Thursday, August 21, 2014

A gentle reminder to anyone who has been disrespectful of My time.
Unlike in the rest of the world of commerce, which you may be immersed,  in My world your status as a white male waving money around does not impress Me.

Here is what does.

  • Respect for My time.
  • Respect for the Gravity and Intensity of what I offer.
  • Respect for My space, which includes both discretion and leaving these better than you found them.

Those are the basics.
The really good submissives, the ones who get the treatment you are expecting for cash, do not receive that treatment for the cash they have given Me.  They receive special treatment, and are more of a priority to Me than you, because of things like:

  • Always being on time and forthright about scheduling.
  • Always being respectful both in person and via email.  This doesn't mean I expect worship at all times, but I would say I unfortunately (or fortunately?) am SPOILED and don't respond well to certain communication styles.  I do extend the SAME level of respect for both time and communication.
  • Discretion and respect for My privacy- The dungeon is the dungeon and our lives are our lives.  That is how we like it!
  • Being Fun and communicative when we play- Honest discussion leads to better play, and gratitude helps a slave get more of something they want. 
  • Being open to trying new things- If you are scripting a session for Me you will probably not feel that dominated in the long run.

LASTLY you cannot buy My favor when it is completely lost, but if you know you should be trying to, I would recommend you get busy.
You want to serve a Mistress who knows exactly what She wants? 
Work for it.

Monday, August 11, 2014


i again visited my Mistress... She met me at Her door dressed in a stunning all black outfit highlighted by a lovely corset that pushed her ample breast to the fore, shear black stockings and a large spreading marcasite necklace and black pumps. She directed me to entry Her realm and kneel in front of her throne. She as usual inquired as to my health and with her charmingly, wicked sense of humor encourage me and guide me through the ritual gift giving. i was truly pleased and even thrilled that She enjoyed the few presents small gifts i had brought for Her. Mistress Desade is in my eyes one of the most talented and professional Dominatrix in the country. While She has a passion for Sadism that brings out a true love for Her work and play, unlike anything or anyone i have ever encountered. She is always seeking to learn more about Her chosen lifestyle and more about her slaves. She always encourages Her slaves to talk with Her and tell Her of their needs, but also is always seeking to find and push their limits and expand their horizons in this wonderfully dark world She inhabits. In fact i believe Mistress is one of the most compassionate people i have ever met. Not that this compassion interferes with Her deep Sadistic nature, as the welts on my ass, my punctured and bruised ball and my still aching nipples will amply attest to. My time with Mistress when by so fast and the pain and pleasure came at such a fast and furious clip that my memories of it are quite blurry and i am unable to recall the exact sequence of the various demented torments inflicted upon my willing body. There was the electric wand, which came early in the play, a very wicked birch twig broom like whip, which was used to great effect on my upturned ass, back, chest and thighs. This truly evil instrument had me screaming and attempting to get my backside out of the line of fire, but that was not possible and the blows came fast and furious and it was clear from Mistresses laughter that She was loving its effect on my ass. She later commented on how it left such lovely welts and marks on my ass.
  Mistress is a master at fire play and i believe this is one of Her favorite forms of play. While on my stomach with my legs spread and suspended She let her fire dance across my cock and balls, my ass, and even my anus. She spread it with ease across most of my exposed body, from my feet to my back and many other parts and with such skill that this slave thought his cock and balls would be blistered from the flames, but that would not happen while under Her skilled hands.
  Mistress allowed me to select a favorite toy to play with at the beginning of our session. One of them was a Wartenberg wheel with four spiked wheels. She used this often on many parts of my body and the marks are still quite evident today. i truly loved it when she used it on my cock and balls, and She did not just roll it across but pushed it hard into the most sensitive flesh She could reach with such force as to make me squirm under her hands.
  As I was blindfolded and nude throughout our play, much of what She used on me naked flesh is still a mystery to me, but all had there effects. i was particularly impressed with the strength of my Mistress as she repeatedly lifted my body from the floor with one hand clamped tightly around nothing but my cock and balls and had me suspended by those sensitive appendages, i was in heaven as She would them place Her lovely foot in heeled pump on my ass to push me back to the floor, while still keeping my cock and balls clamped in Her fist.
  This account only touches a few of the highlights of my pleasures and pains i experienced once again under the skilled and demonic hands of Mistress Desade. At it end Mistress allowed me to kneel at her feet and talk with Her for a while and glaze once again of a form and face so lovely as to be a bit scary, even allowing me to kiss her lovely feet and give Her a last goodbye hug. A Woman beyond the bounds of my feeble ability to describe, a true Goddess of Demented Delights.

Dear Mistress Thank You once again for an unforgettable experience...