Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The New Thing

My small army of slaves, several talented and equally deviant friends and I have been hard at work on realizing a wicked dream I had this year; you may have even seen our pile of materials in the medical room. There are a lot of people giving their all to making this project beyond anything I've done before.  Most of the equipment in My dungeon was built to My specifications and so far this is My favorite piece. Playing doctor will be reaching a new pinnacle of fun and deviousness with My new reprogramming machine, and in padded white leather!
We are still not done!  Creating something entirely from fantasy that has never been made before takes time and care, and then you have to add in the subject of the device's safety while immobilized.  We are almost there though and are now at the fun part where the Sadist gets to add in all their frivolous and terrible tools to the machine!
If you would like to contribute to this undertaking, this month Home Depot gift cards are highly appreciated, and you can also shop around this list!  I will unveil My completely cruel creation sometime in Mid-August.  The first person inside it will be a lucky subject!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Few Photos from Monday afternoon's Fetish Femdom party with Goddess Sadie

Amazing afternoon of Femdom Debauchery. Apologies for My blur tool used for certain partygoer's discretion.