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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Few Toys for December- WARNING- a bit DEMENTED.

As usual I am always slowly acquiring new fun devices to help Me enjoy My human toys even more.
I am particularly excited about a couple of the new terrible and fun things I have picked up lately in My endless search for things to make your life less boring and help you behave! A FAIR warning, some are a bit demented... don't look if you are prone to Devlynn DeSade haunted nightmares or visions of torture!

MY personal local friendly leather guy, with some nice, thick and strong thigh restraints I commissioned from him.  His business is Request Leather, and he makes me anything I can dream up.  I got tired of you little worms being able to hide your junk from Me when you get scared, so, Voila!  Lovely, highly adjustable thick leather thigh cuffs to keep you at attention for Me!

The Oxballs silicon "Pig-hole" fuckplug.  As some of you know I was trained by a Leather Sir years ago so I always have a special place in My heart for pigs and leather boys. How does this little jewel work?  From the Oxballs site:
The thing conforms to your hole, the oval ergo shape keeps the plug in optimum fuck-ready position…sure, your “new” hole will gape open, you will have zero control…giving total access…you are a sewer…a gaping MAN-HOLE…

The Maestro Multi-Faceted Fucking Machine-
I had to have this model because its infinite adjustability makes My ability to come up with terrible ways to use it infinite as well.  It pivots there in the center- I have yet to use it on a slave standing up, tied spread eagle, but that would be just mean!

Can't see Me for while but want to contribute to My torture of the male?