Thursday, August 21, 2014

A gentle reminder to anyone who has been disrespectful of My time.
Unlike in the rest of the world of commerce, which you may be immersed,  in My world your status as a white male waving money around does not impress Me.

Here is what does.

  • Respect for My time.
  • Respect for the Gravity and Intensity of what I offer.
  • Respect for My space, which includes both discretion and leaving these better than you found them.

Those are the basics.
The really good submissives, the ones who get the treatment you are expecting for cash, do not receive that treatment for the cash they have given Me.  They receive special treatment, and are more of a priority to Me than you, because of things like:

  • Always being on time and forthright about scheduling.
  • Always being respectful both in person and via email.  This doesn't mean I expect worship at all times, but I would say I unfortunately (or fortunately?) am SPOILED and don't respond well to certain communication styles.  I do extend the SAME level of respect for both time and communication.
  • Discretion and respect for My privacy- The dungeon is the dungeon and our lives are our lives.  That is how we like it!
  • Being Fun and communicative when we play- Honest discussion leads to better play, and gratitude helps a slave get more of something they want. 
  • Being open to trying new things- If you are scripting a session for Me you will probably not feel that dominated in the long run.

LASTLY you cannot buy My favor when it is completely lost, but if you know you should be trying to, I would recommend you get busy.
You want to serve a Mistress who knows exactly what She wants? 
Work for it.