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Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to Sound a Man part two- Playing with Sounds!

If you haven't read the first part regarding sterile issues, safety etc. HERE, please do.

Now for the fun part.  Of course being a sadistic top I spend a lot of time thinking or doing things that hurt or feel interesting to people and finding new ones!  
So without further fanfare, a few of My favorite fun games to play with sounds!

  • Fear Factor! you don't really even need to insert the sound if you are afraid. Will I sound you? How far will I go?  Is there a sound going into you, or are you simply feeling an electric charge travelling up your urethra?  
  • Electrifying sounds- I can use My electro gloves or any number of other devices to electro charge the sound, this can be terrible and shocking or simply divine.  Of course the dominant can choose.
  • Making the sub masturbate- with the sound in of course.  Very interesting to watch the skin of his penis moving over a strong immovable steel rod.  He can also feel the rod through his skin, which can be a trip.
  • Stretching games- Continuing to insert slightly larger sounds, the submissive enjoys the feeling of being stretched in a new place for Her use. The Lady enjoys his willingness and pliability!
  • Vibrating games- I've never used a tuning fork, but I find simple vibrators attached to the sound can make for an amazing sensation. 
The best part of sounding for Me is that many people haven't played this way. So I get that fun rapist/ taker of virginity/ he is absolutely terrified feeling that I love!   I am big into corruption.  Also there is a strong submissive feeling for him involved with allowing Me to do this, and allowing Me to violate previously virgin territory, and it takes a lot of trust on his part in his dominant.  That trust and giving up is a beautiful thing for us both.