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Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to Sound a Man - part one.

Sounding is something a lot of submissives are afraid of- and for good reason. This is one fun BDSM activity that has the capacity to go wrong for in an instant.  However, a lot of men have been sounding themselves privately in their masturbation practice since they were young and didn't even know it they should.  The internet is full of men inserting nails, chopsticks, toothbrushes and all kinds of terrible things up their poor little urethras.  I WOULD NOT recommend any of these things.  I do commend men who explore their bodies sexually in new and interesting ways.

The first time I sounded someone I was a little nervous, even though I had be trained to do so by My Leather Mentor.  He sounded his own penis in front of Me, showing Me how it worked. and though it looked very easy it also looked a bit terrifying to watch this metal rod disappear up his urethra.
I have used the simplest sounds and the silicon variety.  I prefer to stay away from rosebuds, although I may be comfortable with them, many people who play with sounding with Me are not stretching their urethra over time but just enjoying the sensation of being violated by Me.

I would recommend watching porn involving sounding to take away a bit of your fear.  Watching the process shows how cleanly the rod slides in, how the poor little penis is not broken and torn by this process, and how easily everything is done.  Watching porn also may show you how much the lady enjoys the process!

HOWEVER I would not watch porn to learn about the cleanliness or physical rules.  In porn a lot of people use less clean objects and their spit to lube. NO WAY!  (whatever you do in your bedroom is your business.)


  • CLEANLINESS- Use dental bibs or clean towels, no paper towels or toilet paper (wood fibers in the urethra? no thank you).  I sterilize the sounds then wrap in a dental bib until ready for use (to keep from the air, as I am OCD. Don't laugh.)  The worst things you can get into the urethra aren't on the sound... they are on the penis. So clean and sterilize the penis as well.  Gloves are never a bad idea- even on yourself, they can help with gripping the sound.
  • LUBE- A water based, super hypo-allergenic lube is the best lube for sounding.  I like to use a squirt top Wet or Moist lube or packets... this way I know there is no cross contamination in the lube already. Even if you have natural lube it is a good idea to make sure everything is "smooth sailing".
  • ERECTION or NONE- I have sounded erect and not erect penises, that is how I was taught by My mentor.  I think it doesn't matter either way.  It is more difficult with the erect, but it is also easier to feel the natural curve as it is suddenly a hard curve instead of a winding one.
  • LET IT DO THE WORK-  The scariest thing to Me when I began sounding was the way it just falls into place... which is also very neat to watch. There is no shoving or jamming the rod into the urethra, it simply finds its place and goes to it.  It very naturally slides in the urethra as far as it wants.  As the dom, you are more GUIDING the sound than inserting it. 
  • NO PAIN-  This goes with the above.  Sounding is not supposed to be painful, unless of course I'm applying electricity ( YES PLEASE!) Most submissives say it feels weird, or it feels good, they also say it's scary.  If you are really hurting, really stretching, I would say stop or use more lube.  We DON'T want to damage the urethra.  
  • BLOOD- There can be a little blood maybe in about 10% of sounding explorations.  It can be a tiny amount, but look like more when mixed with pre seminal fluid. These can be tiny tears in the urethra, tiny places you stretch too far too fast, and are in My opinion a good place to take a break.  Any time you make a man bleed from his penis when he is excited, there will be about 5 times the normal amount or at least look like it. Let it heal and live to play another day.  
  • AFTERCARE- We are messing around with urethra... when I mess around with a man's parts I always want a way to put things back together as they were or better.  SO.  After sounding, drink cranberry juice and other sort of diuretic/ body cleaning and maintaining liquids so your little penis stays happy and ready to be violated again.