Thursday, October 24, 2013

A few photos from the Goddess Party

The Butler did it!  In the red room with the candlestick!
The Goddess Party was lovely.  We had roughly 13 Goddesses in attendance, in full demanding, luxurious Goddess mode.  The slaves, maid and butler were in absolutely top form- I suppose that's what years of training can do for you!  There were only 5 males allowed to serve at this party, so if you were not allowed to serve, you should be fully aware not many males were allowed.  I may have another, more completely open party for Goddess worship in the future.  This party was about Goddesses being served, worshiped, and adored, and not at all about the slaves or submissives.  I know many of you may find that hard to understand but.... welcome to real Femdom lifestyle.