Sunday, June 8, 2014

Food! Toys! Debauchery! OR.... How was LA?

How was My trip to LA?
Food is one of My biggest pleasures in this life.  I was raised on terrible greasy southern food and have since learned healthier ways of eating. Travelling to places other than "Porkopolis" has probably been a big part of that, but I have also been vegetarian for over a decade. I care what I put in My body, and a great meal that I didn't cook combines some of a Domme's favorite things:  service, attention to detail, and savoring sensual pleasure. Up your spice levels for a little bit of pain with your pleasure and that delicious endorphin rush!
LA has some of the loveliest vegetarian and vegan cuisine, even traditional Southern style, and this was one of My favorite parts of My recent visit. I travel a lot now but I will always come back to Cincy.  If any of you have suggestions for restaurants in the area with great cuisine, preferably fine flavors in small, intense doses, please email Me them or tweet them to Me!  I am making a master list for My slaves and I for this summer so I can be less disappointed with Cincinnati's vegetarian or healthier options.

Now!  While I was in LA like every good Mommy I brought home toys for My little ones.  Like every bad Mommy I partied, hot tubbed, used a man's asshole as an ashtray, bought a completely backless latex skirt, and kidnapped two men. Met the folks from Sex and Metal. I have wanted these devices for years, since I first saw them! So elegant, feminine and medieval.  I commend this company for creating the gear from our worst and most gorgeous nightmares for an affordable price.  The materials are quality too, steel and silicone (cleanliness is next to goddess-liness.)

No I didn't bring home the Lady, just the steel bondage device, Mine is in blood red of course!

I also got a whip but it is an original piece so no photos! All My equipment is blood red steel.
I played with Goddess Sadie's weighted nipple clamps and had to buy some of those from Orchid and Serpent, along with the finger ring you see here, which can of course be used in conjunction with electricity as well as just as a basic sensation play toy.  Once again, cold hard steel, just like your Mistress's eyes on those good days!