Monday, March 3, 2014


Had a lovely evening as usual at the monthly fetish night, Debauchery, at the Dock in Cincinnati.  This month the theme was Genderfuck, and I arranged for people who dressed to get in free, hoping this would encourage more fuckery.  Sorry if you missed my little fetish party, but we do have it EVERY LAST THURSDAY of the month.  Surprisingly, even in this conservative city, roughly half or more of the attendees were crossdressed or otherwise genderfuck in their attire. I am very grateful everyone stepped out of their comfort zone with me for the evening. We were all dressed up and having way too much fun with our alter egos in control... would you like to see My alter ego?

In the interest of discretion, I took very little photos this night.  So all those fabulous crossdressers can keep their day jobs!  Come play with us next month if you can handle it!

Why, yes, I am excited to see you!