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Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to be a better Submissive

  • Always be prompt, respectful and in top form when you come to Me to serve.
  • Be honest.  Communication is the best way to reach our goals for you.
  • Listen to My instructions and follow them.  
  • Adore Me.  I love compliments and adoration regarding the care that I take with Myself.
  • Express gratitude.  When you are blessed by Me in some way, thank Me for it. This is the best way to have it ever happen again.
  • Take time to think about yourself and your desires and triggers.  This can be enriching for both of us.  Why do you enjoy _______?  What is it you love about ______?
  • If you intend to serve Me in the long term, it may be useful to keep a journal of your progress.  Feel free to share with Me... I love seeing the change I create.