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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Myths and Reality: "Slaves have no Limits"

As a real life Female Supremacist and keeper of male slaves, I am not the full authority on these matters, and can only speak of My experience.  I can also draw from My learning about other Females of the same nature, and their slaves, and how they are in real life.
Regarding the myth: SLAVES HAVE NO LIMITS.
"Slaves have no limits, so perhaps I am a submissive."
Slaves DO have no limits to their Mistress. A slave, in My world, a REAL slave, has been with their Mistress for a long time. They have already spent a few years working out the kinks of their actual real life limitations, be it :

  • Physical concerns; Illnesses, inability to take too much pain, doesn't like nipple torture, can't physically be on knees for more than a short time, bad back, etc.
  • Worldly concerns; Only has certain amount of money to spend on Her per month, would not like to be outed BDSM wise to family members, must continue 9-5 work schedule, etc.
  • Emotional Concerns; Likes to feel needed and appreciated, gets frazzled when dealing with family issues/ deaths in the family, likes to be reassured of their status weekly.
  • Personal Tastes; Is grossed out by indian food, anal play, Loves when She dresses up nice or in stockings.
A Mistress/ slave relationship is a long process of learning and growing.  It is somewhat a Mistress's job to know all these things about Her charge, and he will also know much about Her once all is said and done. 
My REAL slaves do have no limits to Me. This is because they have known Me long enough, we have learned about each other enough.  They trust Me unequivocally to take care of them, their needs, and not abuse My power. I may push their limits, I may do things I like and they do not, however, they are always safe and at this point in the game with Me they know that, once again, unequivocally.

So that is how it is that Slaves Have No Limits.  It takes time, care, and trust to establish such a thing and it is not to be taken lightly.