Friday, April 11, 2014

A few Frequently asked questions.

Although as long as I continue to see men (and women) I'm sure I will be asked the same questions over and over, I would like to address some of those questions here.

  • Do I travel to this city, or that city?  If I have seen the submissive before who is making the request, there is a greater chance I will.  I love to travel as My schedule and My health allows. Like most other Dominas I like shiny things and travel compensation, like most other Dominas who have been doing this a while, My health and My LT slave commitments come first.
  • Do I do full toilet training? Not for pay, and not for you.  This is something I would only consider exploring with a lifetime commitment level slave.  
  • Can I enjoy a session with you if you are not into lots of pain? Yes.  Pain is not at the crux of My enjoyment of BDSM, power exchange is. It is best to think of a session with Me as a journey, with Me as your guide.  Even in a heavy S/m session, it is not the pure physical sensation that draws a submissive to play with Me, it is them giving up control to a beautiful woman.
  • Will I play with women, will I play with couples?  Whether in the role of Dominant or teacher I am here to share My knowledge and experience with anyone who is respectful, honest,  and wanting to learn.