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Monday, October 14, 2013



This is a position of supplication and offering of the body and mind of the slave to the Goddess for Her use and pleasure. On knees, Bottom positioned over hips, knees spread to expose genitals and torso. Hands placed open on thighs in supplication.


This is a position of attentive rest for the slave. On knees, upright tower with torso, knees together. Hands placed palm down on thighs, or behind as suits the slave and Goddess.

Worship. (also known as "OBEY")
This is a position of worship and respect. It can denote simple obedience or be used for foot massage/ worship, or simply respect and worshipful attitude. Begin in present position, then move head to the floor, arms in a triangular position with hands near the face. Lift the head roughly four inches from the floor. you can easily see, both slave's head and hands are in position to worship Her feet with the use of both his hands and his face, body should be well supported so slave can stay in position as SHE likes.

Whipping. This is a position offering your body for HER use, for whipping, strapon, nipple torture, ball torture, whatever. This is also a position to help the slave feel their complete vulnerability to HER. Begin in worship position. Head goes to the floor, arms in triangle position as before, but placed together for support, Ass should be in the air, muscles spreading open but comfortable. If anything that should be exposed seems blocked by limbs, adjust until all is clearly at HER reach.

Standing/ Walking

This a position for the world, and for other service. Slave should stand with eyes lowered, hands folded behind or before, with good posture, at HER right hand but a few feet behind HER. Slave is out of HER way, but available and attentive to any needs at any time.

This is a position for HER comfort and pleasure. Slave will fold his body into a small footstool, this position may change based on the Goddess and HER needs. He may be a small ball, or on all fours, depending on the height SHE needs. His object however is to be SMALL, unobtrusive, and a completely silent and still useful piece of elegant, decadent furniture for HER.

Make every attempt with all positions to be as 
UNOBTRUSIVE and SMALL as possible.
The goal is to be as useful and graceful as possible WHILE taking up little space, making clear your obedience, and to allow your body to be completely vulnerable to HER ministrations.