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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Passion of Olga

"Hedonism unleashed. Extravagant debauchery as high art. 

Although not by any means your traditional fairy tale, Ellen von Unwerth's "The Passion of Olga" is a fairy tale nonetheless. The photographic narrative traces the journey of a young widow, Olga Rodionova, who after the death of her wealthy, elderly husband, is overtaken by an insatiable lust. She searches for love only to find it in the arms of an unlikely source, far from the riches and extravagance where she believed it resided it her youth. It is Olga's quest that reverses the traditional fairy tale, she is a heroine who is not afraid of her desire and it is from her search for sensuality that she finds the ubiquitous, love story, happy ending. A glorious chateau as its setting, replete with all the trappings of wealth and glamour, "The Passion of Olga" presents us with sumptuous images that bring to life the enviable luxury of both fairy tales and modern desire."

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sensation Play vs. Sadism and Masochism

I have quite a reputation for being able to delve into more severe and sadistic sorts of play.  I have always enjoyed cruelty and get a big rush from what I do in sessions. If a person is masochistic, wanting to push their pain tolerances and enjoy the endorphin rush with Me, or wants a paddling to beat all paddlings, this is not something I shy away from...
However it is not the only sort of play I delve in. I am also a great lover of those interesting and rare fetishes, which I think it is a luxury and blessing to indulge in.  I love real slave training, and molding My subjects.  I love transforming a submissive into something entirely else, whether that is femme incarnation, or even an object.  I love the sweat beads of fear and the glazed eyes of someone under My spell.  I love humiliation and degradation and being an intelligent bully with words- this is sadism in its own right though not usually classified as such.

Many of the toys in My dungeon which may look severe are just as well used for sensation play. Sensation play is almost always a part of My training.  I find that connecting a submissive with his body, his senses, and distracting him from the conveyor belt of thoughts in his head is very useful.  It also allows Me to learn his language, his triggers, etc.  Of course it also benefits in the long run with training, ownership and control.  Studies have shown that simple touch reduces the chemicals in our brain that are associated with stress and anxiety.  Knowing the power My touch has on people, I use it wisely and not without forethought.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Married or otherwise needing extreme discretion?
Terrified to see Me in person?
Wanting to get to know Me before you submit?

Well, you have been asking for this for years and I have finally decided it may be worth My time.  I am offering phone sessions via Niteflirt here. 
I am very busy, have actual slaves and My own stocking and smoking addictions to feed, so I will be on these lines at very limited times.  If you have a special request for times or dates, you may request and I may be available.  If you follow My twitter, that will notify you when I choose to turn My phone lines on and off. I sometimes leave them on for hours but mostly leave them on for a very short time. The little button here on the blog will also let you know when I have decided to allow you the pleasure of hearing My voice again.

Talking on the phone with Me is absolutely nothing like sessioning with Me in person, however it may be able to sate your thirst for Me for a little while. \

Monday, September 15, 2014

Three ways to be a better submissive

I was approached by a man I have known for a few years and he asked if he may become a slave.  My first instinct was to respond in the negative.  The man was physically attractive and generally pleasing to most women but not to Me. I felt from our previous experiences that he was not a good submissive, and that any training with him would be a waste of My time. The three most attractive qualities in any person wishing to serve Me:

  • Silence- If you can imagine what My life is like for even a moment you may view just some inkling of how many people want My time. If you are hoping to make a good impression on Me, it can be a godsend for a Dominant lady to have a silent, peaceful moment.  Of course this runs counter to your training in the rest of the world- chat, be loud and impress a lady.  Not with Me. Sit, be still, listen and impress Me.
  • Gratitude- Would you like to open your mouth?  The second best thing to silence is gratitude or adoration. I do like to be appreciated for what I bring to your life, or simply this moment. I do work out every day, thank you for noticing.  You very much enjoy time with Me? Thank you.  In the moments of exhaustion or giving My all in a session, those little things may make Me smile and keep thinking it is worthwhile to spend time with you.
  • Attentiveness- Listen. Pay attention. Those slaves who notice the little things like how I drink My tea, what sort of things I actually wear (not just what you want Me to wear), having things ready for Me, getting the door, constantly being ready for My requests... these are the slaves who end up being kept in the long run and treated like gold.  Yes, I have slaves who do things to the letter more out of joy and love than fear of a punishment. 

It is useful, as you can see above, to think of your time around Me as a meditation.  Many times the things going through your mind, or your fidgeting hands, are reducing your experience and possibly even annoying Me.  It would be terrible to waste any of your time serving Me.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Something to Remember Me By

I renewed My Blood Borne Pathogen Certification this month, and celebrated by skinning some hides.  Knowledge is power.

I like pushing My submissives to the edge safely!
We began our evening with light sensory play to warm him up and bring him to his body.
I then played with My single tail, one of My favorite toys, and also one of the most dastardly.
Once blood began to rise I switched to steel, lexan and silicone instruments, so I could continue to play no matter how much blood there would be!  As you can see by the end this gorgeous Lexan slapper was covered in male blood and sweat.  If only I had collected his tears as well...
Don't get fooled by My pretty pinup looks and My kind, respectful demeanor.  I am one of the most sadistic, evil bitches you will ever have the pleasure of knowing.