Thursday, February 27, 2014

What I am enjoying this week

I tell My submissives My mood and tastes change all the time.  I am very into playing with rope as of late and I am really enjoying how quickly in can take a man down to a very calm submissive state.  I have played with rope a lot, and appreciated it, however, as with any true art, delving deeper into the medium brings deeper rewards.

I remember years ago when I first brought out the rope, it seemed a tangled, uncontrollable mess.  After a few self led attempts My leather Sir mentor taught me how to tie a body harness, limb ties, and store and clean the rope.  (This is a good view of how some of My training went.  I would explore, play, and come to him with questions and issues. He allowed Me to find My own niche and tastes.)Somehow it all began to come easily to Me, and the rope began to feel like a simple and natural extension of My dominant energy.  One of My favorite parts of playing with rope is the "manhandling" one can enjoy with another person a bit tied up.  Being physically a somewhat tiny woman (allbeit with a huge ego)  and throwing big men around is very sexy.

Shibari and rope bondage, like many other BDSM modalities has been showcased in erotic photography and the idea has become a bit mainstream.  Just like other BDSM modalities, however, like wearing a collar, kneeling at Her feet, being over a knee, the true experience of being tied is much more deep and submissive than the photos will ever tell.

Later this spring, I will have the opportunity to study with a great inspiration to Me in this field, Lew Ruben. He is all at once a sadistic, imaginative, and amazingly prolific rope artist.  It will mean a lot to Me to learn with someone who has not only technical skills, but also a truly sadistic view on things and some terrible ideas. Here is a link to view some of the wonderful torturous predicaments he has created.