust until all is clearly at HER reach.

Standing/ Walking

This a position for the world, and for other service. Slave should stand with eyes lowered, hands folded behind or before, with good posture, at HER right hand but a few feet behind HER. Slave is out of HER way, but available and attentive to any needs at any time.

This is a position for HER comfort and pleasure. Slave will fold his body into a small footstool, this position may change based on the Goddess and HER needs. He may be a small ball, or on all fours, depending on the height SHE needs. His object however is to be SMALL, unobtrusive, and a completely silent and still useful piece of elegant, decadent furniture for HER.

Make every attempt with all positions to be as 
UNOBTRUSIVE and SMALL as possible.
The goal is to be as useful and graceful as possible WHILE taking up little space, making clear your obedience, and to allow your body to be completely vulnerable to HER ministrations.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Evening of Goddess Worship and Adoration

Ladies, Join The Mistress Devlynn Desade at her fully stocked and well equipped but warm and cozy dungeon for an evening of worshipful pampering and indulgence that a Goddess like YOU truly deserves!

 To start YOUR special evening and to help you relax and get in the mood Light Hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be served by our kitchen slave. If you wish, you may just sit and relax with other lovely ladies in the living room. There will never be a reason for you to get up. Maybe you would like a shoulder or foot massage while enjoying a drink? Maybe you would enjoy a Sissy strip show?  Just speak YOUR COMMAND and it will be obediently and efficiently fulfilled. You will be tended and fawned over by a staff of REAL slaves who earnestly yearn to worship you and obey you and serve you. Remember, this is YOUR night. You ARE a GODDESS. You will be given a catalog of the slaves with their talents, interests and limits.  Whatever your fancy you will probably find a slave. These slaves have been hand selected and WELL trained by Mistress Devlynn and are obedient, efficient and disciplined. But, if one does seem a bit naughty or insolent, they ARE males after all, or if you’re just in a playful mood you are free to put them over your knee or escort the slave upstairs. There you will find a school room with a nice desk to bend them over or for more serious work a paddling bench with arm and leg straps. There is also a St. Andrews Cross, a suspension cage with suspension sling and arm and ankle suspension attachments. There is a cushioned punishment table where your slave can be fully bound lengthwise or simply bent over for your attention and still more dungeon accessories.  As for “tools”, you will find a HUGE selection of toys including paddles in many shapes, sizes, lengths and weights from small slappers that really,really STING to brutal, heavy bruisers that will likely have them crying and pleading for you to stop with just a few solid licks on their bare bottom. There are single tale whips, rubber whips, floggers that vary from soft and soothing to ones that can easily flay the outer layer of skin from an unprotected behind. There are whippy stingy canes that will have your slave bouncing and yelping with every stroke and heavy ones that  give more of deep muscle bruising thud.  It’s up to you what you use. YOU are the Goddess! Maybe experiment with different implements until you find  one that gives the result you are looking for and then, LET THEM HAVE IT! That sounds fun doesn’t it?   If your taste is maybe a little more adventurous there is a medical examination room. Perhaps you would like to be a medical student intern for the evening?  You will find a host of examination tools: sounds, speculums, pin wheels, disposable needles and more and rubber gloves, exam coats and disinfectants. Mistress Devlynn will be more than happy to be your attending Physician and you can find a “patient” from the catalog. There are electrical toys as well. Mistress Devlynn can assist you in the proper technique and use of these. They can be very enjoyable to the “victim” or you could have them SCREAMING and BEGGING for your mercy. You could of course gag the slave if you don’t desire a lot of noise.  Ever hear of fireplay? Want to try it?  Select a slave and with Mistress Devlynn’s assistance enjoy some HOT fun! There are also dildos and strap ons with antiseptics and lubricants. Pick a slave and put him on his hands and knees or shove him over a punishment bench. The slaves are YOURS to command and enjoy. YOU are a Goddess! Have fun!  Use your imagination. Be creative with your human toy.  If you would like a new experience but just aren’t quite sure what ask Mistress Devlynn for a suggestion. She would LOVE to make a recommendation and teach you a new skill.

Sound like fun? Remember YOU are a beautiful GODDESS QUEEN this night!

We hope to see you soon!

You are also welcome to bring or recommend a slave; however, they will be required to attend early for high Protocol training.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back to School Shenanigans

Bad Butts of the Evening
Happy winner of the Purple Metallic Whip!
The Bracelet Code, allowing Shy ones and Newbies a chance to play since the swinger parties of the 70s.

Finally, a place to wear all our fetish gear and enjoy it.