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Saturday, November 16, 2013

10 Benefits of Protocol Training

I am a strong believer in the efficacy, usefulness as well as the luxury and sexiness of Protocols with My slaves.

5 Ways the following of protocols can benefit the slave.

1.       It establishes and is a constant re-enforcement of the slaves place in the Mistress /slave relationship.

2.       Once memorized makes tasks easier because some of the task will be already established as a routine.

3.       The protocols make the slave feel protected and cared for because the Mistress has invested time on the slave in teaching them to the slave.

4.       Once protocols are learned it makes it less likely that the slave will get into trouble with his Mistress due to inappropriate behavior, embarrassing behavior which reflects badly on his Mistress or due to failing to complete a task correctly and or within the established time table for the particular assignment.  

5.       Leaning protocols and living by them adds structure and order to the slaves’ life actually enriching his life in all aspects.

5 ways the following of protocols can make Mistress Devlynn’s life easier.

1.       Protocols save the Mistress time because she only has to explain portions of a task that are specific to the particular task. The slave will already know the general guidelines for performing the task properly.

2.       Protocols make it less likely that a Mistress will have to lose her temper in regards to the slaves’ behavior because once learned the Slave is more likely to behave in a manner appropriate for a slave of the Mistress.

3.       Established protocol makes it less likely for the slave to reflect badly on his Mistress and make it much less likely for her to have to take time to discipline the slave in public.

4.       It makes it easier for the mistress if she happens to have to be away from the slave for period of time because she can be confident that when she returns that the slave will have been behaving properly and will not need to be retrained upon her return or will require only minor refreshment in proper behavior or minor punishment.

5.       Once the slave has learned established protocols it makes it possible for the Mistress to feel confident that if she gives a task to the slave it will be accomplished in timely manner and completed to at least a satisfactory level and more often than not exceed expectation. This gives an added benefit in allowing the Mistress to concentrate her efforts on other matters once the slave has been dispatched to perform the assigned task.