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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Latex Fetish and other updates!

I have been very into latex this month for some reason. Perhaps it was the new pieces I received from a very good slave, or perhaps it is that My body has been evolving amazingly from a new workout regimen.

I had a very good time with a new and surprisingly young but naturally submissive (at least to Me) slave, helping him to explore the luxury of latex fetish. Latex can be very fun to explore.  It can be sensual, erotic, and putting it on immediately can change you into a different person.  I always say the best way to get wet is to just jump right in, so I encased him in rubber and showed him some of the ways that I like to play with rubber.

I will be hosting My regular fetish night as usual, at the Dock, on Thursday evening.  As always I will be helping couples, so feel free to come by and pick My brain. I have been told that I can help a lot when you are feeling out this new and exciting world.  I will also be out this weekend with My slave at the Steampunk Symposium, as they are having a Military themed ball, and I am not one to miss such a thing, as I am both an Officer and a Gentlewoman!