Thursday, May 8, 2014

Travel, Updates.

I will be running away from Cincinnati again for a week, this time to LA.  I have been chosen as Guest of Honor for Domcon LA 2014, and I'm very excited to be surrounded by these talented and passionate (not to mention sexy as hell) Ladies from all over the world!
All I want for DomCon LA 2014 is to:

  • Be in a hot tub with other gorgeous and devious Ladies
  • Sniff out a humiliation lover and lightly tease him or her all weekend.
  • Be driven around and catered to by My new LA slave couple!
  • Give the boy of My slave couple the sadistic discipline he needs ;)
  • Teach a ton of other perverted people how to fuck minds with erotic hypnosis
  • Learn from the other deviants new ways to train and torment!
  • Get a new bit of Latex or other fetish wear to enjoy.
  • Go to a secret room party for just Dominant women
  • Wear My best fetish wear in public and be appreciated for it!
  • Witness some of the highest caliber domination in the world at the nighttime play parties.
  • Seduce and intrigue every classic fetishist and Goddess Devotee within a 300 foot radius.

As I have been a bad girl all year I'm sure I will get a bunch of My list checked off, I will let you all know how it goes.