Saturday, January 11, 2014

This is the experience as remembered by one very happy and LUCKY slave of Mistress Devlynn’s at her:

"An Evening of Goddess Worship and Adoration”

I will try to be as accurate as possible but, for any GODDESS or slave who may have shared in some of my ‘scenes’ please forgive me if it does not seem exactly as you recall or if I may have left something out that seemed important. Because my excitement level and also events at the end of MY evening did cause my memories to cloud just a little.

A special Note to the lovely Mistress Devlynn sponsor and host of this incredible evening and memory: Please don’t misinterpret when I use the word “My” when referencing you Ma’am? I don’t mean it in a possessive form. I mean, a soldier on occasion may refer to his company commander and commanding officer as My Capitan. That certainly doesn’t mean that he feels he owns his Capitan. With luck for both concerned it means that the soldier is proud and happy to serve his Capitan as HER or HIS soldier. I humbly offer that the same holds true in a Mistress and slave relationship.  I’m actually fairly certain that my meaning was already understood by you Ma’am. But, I’m paranoid about things like this. I don’t want to offend you in any way Ma’am.

Well, unless it is in a VERY minor way and gets me a good spanking!


I am a slave, but don’t look down on me or feel sorry for me.  I’m happy to be a slave to my Mistress Devlynn. Are you independently wealthy? If not does YOUR way of life, your livelihood and perhaps your families depend on YOU serving someone or an enterprise or corporation or the government? If so, are you not also a slave albeit a willing one?

Anyhow, I’m sitting in my car in a parking lot a few doors down from the Dungeon of my Mistress, Devlynn Desade. I count myself very lucky to be considered one of her slaves. Well, maybe closer to a slave apprentice if there is such a thing. I’m definitely a work in progress. But still I feel so incredibly lucky to be allowed to serve her, as this is for me not an abusive relationship, but a symbiotic relationship. Because under her very strict guidance I am not only learning to be a better slave and servant to her but have actually grown into more of a functional and useful human being overall.

Well, I should continue about THIS day.

I have known and been serving Mistress Devlynn now for a few years. This was the first time I had been invited to one of her Goddess parties. Well, to any of her private parties for that matter.  When I first found out that I had made the selection I became so incredibly happy! This was a dream come true!  I had learned about three weeks prior that I had been one of the lucky few slaves to be accepted to serve for the evening.   A week before the big day I met my Mistress for an additional training session. I did not want to take ANY chances at all of not being prepared.  Now here I was sitting in the parking lot, as noted it was about 6:50pm. I was to arrive promptly at the door at 7:15PM. I was really early because I was NOT going to be late. Today had been a cold, dreary, wet day for the most part. But the sun had finally come out of hiding at maybe 4:30 or so, for that I was grateful. The sun always helps to pick up my spirits. For the last week I had been diligently studying her lessons and practicing my slave positions. I was ready. But still I was not just a little nervous. I was borderline terrified! Yes, I was afraid of being hurt or rejected by some of the other Goddesses who might not be so concerned about ‘damaging’ me as the lovely Mistress Devlynn is. She likes to keep me ‘sustainable’. I am a pain slut; particularly I am a spanking slut. I dearly LOVE to be spanked by Mistress Devlynn to the point of tears if at all possible. But my apprehension of meeting and interacting with the other Goddesses was not the main cause of my current troubles. My biggest fear was of letting Mistress Devlynn down and betraying the trust she had placed in me.  As one of her chosen slaves for the evening I felt that I was representing her. She had worked incredibly hard in preparation for this party. I would not, COULD not let her down! I felt kind of like this was a big final exam in college. I had around 20 minutes now. I tried some breathing exercises. Breathe in deeply as I can for a four count, hold for four and then breathe out for a count of five. After about five repetitions I was feeling a little better. So, I turned on my smart phone and decided I would re-watch a 15 minute video on giving a soothing foot massage. When the film clip ended I checked my watch. IT WAS TIME! I did two more breathing exercises then called and left Mistress Devlynn a message that I had arrived and was headed to her door. Oh how I wished I could CALM DOWN! I grabbed a present I had brought for her, some intimate massage oil, and started my walk to her dungeon.  The act of walking was taking a little of the edge from my fear but not a lot. I arrived at her sidewalk. I looked up at her door. I could see no shadow through the blinds. Slowly I walked the side walk to the steps then climbed to the top. I took one more step to the door. I took in another deep breath, held it and slowly released it then I reached out for the twist ringer. My hand was trembling ever so slightly. I twisted: once, twice and a third. I always twist it three times. I’m not sure why.  It has become a habit now. I turned and looked across the street. A local police cruiser was passing by. I heard footsteps from the other side of the door behind me, then the door latch being turned pulling the dead bolt back into its recess.  Immediately I turned to face the door, eyes down in the manner I had been taught. The door opened and I was greeted by a gentleman in a suit. I had met him once or twice but could not remember his name. Sorry. I would learn later that he was the butler slave for the evening. He invited me to follow him saying that he had been instructed to take me to where I would wait for the Goddess Devlynn.

We ascended the first flight, then through the living room and continued on up another flight of stairs to the upper Dungeon area. He opened the first door on the right that was the entrance to the room known as the red room. He told me, “Wait here, the Goddess will be with you shortly”. No other instructions were given.  I walked in and heard the door closed behind. Now What? I was really starting to get scared! My legs felt a little wobbly so that decided my next move. I turned about and sat on the floor facing the door cross legged. In an attempt to calm myself I curled my upper torso down placing my head in my lap and started a few more breathing exercises. It was helping. I felt my pulse in my neck. It seemed to be slowing down somewhat. I have a normal resting pulse of about 60 to 65 during the day, when not excited. I often wake in the mornings with it at about 47. It was around 88 right now. That was FAST for me. I started trying to reason with myself. You trust Mistress Devlynn right? Of course, well, you wouldn’t be here if she did not feel that you were ready. My reasoning seemed to help alleviate a little more of my fear. But my fear “tachometer” was still in the red. Gosh how I wished I could calm down. Suddenly I became aware of the sound of more footfalls ascending the stairs. OH I HOPED it was Mistress Devlynn. A soothing, reassuring talking to from her would really do me some good. The door opened, I felt my shoulders slump. The gentleman in the suit was there and with him was another slave. I had met the new slave about three weeks before at “The Dock” during a “Back to School” party sponsored by the Goddess Devlynn but I did not get his name then. At least I don’t think I did. He sat down on the floor as well. He introduced himself as C. He turned out to be a pretty nice guy. I learned that he was almost if not just as nervous as me which kind made me a little more reassured actually. I mean, it wasn’t just me with the jitters. He asked if I knew what to expect. I had to tell him no. I really had no idea. This was my first time as well for serving at a Goddess party. I told him that I was just going to sit here and attempt to suppress a major surge of adrenalin. About that time the door opened again. There SHE was, Mistress Devlynn! Goddess Devlynn on THIS night.  Oh how BEAUTIFUL she was. She asked, “are we having a little chat”? I replied, “yes Ma’am!” She got immediately down to business. Addressing me she commanded, “I want you to go to the slave bathroom, remove EVERYTHING including your glasses and watch then go to the school room, close the door and have a seat at a desk! Be sure to use the restroom if you must”. Momentarily transfixed by her loveliness, I accidently got ‘stuck’ looking up at her enchanting eyes. She ‘unstuck’ me. “Go D!” Instantly snapping me out of my trance I replied, “Yes Ma’am!” I hopped up and proceeded through the door way of the red room, crossed the hall into the restroom being sure to close and lock the door as I have been instructed to always do.

Undressing as quickly as I could then, out of habit, I have been here many times before; I folded my cloths neatly and placed them in the stainless steel towel rack. I then placed my shoes at the foot of the rack and put my wallet, glasses and watch in a shoe.

I noticed that I DID have to pee. For some reason being in the dungeon really kicks my kidneys into high gear. After my business I lowered the seat back down and flushed. I did NOT want to leave the seat up. I had made that mistake once before and received a bruising paddling for my transgression. Being punished is not really fun for me if Mistress Devlynn is truly mad at me. I HATE making her mad at me. I ADORE her.

After washing and drying my hands I opened the bathroom door and went next door to the school room. I selected a student’s desks and had a seat. The seat was cool against my bare skin. It occurred to me that soon ‘my seat’ may be rather warm! I was not sure what I had done to be punished, I had just gotten here, but I don’t normally get sent here unless I am going to get a butt whipping.  My premonition would turn out to be SOOOO correct! OUCH!!!!

About five minutes elapsed, the school room door popped opened. Mistress Devlynn entered, closing the door behind her.  I held my breath. What had I done? I wouldn’t actually be told. Such is the life of a slave. But I love it. Looking at me she commanded; “Stand UP! Go stand at the medical examination table and place your palms flat down on the bed!”  I immediately complied.  Risking a look over my shoulder I saw a TERRIBLE little dense, square, wooden paddle that has one hole directly in the center of about 1.5 inches in diameter being taken down from its hook. OHHH that paddle STINGS!!!! .

Goddess Devlynn crossed over to me and without a word placed a hand between my shoulder blades firmly shoving me downward until my butt was taught and easily accessible. “SMACK!!! “SMACK!!!  “SMACK!!! “SMACK!!! to my left  cheek then immediately switching to the right:  “SMACK!!! “SMACK!!!  “SMACK!!! “SMACK!!! OWWWW!!! OWWWWW!!! I OWWWWW!!!!! OWWWWW!!!! I had no warm up what so ever! My back arched reflexively from the pain. What had I done?  My butt was absolutely SCALDED and numb at the same time!! But apparently the desired effect had yet to be achieved!  Shoving me BACK over and into position the process was repeated administering a SECOND dose of the exact same prescription to each now swelling and inflamed cheek: SMACK!!! “SMACK!!!  “SMACK!!! “SMACK!!!.......... SMACK!!! “SMACK!!!  “SMACK!!! “SMACK!!!

Ohhhhhh!!!!  My eyes were pooling with tears blurring my vision. At that point Mistress Devlynn made it clear what I had done by asking, “Feeling better now?” I blinked a few times in a failing attempt to clear my vision and ponder the question.  Then it occurred to me. I know what I had done! I was too tense. Having worked in training me now for a few years Mistress Devlynn has learned that following a good spanking I am always much more calm and relaxed.

It WORKED!! Thank you so Much Ma’am. Ohhh my butt was numb and on FIRE but I felt SOO much better inside. My anxiety tachometer was no longer red lining. I was actually in the low orange range and almost down to green now.

Satisfied that that she had administered the proper sedative amount Goddess Devlynn returned the little menacing paddle to its place on the wall, walked to the door but before going through and closing it ordered me to take a seat in the school desk again.

Oh, how the condition of my bottom had changed! It was definitely not cool now. As I walked across the room it felt like a space heater on high was following just inches away from my bare cheeks. Oh how they STUNG!!!! But I WAS feeling much better other wise and was grateful for the change to a much more calm and relaxed demeanor.

Listening I heard my lovely Goddess descending the stairs to the second floor. Standing from my seat I crossed the room to the medical exam table and risked a look at my rear in a stand up mirror at the foot of the bed.

WOW!! Now I knew why my butt hurt so much!!! Covering most of the center mass of each cheek was an inflamed red, puffy, roughly oval pattern with a smaller irregular circle of  white in the very center where the HOLE in the center of the paddle had ‘bitten’ its mark.

Realizing that I was now disobeying Mistress Devlynn’s direct order I hurried back and had a slightly uncomfortable seat at the desk. OHHHH, it almost felt like there was a layer of water injected beneath the skin of each cheek they were so swollen now!

As I sat there on my now burnt rear end I could hear sounds of happy conversation and laughter from below. The Goddesses were having a good time. I crossed my arms on the desktop and lay my head on them for a few minutes. This reminded me of being in study hall back in Middle School. The sound of footsteps ascending the stairs from below made me jump back to an upright seated position. I heard the door to the red room open and close. I could hear Mistress Devlynn speaking, but could not quite make out what was being said. I heard the door open and close. Then the school room door opened.

I was ordered to stand and go to the red room. I immediately did as told. Goddess Devlynn followed and further directed me to the red table at the end of the room. She explained that she was going to zip me into a sleep sack on the table. She rolled it out straight on the table top and said to me, “you know what to do, get in there.” I sat on the table and slid my feet into the sack all the way to the bottom. There are arm “tubes” along the sides of the sack. She helped me to slide my arms into them. Now they were completely immobilized. Goddess Devlynn then proceeded to tug and pull the sides around and then to zip me into my black cocoon. This sack does not have a hood. My head was left out. The lovely Queen of the Goddesses then came behind and ordered me to raise my head. My eyes were then covered with a soft but effective blindfold. I was asked if it was comfortable. It was and I replied, “yes, thank you Ma’am.”

Now came what was initially a sad part for me. Goddess Devlynn explained, “I am going to leave you in hear for the evening. Remember, this is the Goddesses’ fantasy, not yours.” I dutifully replied, “yes Ma’am:” trying hard to keep any disappointment out of my voice.

Goddess Devlynn asked if I had any questions to which I replied, “Yes Ma’am, what if I need to go to the restroom Ma’am?”

In a comforting voice she explained, “I will check on you every hour or so, do you need to go now?” “No Ma’am.” I replied. I received further instructions from the Goddess.  “While you are here you are not to talk. I will have another slave check on you from time to time and he WILL tell on you if you do”. “Yes Ma’am.” Having dealt with me she turned her attention to the other slave in the room, “there is food in the bowl, feel free to eat some if you get hungry”. Then the sound of the door opening and closing. I was now starting to pout a little. I so wanted to be out to be played with by the Goddesses now that I had been ‘calmed’ by my spanking. I was starting to get increasingly sad when it occurred to me, “where else would you wish to be?  Stop whining and be happy.” You have had a VERY good spanking while totally nude. I LOVED that. Now you are lying on this actually extremely comfortable, soft, cushioned table. It is dark from your blindfold; Mistress Devlynn has tucked you in and made you nice and snug, warm and secure in this cozy sack. This isn’t so bad. It’s kind of like a mummy sleeping bag. Close your eyes and sleep.  And I truly did not want to be anywhere else. Sure, this was not how I expected this night to be for me, but I was still serving Mistress Devlynn.  And who knew, maybe a Goddess would play with me while I was in the sack. With zippers they could easily access certain very sensitive areas of my body. My nipples and my penis and balls were totally accessible. That actually started to frighten me some though. I am TERRIBLE at taking much ball torture and nipple clamps make me practically SCREAM and cry. Oh they hurt me! My thoughts were interrupted; the sound of LOUD crunching and hands rummaging and clinking something hard around in what I assumed by the audible tone of the clinks to be a ceramic or clay bowl of some sort came to my ears. Someone else was in here and they were EATING something. I assumed it was slave C because I had not heard another enter. I had no idea what it was. My stomach did growl a little though. I tried to focus on something else. From below I could hear more laughter and muffled talking. The party was in full swing. I closed my eyes. The comfortable warmth was causing me to become very drowsy all of the sudden. This is not so bad I thought to myself again. I dozed off. I have no idea how much time elapsed. I was startled awake by the sound of the door opening and closing then footsteps approaching. Then a hand pressed gently against the side of my head rocking it side to side. Next a LOVELY voice exclaimed, “Hello… this is Mistress Devlynn,….  how are you doing?” “Fine Ma’am!” I replied very happily at being in her presence again. She asked, “Are you happy to be here?” Having fought and won my little bout with petulance I was with all sincerity able to say “Yes Ma’am. I’m very happy.” I was so snug and comfortable and warm and I was enjoying this little personal interaction immensely. Goddess Devlynn told me, “I will be back again to check on you later.” There was the sound of her walking away, the door opened and closed. I listened for several minutes trying to determine if I was alone in the room. I’m pretty sure I was. Sometime while I was asleep I guess slave C had left. Once again I focused on the sound of happy Goddesses below before eventually fading into oblivion once more.

I woke! I don’t know how long I was out but now I had a problem! OHHH I had to PEE!!! Oh my GOD! This was not good. I tightened my legs together and pulled in with my bladder muscles. It momentarily helped a little but not by a lot. Oh no! I can’t pee in here! I will be in HUGE trouble! Please come back Mistress Devlynn?! I tried closing my eyes and resting, but it was no use and if by some miracle I did actually succeed in falling asleep my bladder muscles would relax and I would pee everywhere! There would be no stopping by squeezing it off either. My hands were completely secured at my sides. OHHHH!!!

I don’t know how much more time elapsed. The seconds seemed like minutes, the minutes like HOURS!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            FINALLY!!!!!……….I heard footsteps climbing the stairs. I pleaded with the powers of the universe for it to be Goddess Devlynn coming to check up on me.

The door opened, “Please, Please, Please, Please……”. Then a man’s voice, it was the gentleman who had shown me in. He asked if I was ok to which I replied, trying to keep the urgency out of my voice, “ I really need to go to the restroom now”

“Ok, I will let the Goddess know” I heard the sound of the door close again.

OH HURRY BACK! I thought.

Maybe another five minutes past. I was getting more and more painfully uncomfortable and then the lovely angel GODDESS Devlynn was back at my side. Oh how RELIEVED I felt. And then to my immense happiness said, “I’m going to release you. I want you to then go to the slave restroom and take ten to fifteen minutes to freshen up, wash your face and make yourself presentable. Once you are ready I want you to go into the medical room and lie back on the medical exam table.” My savior unzipped me. I was cautioned, “Carefully sit up, pull your legs out and then slide your feet down to the floor” I did as instructed but, without further direction started to leave immediately for the restroom.  I was stopped, “Wait! I haven’t dismissed you! Now repeat to me what you are to do.” I replied,” Yes Ma’am,  I am to go to slave restroom, take ten to fifteen minutes to wash my face and freshen up and make myself presentable and then go wait on the medical exam table Ma’am.” “Very good, now you’re dismissed.”  I hurried out the door, crossed the hall to the restroom, closed and latched the door, rushed to the toilet, flipped up the seat……. “Ahhhhhhh”. Oh how I NEEDED that!

After freshening up it occurred to me, Goddess Devlynn had not told me to put my underwear on. So I was to wait in there totally naked? Now my nervousness started coming back. Well, I could not stay in here forever. GET MOVING I told myself. So I opened the door, walked into the medical room and hopped up onto the exam table as I had been ordered.

As I sat there I listened to the sounds below. Yes, the Goddesses were still here. And yes the party was definitely still going strong. I wondered what time it was, I had no idea. I actually felt very refreshed. The nap had done me wonders. But my fright level was starting to increase again. Then I heard footsteps ascending the stairs and soon after Goddess Devlynn was standing before me. I felt so small and fragile sitting there completely naked on the exam bench. Oh how LOVELY she was! Goddess Devlynn walked up and while placing her hand on the table next to me, said “scoot over”. Then she hopped up on the table. Next, to my happy surprise,   said, “Hold still” and hopped on my lap.

I was frozen in the Wonderful moment. Her bottom felt so warm.  I could have stayed like that forever. Looking in my downcast eyes she sensed my fright level was increasing so in a very soothing tone started speaking to me. “How are you feeling? Are you happy to be here? Oh I was SO happy! I replied, “Yes Ma’am, I’m VERY happy Ma’am.” Thank you for inviting me Ma’am.” “Very good, would you like to serve by helping some of the Goddesses to learn some new things?”  “Yes Ma’am!” “Wonderful.” Pointing to the far wall she said “do you see my new toy over there? It is my new fuck machine. It is VERY expensive. Do you think you could be a deer and take it into the red room and place it on the red table?” “Yes Ma’am, I would be very happy to Ma’am.” “You’re ok with picking somewhat heavy things up.” “Yes Ma’am, I can do it. I won’t hurt it.” “Thank you.” With that Goddess Devlynn hopped down from the table, motioned for me to follow and led me to the “toy”. Wow, what a THING. It was very INTIMIDATING! It was a large electrical motor with maybe a two foot long shaft and on the end was an ENORMOUS COCK!” That made me a little nervous. Yes, Mistress Devlynn has put ‘things’ inside me before, but I would not be capable of something the SIZE of THIS thing! But fortunately its “working ends” were removable and interchangeable. This was what the vac-u-lock dildos she had asked me to order were for. I KNEW that I had one small 5 incher included in the selection. If this THING was ever used on me I hoped it would be that one. The Goddess snapped me back to the moment saying, “Ok, I’m going downstairs to gather a group of Goddesses for a tour of the dungeon; I want YOU to move this and then return to the medical exam bench. “Yes Ma’am”

“Thank you D”.

The lovely Mistress left. I bent down and gathered up the machine and its cords. It was not TOO heavy, but it was a bit awkward. I carefully carried it out of the room, across the hall and into the next room. I continued to the red bench and very carefully placed it there. My chore completed I returned to my assigned “duty station” the medical exam table.

As I lay there on the cool, smooth, cushioned surface knowing that soon SEVERAL Goddesses were going to file in to where I was I found that I was literally becoming petrified with fright! What was going on? I thought to myself, “relaaaaaax……, You were fine just a moment ago. They are not going to hurt you, well at least not at this moment. They are still being given a tour. The ‘play time’ will come later and you can always safe word. I could feel my carotid arteries thumping; my palms were a little damp and were developing just a faint tremble.  What do I do? My eyes started pooling. What, NO you can’t cry! Stop it! What’s the matter with YOU!  I tried closing my eyes.  I seemed to get a little vertigo. I re-opened them. I pleaded again with myself: “Calm Down, you’re ok”. I closed my eyes again but THIS time I imagined Mistress Devlynn sitting beside me and holding my hand and started my slow breathing exercises. After a few repetitions, it was working. I was SO relieved! My pulse was still too high for me, although somewhat near the upper established norm for a resting pulse.  I opened my eyes again.  I allowed my gaze to drift downward and then to slowly rise up from my chest, to my stomach, my legs my feet then beyond until I found myself staring directly into a HUGE full sized mirror at the foot of the bed. I thought I understood how “Alice” must have felt at that moment. This was so amazingly surreal to me.  But I was not about to step THROUGH the mirror. I was already ON the other side, looking back at me in the form of my reflection.  I was SO NAKED!! I’m extremely self conscious about my looks. I have never been on ‘display’ for such a large group. I have served Mistress Devlynn while nude with her and one other Goddess before a few times and once for her, another Goddess and a photographer for a discrete photo shoot. But this was ENTIRELY new for me. At least my stomach was nice and flat while lying there on my back. I still could not decide what to do with my arms. I finally concluded that any attempt at modesty was a lost cause. So, I looked up at the ceiling, pressed my arms lengthwise along my sides and cupped my palms firmly against my hips. At least now my hands were not going to fidget and maybe the Goddesses would not notice how anxious I was. Then they were coming! I had refocused my attention to the continuous sounds of talking and laughter from the floor below but this time the sounds were getting closer! The sound of multiple foot falls ascending the stairs came to my ears! I felt my pulse quickening again! I considered placing my palms over my crotch area once again but decided, what good would that do? It would just EMPHASIZE my nakedness. No, I decided to keep my arms and hands as they were to my sides. Maybe just don’t look in the mirror, imagine you’re wearing cloths and you’ll be ok I thought.

Then the group was on the third floor! Mistress Devlynn was elaborating on the facilities of the Dungeon. I could hear foot shuffles, some sounds of approval. Then I heard a door open! I kept my eyes open but gazing at the ceiling. Mistress Devlynn entered and I believe maybe 6 other Goddesses. I did not look because as a slave I was not supposed to make eye contact. Mistress Devlynn explained, “This is D, he has been serving me now for about three years.” I swallowed but kept looking up; maybe I gave a slightly perceptible nod. I’m really not certain now.

My Goddess then discussed her well accessorized school room and while doing so invited the guests to handle some of the HUGE number of bottom busting and whipping tools for unruly students such as ME.

I heard some expressions of AWE at the incredible number and variety of impact tools. Upon reflection, I have been the recipient of ‘tough love’ from Mistress Devlynn by most if not all of them, OUCH!!!

One of the Goddesses then took from the rack one EXTREMELY devious paddle. It is an ordinary looking rectangular paddle. It has ‘blade’ of about 15 inches by three inches. It is made of tough, black plastic of about ¼ inch thick. But on one side I have glued “Vicious Grip tape”

It is designed to provide a non slip surface on professional grade skateboards and is like EXTREMELY coarse sand paper. I thought it would be fun. I had read about paddles from online stores that sell paddles with grip tape on one side. But OBVIOUSLY not QUITE this stuff!

Mistress Devlynn related a story of about four weeks previously.

She was giving me a severe over the knee spanking. Oh how I LOVE her over the knee spankings. They are so intimate even if ALWAYS painful. She makes SURE of that. She knows what’s she’s doing. But this time exceedingly painful I would find out.

She told of how she had planned on really wearing me out. I had been a bad slave. After starting with her bare hands and moving up to some pretty good over the knee paddles and wooden slappers my rear was already inflamed and puffy and my eyes wet with tears. But then she picked up this ‘thing’ from the collection she had laid to her side. Because I was already warm she let me have it!

“SMACK!!!!!!!”   “YEOOOWWWWWW!!!!”  IT was HORRIBLE!!! From the first SMACK both of my cheeks felt like they were swarming with angry Yellow Jackets stinging and attempting to rip the flesh from my bottom with their terrible little predatory mandibles! I YELPED, reflexively my back arched and my legs curled up at the knees. I was reprimanded of course:  “FEET DOWN NOW!” Then Mistress Devlynn administered a few more despite the obviously incredible pain this thing was causing me, but then quite abruptly she stopped! I could feel ‘sweat’ streaming down the sides and into the crack of my SCALDED, tortured butt. Only it was NOT sweat, it was BLOOD! Mistress Devlynn told me, “Sorry, I know I wanted to continue and give you a SEVERE spanking but blood is spattering everywhere.” I did get to be treated by Dr. Desade afterward though. I LOVE that too. But when she disinfected, OHHHHHHH that BURNED!!!! She sprayed me down with alcohol after a thorough washing.

So, she told the Goddesses that this paddle is now known as “The Finisher”. Because if you intend to punish an unruly slave or sub you don’t want to go to this until the very end. Happily it turned out that the blood came as a result of ‘thousands’ of little micro abrasions and not serious lacerations. With proper care my bottom has completely healed after four weeks from this onslaught. For two weeks I would cover both cheeks twice a day with a product for long distance cyclists called “DZ Nuts” chamois cream. That killed any bacteria wanting to cause infection and allowed my skin to remain supple during the healing process. As a result it never scabbed over and no scars were left behind.

After the group was satisfied with handling the ‘weaponry’ the attention turned to ME. Well, actually the medical supply table which happened to be on the other side of me in reference them.

The Goddesses closed in next to the examination table. I tried closing my eyes but then just opened them and looked up at the ceiling trying to remain inconspicuous. I was frozen! I felt like a small animal surrounded by a group of inquisitive predators.

Goddess Devlynn proceeded to pick up some of the medical objects: pin wheels, speculums, sounds…..The group were definitely very curious and well within reach of the table was a ‘patient’ ME.

None of the Goddesses spoke to me. They did speak among themselves and Mistress Devlynn though.

After a few minutes they were led to the next room. The Red Room.

I could hear Goddess Devlynn pointing out the St. Andrews cross, the red punishment horse with the arm and leg tie downs. That is one of my FAVORITES! I LOVE being helplessly tied into this!

I started doing some breathing exercises again in an effort to bring my fear level back to a reasonable level. I was slowly succeeding when suddenly I heard the lovely Goddess Devlynn’s hypnotic voice summon me to the other room!

 “Dddddd….. get IN here”

Her voice was at a loud volume but she was not yelling. I believe she knew that I was already frightened enough. But still my eyes WIDENED! I sat there a moment frozen with fear. She wanted me to walk in there naked in front of the whole group?! Suddenly I realized my hesitating would get me into trouble!

 “Yes Ma’am!” I replied while simultaneously sliding to the floor and quickly walking eyes down into the next room. I had been naked before Mistress Devlynn on countless occasions. So, I kept my gaze directed toward her feet. Her presence gave me the strength to continue. I willed my mind to block out everyone except for my Queen Goddess, Mistress Devlynn. This seemed to be working. At least I did not feel like my knees were going to buckle from fright. But, the next order almost made me collapse like a string puppet that had all of the strings cut simultaneously. “D, get into the whipping position in the center of the suspension rack”. I felt a lightning bolt of ice shoot through the top of my skull, down my spine, freezing every vertebra along to way to the tip of my tail bone!  OHHHH, I did not dare look around. Whipping position? EVERYTHING would be exposed. That’s the purpose of the position.  Well, maybe she was doing this for my own good; Kind of like jumping into a cold body of water instead of slowly wading in. Ultimately you have to get in over your head. One way is shocking at first but is over in seconds. The other is actually excruciating because every inch of your body has to go through the initial shock one inch at a time as you slowly submerge into the icy water. So as not to anger Mistress Devlynn I immediately complied,  I took two steps to the center of the rack, dropped to my knees, spreading them a little over two feet, bent over,  made a diamond with the thumb and fore finger of both hands on the floor before me. I then bent down placing my face in the diamond with my elbow out, butt held high and spread in order to offer my most sensitive and private parts to the Goddesses for their use, viewing or torture as I had been taught. I held my eyes tightly closed. I noticed that the air seemed remarkably cool along my now wide open butt. I heard a voice of one of the Goddesses softly exclaim, “I need to get one of those!” That actually made me feel happy though. It sure didn’t sound derogatory, well, at least not for what I am, a slave.

I heard Mistress Devlynn walk around me to the table to my right. There was sort of metallic clinking from over there. I wondered if something was in store for me. Then my Mistress spoke, “This is a humbler, I’m going to demonstrate with slave D its use for you.” OHHHH I knew that thing intimately!!!! Mistress Devlynn REALLY hurt me the last time it was used on me. I actually could feel tears starting to swell again. Damn it, stop! I thought. At least my face was against the floor so no one would see my eyes reddening. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this kind of excruciating pain, not in front of this whole group of Goddesses? To place the device, first your balls are RIPPED from hiding and then stretched out so that the two long flat bars can be clamped down with your balls separated from your body on the other side of the bars. The two flat sections can then be torque down so hard the balls turn purple and it can be made to stretch them further from your body to the point that there is an absolutely SEARING nerve sting that shoots from your balls through your vas deferens and continues up into your lower abdomen until it feels like there is a fish hook on a cord deep inside your lower abdomen and the cord is being yanked back!!! And all along this invisible cord it feels like an open nerve in a tooth being probed by a dentist’s pick! Oh how TERRIBLE this thing can be! I wanted to cry and plead so bad for Mistress Devlynn to be careful with this thing. But I was frozen, I did remember the protocol for the evening that said that I may not speak unsolicited under any circumstances with the exception being for the use of a safe word. But I couldn’t use it YET. Nothing had happened yet. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes even tighter hoping for the best.

I heard the lovely Goddess take a position behind and between my legs.  I felt warm hands probing for my balls, OWWW!!!!, I took in a reflexive inhale, they are so sensitive and one had been ‘hiding’. A few slight nerve twinges later and she had them firmly in her grasp. UNGHHHH!!!! They were tugged steadily and firmly out of hiding. Then I felt cold metal touch my thighs. Goddess Devlynn’s hand slipped letting my balls ‘escape’. Causing her to exclaim, “ huh, All of my slaves balls have been running from me today for some reason.” Recapturing them her hand grasped significantly more firmly this time painfully squashing them against each other as they were tugged back even further than the first attempt.  OHHHHHHH, that nerve STING! In an effort to help and reduce the pain of this procedure I spread my knees as wide as I could, while flattening my stomach closer to the floor and tilting my pelvis for easier access. Finally I could feel the clamps closing off on my elusive balls. The hand released them to snap back to as close to my body as the imprisoning clamps would allow.  The bars were cold, smooth and HARD against this most sensitive patch of usually protected skin.  Satisfied that they were secured Mistress Devlynn stood and explained, “Now if he attempts to stand, they will be RIPPED off. I could also tighten it even further making his balls turn purple and adjust it to stretch them even further away from his body causing excruciating pain, but I won’t tonight” Ohhh! I was so relieved that a reflexive but quiet “Thank you Ma’am” escaped my lips. “You’re welcome, now I want you to raise your butt back up into a proper Whipping position.” I immediately did as commanded. I was SO grateful of Mistress Devlynn’s gentle treatment of me at this time. It definitely helped me to keep my fear in check.

Directing her attention back to the group Mistress Devlynn pointed out the suspension rack, the St Andrews Cross, the red spanking horse with the arm and leg tie downs, her red punishment bed or table.  It is very comfortable when strapped to it.  It seems like a nice slick covered bed to me. I was able to easily fall asleep on it earlier this evening while encased in the sleep sack.

Then the topic became Mistresses Devlynn’s new fucking machine. “This is my new fucking machine. Slave D kindly brought it over from the medical room for me. Thank you D.” I happily answered, “You’re welcome Ma’am.” I LOVE it when she indicates that she approves of something I have done for her. It gives me such a warm happy feeling inside.  As she explained its capabilities and versatility due to its interchangeable vac-u-lock tips there were murmurs of wonder and approval from the Goddesses.

I then heard a kind of reciprocating whirring sound! That REALLY got their enthusiastic attention.

I could hear it! Although I could not see it, I dared not lift my face from my hands. It apparently has variable speeds but can be kicked up to I believe she said four thrusts per second! Wow, that sounds ROUGH! I was becoming a little apprehensive now for while Mistress Devlynn HAS ‘taken’ me with strap-ons, dildos, specialized ball ended hooks, steel prostate milkers and even electrified plugs they have always been rather small in diameter, well except for one time when she punished me by slapping an IMPOSSIBLY HUGE plug part way into me. There was NO WAY that THING would even go a fourth of the way in. OH I SCREAMED from that one. I forgot what I did to deserve that.  It’s all part of my training to be a better slave and person though. She is my Goddess, my Mistress and my teacher.

But, the prospect of being ASSUALTED by the object making those POWERFULL thumping sounds was making me worried.  The subject of turning the device ‘lose’ on me was proposed by one of the more daring Goddesses! I stopped breathing and listened! Mistress Devlynn protected me though. She explained that before this could be used on me she would have to give me a significant warm up for it to be safe. I LOVE being under the protection of My Mistresses powerful wings! Thank you Ma’am!  Eventually the upstairs tour for the first group was over. I heard them filing out, their voices fading as they descended the stairs back to the 2nd floor and the main party area.

I was alone with my thoughts once again. I had survived my FIRST exposure. I turned my focus in to my vitals. My pulse was still a little fast for me at around 80 but that was down by about 8 pumps per minute. My hands were no longer wet and my eyes were dry. I was neither warm nor cold. I was actually pretty comfortable. My back, knees, shoulders all felt perfectly fine. I was in the slave position where my most private portions of my body were in the absolutely MOST exposed position POSSIBLE. But, actually l was starting to enjoy my ‘NEW WORLD’ as a full time slave to the Goddesses immensely! I had not received any negative comments about my nakedness.  I had even heard some quiet complements and approving sounds when I had first assumed the Whipping position. My conscious awareness was undergoing a pleasant transformation from one of absolute humiliated fright to excited expectation. I was starting to really hope for some individual attention from one of the Goddesses. I was calming down enough to be played with. Maybe 15 minutes before I had felt as jittery as a jack rabbit stuck in cage along the side of I 75 during rush hour.

My inward assessment was snapped back to focus on the outside. I heard the sounds of happy Goddesses ascending the stairs once again. I closed my eyes and mentally examined my posture. I was supposed to be in Whipping position so: knees on floor, spread comfortably wide, butt held high and back exposing ALL for use by the Goddesses if required, upper torso bent down so that my face could be on the floor supported by my two hands. And my elbows were at maybe a 70 degree angle from my body exposing my nipples for play too if desired.

The second group of Goddesses arrived at the top of the stairs. I could hear them milling and talking together behind me. ‘MY’ door was wide open. There was a sound of surprise from one of the Goddesses followed by a remark from Mistress Devlynn, “Sorry, I forgot to warn you that you are going to see balls and buttholes up here.” Obviously they were talking about me. I closed my eyes and tried not to get overly nervous. The group entered the schoolroom. Once again I could hear Mistress Devlynn discussing the possibilities of that room. I noticed I was getting a little tired maintaining my current position. So I got down in foot stool position. I closed my knees together sat my butt back down over my feet, curled my upper torso down over my folded legs and pulled my elbows in so that my arms rested flat on the floor and against the sides of my legs. I closed my eyes and rested. I love this position.  I am completely unobtrusive to the Goddesses and I am so comfortable I could probably fall asleep. I started fading away when I became aware that this new group had now entered the room with me. I remained curled up in my ball. Suddenly I felt fingernails lightly depressing the skin of my lower back. They then traced a gentle trail up to between my shoulder blades to the back of my neck. OHHH, I loved this soft bit of attention. Then My Mistress gave me a kind but firm command, “ I want you back on all fours in the punishment position D”. “Yes Ma’am!”

When the tour for this new group was nearing its end Mistress Devlynn positioned herself back behind me. To my surprise and I must admit happy pleasure I heard one of the Goddesses quietly exclaim, “I love his butt.” To which Mistress Devlynn added, “Yes, it’s one of the fist things I noticed about him a few years ago” That did WONDERS for my frame of mind. The lovely Goddess then proceeded to free my imprisoned balls from their restraint. While reaching in and pulling back on me Mistress Devlynn commented, “Oh, Someone has a dripping problem.” I guess I was starting to enjoy this after all. I could feel the screws being loosened and the clamps spreading then “UNGHH!!!!” Oh it always does hurt though when they snap back into their normal position.

Once released, my first physical interaction with one of the other Goddesses occurred. I sensed her standing to my right then suddenly her hand was in the hair at back of my head. Pulling me forward she commented in a seductive voice, “do I know you?”  I was completely frozen and at a loss, finally I said, “I don’t know Ma’am” I dared not look up. That would have gotten me into trouble with Mistress Devlynn. I was released. I lay there now stretched out somewhat for a moment. I wasn’t sure what I was to do. When it became apparent that my teaser was for now through with me I tentatively pushed my arms forward and went back into the standard whipping position. I really was curious though and not just a little scared. Did she really know me from somewhere? But then logic came to my rescue. I mean, if she did in fact know me why should I be concerned? I’m not married, I have no girlfriend. She was here too. Why would it not be ok with her for me to be here?  At least I would surely hope she would be ok with it. So I started relaxing again.

Mistress Devlynn did not say anything initially so I just remained there. Finally she spoke, “D, stand up and go into the medical room.” I stood and inadvertently made eye contact with my minor tormentor. She had a pretty face, of course she WAS a Goddess, she had glasses, straight blond hair and by her physique I guessed she may be a runner. Before I was able to stop myself, a quiet and slightly questioning “hi” popped out of my mouth. That almost got me in TROUBLE. Mistress Devlynn immediately responded to THAT breach, “NO TALKING! Get into the medical room and lie on the exam bench!” I did not waste a moment, immediately hurrying from my lovely but strict Mistresses’ sight, hoping that out of site out of mind might save me.

Hopping up onto the exam bench, my fright was returning. Had I screwed up BIG TIME? Oh, how I hoped she would let this pass.  After leaving the room in my anxious state I barely noticed Mistress Devlynn leading the second group down to the main party area. I again reverted back to my breathing exercises. After maybe five repetitions I was regaining some composure but my heart was still going a little faster than it should. About then I heard the sounds of someone coming back up the stairs! Then the footsteps arrived at My Room. I glanced up, it was Goddess Devlynn! Not knowing what was about to happen I looked down at my feet trying to be as submissive and repentant as possible. But much to my relief instead of appearing angry she simply walked over and in a friendly but in charge manner said, “Scoot over some” Immediately I did as requested and she hopped up beside me on the exam bench. Taking charge she said, “Look at me, I have a couple of Goddess who wish to sound you, are you ok with that?” “Yes Ma’am.” “I have done this to you several times are you sure your ok with this, you look a little scared, you’ll have to be absolutely still”. Once again, “Yes Ma’am.” “Ok, I’m going to bring up a group” “Remember, just relax, ok? It won’t hurt and you will enjoy it if you relax”. “Yes, Ma’am”

Oh, I LIVE for this quiet intimate interaction with Mistress Devlynn. I was on such an emotional high right then. She left and maybe three minutes later I could hear a number of Goddesses climbing the stairs. Moments later Mistress Devlynn entered along with maybe five other lovely Goddesses!

I could not look at them. At least I’m sure that protocol said that I was not to do this. So, I focused on the ceiling. Mistress Devlynn walked over, ordering me to stick my hands up to the sides of my head. I was very happy to comply. Being attentive to and responding to Mistress Devlynn’s instructions took my mind off of how small and how NAKED I suddenly felt with FIVE new sets of Goddesses’ eyes on me.   I was lying face up in the medical exam table with the back raised up at maybe a 30 degree angle. I did as instructed. She came to my side leaning over and reaching around my head, grabbed my left wrist and securing it to a cuff, while this was being done, her left breast was pressed up against my right cheek. I was in HEAVEN. I took in a sweet scented breath and closed my eyes. Next she leaned back and secured my right hand up and behind my head as well. Looking at me she said, “Ok, I’m going to give you something to bite down on to help you relax and to be still, OK.” “Yes, Ma’am”

She stepped away for a moment. When she returned she ordered, “Open your mouth”.

I did and was rewarded with a solid rubber ball gag. She pushed the ball beyond my teeth pressing my tongue down flat. Next she wrapped the securing straps around my head locking the device in place.

Mistress Devlynn then looked over and nodded at a tall blond Goddess, who looked down at me commenting, “Look at that, his nipples are sure standing out and at attention.”

I glanced down, I guess she was right. They DO respond when I’m aroused. Oh, well, I can’t do anything about that. I like that they are sensitive though and maybe a little large for a guy. And on MY chest, being completely devoid of fat and hair, they do stand out when erect nice and pink. OHHH they ARE sensitive though. It KILLS me when Mistress Devlynn REALLY torques a nipple clamp down on them. Which she will do when I have done something that merits a little corporal punishment.  Maybe I am a little effeminate? But then it occurred to me, So what? I’d rather be here at the mercy of these BEAUTIFUL Goddesses than sitting with a bunch of “macho” loudmouths drinking beer and watching college football ANY day. And what’s up with the butt slapping those football players seem to love to do to each other? Yes……I’d rather be HERE getting my butt slapped. But be careful what you wish for I would discover later on in the evening.

The tall Goddess was now at my side. Mistress Devlynn was explaining how to properly sanitize the area and the rod and about keeping hands separate, things like that. I cannot remember the explicit details. I was WAY too nervous all of the sudden to pay close attention to that. I kept my eyes on the ceiling. Suddenly I felt hands on my penis!

Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with having this new Goddess handling me. But sometimes I cannot control when my body decides to send me into overdrive. And at that moment it did. Kind of like a street hot rode rod driver my subconscious decided to hit the “nitrous” switch!

OH, I became ULTRA Sensitive. As I felt disinfectant or lubricant being applied to the tip of my penis I also could feel my hair standing at the back of my neck and my pupils seemed to be dilating! Please calm down I tried to tell myself? But it was to no avail. About then the sound was introduced to the tip of my penis. I felt my abdominal muscles practically convulse. I pushed the ball gag forward with my tongue and bit down hard on it.  I heard a Goddess exclaim, “Look, he’s already biting down on it”. Mistress Devlynn chided, “Be still, I have done this to you several times.” The rod slid down a little further. In my heightened sensitivity state it felt like I was receiving little electrical shocks all along the inside of my penis. I jumped a little. The Goddess pulled it out saying, “he needs to be still”. Mistress Devlynn again tried to sooth me, “Relax D, it’s not going to hurt you. You know I have done this before.”

Again I felt hands pulling my penis up and introducing the sound. Once again I imagined the shocking sensation! I gripped the back of the exam bed as hard as I could. My abdominals were tightening so hard they HURT. I heard one of the Goddess exclaim, “It looks like he is breathing through his stomach”.

I closed my eyes. I could feel a little water pooling in the corners threatening to spill over. The new Goddess pulled out again. This time she gave up. She said, I’m sorry, he’s just too jumpy. I’m afraid to continue. Mistress Devlynn took over. She said, “look at me... This is not going to hurt, you just need to relax.” But the two Goddesses were backing away. However, Mistress Devlynn soothing talk and her closeness was starting to have a positive effect. I could feel my body relaxing now. The adrenalin surge seemed to be rapidly dissipating. Not wanting to disappoint the Goddesses, I tried to speak and ask them to come back. It was very hard with the gag in. I had to force it out with the tip of my tongue. It was only possible to get it so that the ball was half way out of my teeth though so I was mumbling. But they got the basic request. Mistress Devlynn, looking down at me asked, “so, now you’re ready to do it?” Looking up into her eyes my fear seemed to melt even further away. Now a new Goddess was going to try though. She was a little shorter and had straight brown hair. She too was given technique and proper sanitation instructions. She grabbed my penis. I could feel the cold slick lube being applied. I closed my eyes. Then much to my delight Mistress Devlynn leaned in close to my head and putting her arm around it she pulled it into her chest and held me. To me it felt like I had been a taught balloon and suddenly all of the air was let out. My body completely slacked into a relaxed state and I let my head slump sideways into the beautiful Queen Goddesses’ chest. I kept my eyes closed and again drank in her scent with each, now completely relaxed and contended breath. I felt the sound enter, it was a little cold. I noticed my toes curl a bit but other than that I was completely at ease. I heard my protector, Mistress Devlynn instructing; “now just let it drop. It should be sucked right in.”

OHHH I could feel it inside. There was a barely perceptible nudge inside me. I think it touched my prostate. OHH this was SO weird! But it wasn’t painful and with Mistress Devlynn looking out for me I did not feel scared. I have learned to trust Mistress Devlynn and feel safe with her in times like these. Someone suggested attaching a vibrator to it. Suddenly I felt a tingling, whirring sensation from within! OHHHHHH what an UNUSUAL and WONDERFUL sensation!  I closed my eyes and leaned my head against Goddess Devlynn. I heard a Goddess in the group exclaim, “Awe……, holding him was all it took” I was so happy at that moment. I wanted to go to sleep. I was warm, content and felt SO cared for. I had complexly forgotten that I was totally nude.

Well, all good things must come to an end and this too was over all too quickly. The sounding Goddess was congratulated on her success by the taller blond Goddess who I was too nervous for before. If she is reading this, I apologize. I had a minor anxiety attach, being totally nude and surrounded by beautiful Women with me the primary object of interest at the time pushed me to my limit for a little while. You could have done it if you had wanted to try now that I had been ‘anesthetized’ by Mistress Devlynn. As the Goddess were leaving I mumbled through my Gag trying to see how deep they had gotten it. The Goddess holding the sound showed me. It looked to be about four inches.

Mistress Devlynn released me from her warm embrace and got up following the other Goddesses out of the door. She turned to me and said, “Rest there, I’ll be back later”

  After the group had gone into the red room a brunette Goddess came through the door and asked me what it felt like. I don’t know if it was because I was kind of in a blissful dream like state or if in fact it was true but it occurred to me, “wow, she looks so tall” and I felt so incredibly small lying there completely nude with a gag in my mouth and my hands still secured up and to the sides of my head. I tried to describe to the vision before me the experience but it was rather difficult through the gag, “It Felt like little electrical socks as the tip went down the length of my penis. “ I think she ultimately understood. If not maybe she can read this now?

I could hear the Goddesses next door talking and quietly laughing occasionally. I’m not sure what was going on. I think they were playing with the fuck machine. But I was out of it now. Mistress Devlynn had gotten me SO comfortable that I closed my eyes and dozed again for a little while.

I woke from my brief slumber to footsteps entering the room. It was Mistress Devlynn.

She was SO beautiful that night! She asked, “Do you need to take a bathroom break? One of the Goddesses has requested that she be allowed to use you for some needle play.”

THAT woke me! Swallowing I replied as best as I could from this startling news, needle torture can be HORRIBLE, “Yes Ma’am, please?”

With that Goddess Devlynn came over to me. Told me to lift my head and she unsnapped the gag. She pulled it out, a stream of saliva dripped down across my chest and stomach. I barely took notice though.

My Queen then unfastened each hand then stood back and told me, “Go to the slave bathroom and take about 10 to 15 minutes to clean up and then get back here.” “Yes Ma’am” It must have come out a little mumbled for Mistress Devlynn responded, “What’s the matter with your tongue?”

Quickly trying to limber up my tongue I replied a little more clearly this time, “Sorry Ma’am, the gag had it pressed down for some time now”

“Ok, get in there D”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Mistress Devlynn left and I heard her going downstairs. I walked out the door of the medical room and into the slave bathroom being sure to lock the door. I ran some cool water into my cupped hands and freshened up my face. I then toweled off. I was a little nervous but Mistress Devlynn had succeeded in calming me so much that I was well within NORMAL excitement level rather than borderline TERROR.

Turning from the sink I lifted the toilet seat and did my business. When done I dried myself with a piece of toilet paper, tossed it in, closed the seat and flushed. I then washed my hands and face one more time. I started to think, “You’re stalling, get out there. This is what you’re here for. This is your JOB as a painslut slave at this party to allow the Goddesses to do almost anything to you. But, I do kind of think I’m labeled a little unfairly. I am a spanking slut. I don’t love ALL forms of pain. For instance having my nipples crushed leaves me crying nonstop until the clamps are removed if they are tightened down really tightly. As for Ball torture, imagine if you had a dentist drill a hole into the center of a healthy molar then take his dentist pick and poke at the nerve inside. Now, magnify that by a factor of about ten make the epicenter the center of your groin and that will give you an idea of how it feels to ME when I am given even a relatively light tap with a fiberglass rod to one of my balls as Mistress Devlynn is fond of doing to me when I have REALLY messed up.

Well, I took a few deep breaths again, got myself into a calmer state and went to meet my new fate. I walked in and jumped back up on the exam bench. Not long after my beautiful brown haired “Doctor” cam in. She was the same who had just been successful in giving me a sound. She had a box with her and presumably inside it were her NEEDLES!

She placed her box on the table beside the exam bed then looking at me asked, “Would it be ok if I used some needles on you?” “Yes Ma’am”

As she was preparing her tools another Goddess entered with a slave in tow. She made him mount the black padded punishment horse in the center of the room and proceeded to give him a pretty good flogging. At least by his reaction it seemed pretty good and by good I mean ‘painful’ He was even wearing underwear although it was very thin. As the intense flogging continued my current commanding Goddess was making small talk to me, kind of like a nurse in an effort to calm my fears. I cannot remember a lot of what she said because I was in FACT pretty nervous. I don’t think I have ever cried in front of another Goddess. I had a feeling that was about to change. Because Mistress Devlynn makes me cry a lot and one of the easiest ways next to CRUSHING my nipples is with NEEDLES to my nipples and PENIS! Oh THAT hurts!  But this flogging got me thinking; maybe I had an escape from my impending fate?  This Goddess was clearly intrigued. So when the other Goddess and her slave were done, in a rare, for me, bold move I tentatively asked, “Do you ever spank Ma’am?” Turning to look at me, in a very seductive yet definitely IN CHARGE voice she replied, “Yes, I spank……..Would you like a spanking?”  Looking back now the phrase, “said the spider to the fly….” comes to mind. “ I was feeling very vulnerable and completely like a REAL slave. I was in heaven.  I meekly replied “yes, please ma’am?” I felt ‘SAVED’ from the needles and a flood of relief came over me causing me to be a little talkative. Sorry Mistress Devlynn!

She asked me how I would like to be spanked, so I suggested, “Ma’am, there is an even BETTER spanking bench in the other room. It has tie down straps! That way I can’t run away from you”. I LOVE the feeling of absolute helplessness and vulnerability I get when I’m fastened down by into that spanking bench.

We went into the red room. The Goddess, I would later learn her name is Goddess K, liked the bench but she said, “I won’t have enough room for a full swing”. I suggested, “Maybe we could take it into the other room?” “Possibly, I need to ask Devlynn first, you go have a seat in on the medical bench and wait for me.” I did as commanded. Soon I heard Goddess Devlynn in the hall. I was instructed to carry the bench into the school room. When I first attempted to take it though the door and into the hall way I ran into a minor difficulty, it just seemed a bit too wide. Goddess Devlynn came to my rescue, “STOP! Pick it up with your hands on the ends. I did this and it immediately folded together making it easy to transport to the next room. “Thank you Ma’am!” Mistress Devlynn nodded.

When I got the new bench into the room I set it down. Goddess K then followed me in. She looked at the placement and said, “I want your butt here so I will have a fully unobstructed swing so turn the front that way” as she pointed toward wall farthest from the entrance to the room.

I did as instructed and was once again directed to have a seat on the medical exam bench. Mistress Kwent to the wall of ‘tools’. She selected a nice flogger. She said,” I like soft ones like this.”

I made a suggestion. “Ma’am, I can take some of the harder ones too, have you ever tried a steel paddle?” I pointed to the menacing implement hanging by itself on the wall. She said, “no, ok, I’ll try it on you if you like.” She walked over and picked it up. “OHHH, this feels TERRIBLE!”
“Yes Ma’am, it is.” While she was admiring that one I found on the wall a nice solid acrylic paddle with several large holes going down the center. This is another absolutely BLISTERING implement!

I showed that one to the Goddess. She said, “Ok, set it down on that table” It was a small table near the end of the bench from where my bottom would be facing.

There was a sound of footsteps in the hall. It was Goddess Devlynn. Goddess K went out with her. They were having some sort of conference. While they were talking I took it upon myself to examine the Paddle Wall. I say wall because it is a wall completely covered with spanking implements in all shapes, sizes, lengths, weights and levels of severity. There was a tool for any naughty bottom here. Whether it be for an extreme spanking slut like me or for a “virgin” behind.

Goddess K walked in about then.

Tiring of this nude and now just a little too talkative slave walking around unfettered Goddess K ordered, “Ok, ON the bench Now.” I think Goddess Devlynn may have cautioned her not to give THIS slave too much leeway. I am a good slave but in situations like this I do need to be kept on a short leash just to keep ME from getting into trouble. I do tend to talk too much sometimes. Sorry Goddess Devlynn! I do swear I’m working on that though!

“Yes, Ma’am.” Obediently I walked up to the bench placing my knees into the padded knee slots. I then bent over laying my body flat against the soft cushioned center platform. Next I positioned my elbows into back of the arm slots on either side of be bench. At that point Mistress K walked up to my left side. She looped the securing strap around my arm and fastened it down snugly. That arm was going NO where. Now my pulse was starting to rise. I had no idea what to expect. I had never been sparked by this Goddess. And not only that I had not been spanked without Goddess Devlynn being present before! She then walked around in front of me and lashed down my right arm. Next she did the same with each leg. They have straps at just below the knee joint. Now that I was fully immobilized, my bottom perfectly positioned for my corporal punisher I started having second thoughts about my first two selections. I spoke up, “Ma’am… you think you could give me a warm up first though please?”

“Of course I will.” She picked up the flogger that she had been toying with initially and took up a good whipping position behind and to my left.

Before commencement of my punishment I suddenly felt a soft hand brushing and gently squeezing and pinching my left and right cheeks in examination. The Goddess said, “it looks like someone has already gotten to you today”. I told her of my nerve medicine treatment from Mistress Devlynn earlier that evening.


Satisfied with the explanation my ORDEAL commenced: “Fwapp” That wasn’t bad. It actually kind of tickled.

FVWAPPP!, UNHH! That one got my attention. I guess the first was just for getting the feel of the implement for then my “warm up”  BEGAN. “FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!!


FWAPPP!!! “OHHH, my seat was getting nice and warm now! She stopped for a moment,, “Warming up yet” “Yes Ma’am!” She continued warming my cheeks: FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! FWAPPP!!! I was starting to writhe a little now. I was DEFINATLY warming up now And ENJOYNG this WARM attention!. She stopped. “Ok, I’m going to switch to the steel paddle, are you warmed up enough?” “Yes Ma’am, I think so” was my slightly apprehensive reply.

I closed my eyes now. I heard her at the table beside me then I sensed her move back into range.

I felt a couple gentle taps just to get the feel of this new paddle. It is a little forward heavy and does take some adjustment. But she learned FAST!

“SMACK!!!” I let out a little startled cry, “OUCH!!!” The steel paddle is a SHARP contrast from the flogger. My yelp caused Mistress K to stay her hand though as she inquired, “Was that a good or a bad ouch” “Good Ma’am, I may yell some and maybe even cry but it doesn’t mean I want you to stop Ma’am. My safe word is RED. I will use it if I needed it Ma’am”

This statement was definitely prophetic!. The next was a LOT harder and right where my cheek met the top of my right thigh, “SSSMACK!!!!!!”. “AHHHH!!!!”

The sting was absolutely EXCRUCIATING!!! “That looks like a good spot.” Mistress K noted quietly.  “SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!” OH MY GOD how that HURT!!!!! I yelped with each swat! My butt was trying to escape the onslaught now and soon I was as far forward as my restraints would allow and falling to the left side of the bench!

Seeing my plight Goddess K showed a little compassion and helped me to get straightened up on the bench. Aiming at the exact same spot on my left cheek she repeated another EXPLOSIVE series of DEVASTATING licks! “SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!! SMACK!!!!! causing my butt to attempt to run away to the right!

OHHHH I was ON FIRE!  I could already feel my eyes pooling and we had JUST STARTED!

My current Goddess overseer took a break for a moment, “Oh I like this.” She commented quietly. She was very good at administering SEVERE punishment while at the same time as far as my cries were concerned maintaining complete detachment. “I think I would like to try a cane, are you up for that?” Oh I was ready for a break from that HORRIBLE STEEL BRANDING IRON and without hesitation replied, “Yes Ma’am” I heard the solid muffled thump as she set the heavy paddle down on the little wooden table and went to the paddle wall.

She found a traditional hooped rattan cane and gave it a few test strokes through the air,”VWOOOSH! VWOOOSH! VWOOOSH! “This seems like a nice one” Taking position again to my right and rear she found that she had to step back a little for the cane. I felt her touch my bottom with the slender shaft. Stepping back a again she touched a cheek once more. That satisfied her. She wanted it so the very tip was striking my skin. That way the point of impact would be traveling as FAST as possible! OHH I closed my now watery eyes and waited for the STING!!!!

“VvvvwwwooP!!!!! AHHHH!!!! The STING forced my eyes closed and my teeth tightly togeather! She had struck just a little lower than the now inflamed patch of my right side! “VvvvwwwooP!!!!! “OOOOWWWW!!!” I let out a little cry with that one. There was a pause; “Are you still ok?” quietly now, “yes ma’am” “OK” She did not hold back!

“VvvvwwwooP!!!!! VvvvwwwooP!!!!! VvvvwwwooP!!!!! VvvvwwwooP!!!!! VvvvwwwooP!!!!! VvvvwwwooP!!!!!

These were more centered on my butt but were varied in height. I was not leaning any longer to either side of the bench but was pushed as far forward as my restraints would allow! I was breathing hard now trying to hold back some sobs that were threatening to escape my panting mouth! The Goddess paused. I heard her set down the cane. I risked a glance to my left. She was now holding the clear acrylic paddle with the large holes down the center.

OHHHH!!!! That is a MEAN one!  The holes feel like little circular mouths biting, sucking and pulling on the flesh!  She stepped over and took a ranging tap on my bottom. I guess she was trying to throw me off because where the cool surface had touched was not to be the impact spot!

“SMACK!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I had pushed my bare butt back to her dutifully but this fiery lick made me LEAP forward to the ends of my restraints once again. The BLINDINGLY BLISTERING EXPLOSIVE swat had DETONATED on my left inner thigh just below my balls! OHHHHH HOW THE STING was HORRIBLE!!!!!! I noticed that my butt was now reflexively shacking back and forth in attempt to throw off the fire between my legs. It actually did seem to help a little. But not MUCH!!

The Goddess took note, “Now that’s a good spot.” I heard her move to my right. “SMACK!!!!!!

OWWWW!!! OWWWW!!! OWWWW!!! OWWWW!!!! This one to the right upper, inner thigh!!!!

I was panting pretty hard now and on the verge of sobbing loudly.

She stopped and to my immense pleasure I suddenly felt a warm hand gently brushing the sting away from this recent injury. OWWW, it felt so GOOD!”. A VERY well now subdued “thank you ma’am” slipped from my lips. I was greeted to a soft, sympathetic, “you’re welcome.” She had me in her power now. My recollections of the WONDERFUL spanking are became very hazy.. The INTENSITY combined with her sympathetic, soothing voice seems to have put me into a trance like state and many memories have overlapped or been erased or maybe never even recorded. I was fading into a mild state of shock it seems.

The heavenly rubbing stopped and I heard her set down the beast of a paddle. I think she wanted to savor her victim, me, and not waste the slave on one implement. As I lay there catching my breath I took notice that I was now sliding easily along the leather covered surface of the bench, my chest and stomach were sweating pretty well. My abdominal muscles always seem to violently contract during a painful spanking. It is a GREAT abdominal work out by the way. But it does make me sweat. Goddess K then brought over a little wooden ruler and asked, “did you put this there” referring to the little table where she had started a pile of tools. Looking at the insignificant thing I replied “no Ma’am.” Then inexplicably I said, “Ma’am if you want a good yardstick try that up there”, I pointed to a LONG thin paddle up on the shelf before me. It is made of a hardwood called Cocobolo, an extremely dense hardwood. It is roughly the dimensions of a yard stick only a little thicker at about 3/8 inch and it has two nicely formed and polished pale yellow colored wooden grip panels on one end for use as a handle.

Goddess K picked it up. She looked at me dubiously, “you really want THIS.” It is clear once one holds it that this is one DEMON of a spanking implement. If the wielder uses even just a medium force swing but focuses their aim so that the last five or six inches or so strikes the subject the result is a VIOLENTLY EXPOLOSIVE BLINDING STING!!! Due to simple physics this outer end is traveling at a much greater speed than the hand that wielded it. It then is kind of like a heavy, solid hair brush traveling at maybe ten times the normal over the knee spanking velocity. And because speed is approximately a factor of four in relationship to impact energy this thing can be absolutely TERRIFYINGLY painful.

Anyway, I sealed my fate and said, “yes Ma’am, I actually bought it for Goddess Devlynn as a gift”.

“Ok, remember you wanted this.”

She again lined up, touched my cheeks a couple of times to get the proper distance and then, “FFVVWACK!!!!!”


That one brought a few tears. OHH it lived up to its reputation!!! She had given me a vicious, bruising spank to my upper right cheek!!!! She knew something about tender spots. Throughout the night she would concentrate her licks to generally eight target zones. These zones were my upper right cheek, upper left cheek, absolute bottom of each cheek where it meets the thigh, upper inner thigh of each leg and upper left and right outer thighs. I have no idea ultimately how many licks I received. But I have some VERY GOOD bruising on all of these areas even six days later. Thank you Ma’am, Goddess K!

My cries did result in a gentle rubbing and cooing though. OHHH how GOOD that felt in contrast!

I have really clouded memories of this now. It was so INTENSE. At one time I seem to recall a photographer speaking to Goddess K, thanking her because of the excellent photo opportunity she was giving him. I would like to see some of those. Sometimes I could sense other Goddesses enjoying the show.

I have a vague recollection of the blond Goddess I had seen earlier with the glasses who looks likes she may be a runner joining the Fun.

Goddess K had switched to her hand. OHH she had a GOOD hand!

“SMACK!!!” OUCH!!!! SMACK!!! OWWWW!!!! She would put all of her strength into them. I could imagine my cheeks completely flattening and then rebounding with each bruising SLAP. They would also knock my now slick body forward against my restraints! OHH those hand slaps BURNED! I think because by then I was so tenderized that EVERYTHING hurt!!! The new Goddess asked, “Isn’t your palm getting sore?”….”Not really, just a little warm, my palm is tougher than his butt.”

The new Goddess suggested while demonstrating with her hand, “try a few here just barely onto the lower back above the cheek. Only use your hand of course.”  I felt a warm soft hand press down demonstrating where to hit.

“SLAPPPP!!!!” “OOOUUUUWWWW!!!! I was really out of it now. OHHH that spot did STING!!!!!!!! That was totally new skin for me to be spanked!!!  “SLAPPPP!!! SLAPPPP!!! SLAPPPP!!! SLAPPPP!!!

“AHHAAAHHAAA!!”  I was now crying a bit from practically every smack. I felt like I had been knocked to a semiconscious state. I heard the new Goddess exclaim in a purring voice, “ Owwhh, you’re so MEAN.” One of the Goddesses started rubbing out some of the sting. I vaguely remember some weak and grateful “thank you ma’am”s coming from me whenever I would receive one of these WELCOME and WONDERFUL rub downs.

Near the end I recall someone come in and speak to Mistress K, “wow, you know you’ve been at this for an hour and a half?” To which she replied, “I know, I LOVE pain sluts! I have gone through all these on him! He actually bought this one for Devlynn” picking up the vicious cocobolo yardstick that now lay among the pile of other implements left out for cleaning later.

But again all good things do end. Around this time Mistress K proclaimed, “Well, I need to be getting home, thank you D! I am going to get your contact information before leaving. I’m going to play with you again sometime”

I replied weakly, “you’re welcome Ma’am.” While Goddess K was organizing her tools the new blond haired Goddess came up behind me. She had a leather riding crop I believe. I felt the tip lightly brush up and down the skin near my scrotum and anus. OHH I LOVED that! I heard her ask, “Did you shave yourself?” I replied, “yes, Ma’am”. I heard another Goddess who had now joined the small group, “It makes an inviting target, doesn’t it?” “OHHH Yes” was the reply. But I wonder how his feet are”

With that, “SLAP”, I let out a HIGH pitched whining cry from that, “OOUUUWW!!!!”

The Goddess gently cooed, “aww, you need to learn to take it on more than just your butt”

I was now too “drunk” for a quick response.  My head was hanging over the end of the bench. Looking backwards between my legs and the punishment benches’ legs I could see her lower half. She was in a full length grey one piece dress.  I think? I noticed at the far end of the bench a long silvery string of pre-seminal fluid streaming down, gently swaying as it stretched toward the floor below. Yes, I really DO love this despite the condition I’m sometimes left in.

After this brief, reflective though dazed pause a weak, “yes, ma’am, sorry ma’am” was all I could get out.

She let me have it again, “SWAP!!”

I bit down onto the back of my hand, “UMMMMHHHH!!” At least it muffled my cry a bit.

I heard, “Oh I love when they try to muffle their cries like that”

“How about just one more? You do look done in”

Wanting to please my new Goddess, “yes please, Ma’am”


I was really dazed now. At that point I think I recall Mistress K join the other saying, “Let’s get him up from there and onto the medical bench.”

I was back in heaven! My two tormenting Goddesses were now caring Angels!

I felt my hands being freed, one by each Goddess then my ankles.

I seem to recall being helped to back off and stand and walked over to the examination table where I was helped to hop up. I promptly fell back onto the soft, smooth, cool surface.

I was suddenly SO sleepy.

Mistress K, now standing about ten feet away gathering her things asked, “So how do I get a hold of you again, I’M going to play with YOU again someday!”

I gratefully gave her my contact information.

The very nice slave who had met me at the door, I hadn’t noticed him being there until that moment, I believe he was the butler for the evening, then asked if I would like some water. I gratefully accepted. Quickly he left returning in moments and handed me an unopened bottle of water. I twisted off the cap and greedily killed the water in about three seconds! I was PARCHED. I had been sweating profusely during my service on the punishment bench.

All of the Goddesses and the butler left me to rest. I heard them filing down the stairs.

I snugged myself self down, arms to my side, into the soft smooth surface. I was still naked. But, I didn’t care. I felt perfectly ok to just lay there and sleep which is what I did.

Sometime later, maybe just minutes for all I know I was SO out of it there SHE was standing beside me.

The absolutely stunning Goddess Devlynn!! The Mistress who has accepted me as one of her slaves! I was so HAPPY at that moment!

She asked, “So, how do you feel?” “I feel sleepy but wonderful Ma’am, thank you Ma’am!”

“Very good; I’m going to leave you now. I want you to go to the slave bathroom, wash up and get dressed and then meet me in the red room when you are ready. Are you ok to walk?

“Yes, Ma’am.” “Good, I’ll see you in a little while. “

In the slave bathroom I looked at myself. My outer upper thighs were swelling and my butt cheeks and inner thighs had DEEP red patch works. But I felt NO pain what so ever. I actually felt more relaxed and happy than I had in a LONG time! Yes the spanking hurt, I was absolutely petrified with freight at times earlier but now I was perfect! I was so happy to be alive!

Once cleaned up and dressed I headed to the red room and had a seat cross legged on the floor.

Placing my head down in my lap I rested for awhile again.

After a short period of time I started having doubts. Had Mistress Devlynn wanted me to meet her downstairs? Doesn’t she call that the red room sometimes too? It does have a red table and red carpet I thought.

I was a little apprehensive but I stood and walked to the stairs. Tentatively I stepped down them not only out of fear of tripping but because I was not sure if I was making a mistake by coming downstairs to the main living area. I made it to the second floor.

I heard a Goddess exclaim, “So, That’s what you look like with your clothes on.” Sheepishly I nodded in her direction.  Thankfully Goddess Devlynn saved me from my confusion. “D” Instantly I responded to the familiar and welcome voice. Looking into her eyes I developed tunnel vision. I was no longer aware of anyone looking at me. She was in her chair, her Throne! It occurred to me that she needed a diamond encrusted golden crown.   “Come over here.” I quickly stepped before my Goddess falling to my knees. “Would you like to kiss me good by?” “Yes Ma’am!” I immediately bent down and touched my lips on one of her lovely boots. I stayed there for several long moments holding it, acknowledging its texture, breathing in its scent, touching it with the tip of my tongue to taste it, gathering strength from it. I then sat back on my heels in tower position. Looking in my eyes she asked, “ Did you get everything you brought with you?” “Yes Ma’am” “Do you have your ankle braces?” “Yes Ma’am.” Ankle braces are another story.  “Very Good, I’m going to walk you to the door and dismiss you.” Standing and leading the way I fell in behind my Mistress following her through the living room to the stairs leading to the lower landing and exit door. On the way down the stairs she said, “I want to thank you, you made the Goddesses very happy tonight.”

I wanted to fall down and kiss her again. That made me so incredibly happy. I did manage, “Thank you Ma’am. You’re welcome Ma’am.”

 Well, that’s the experience of one very happy slave who served at Mistress Devlynn’s

“An Evening of Goddess Worship and Adoration”

Thank you Goddess Devlynn!

Thank you to the rest of you Goddesses Too!

It was my pleasure to serve.