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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Married or otherwise needing extreme discretion?
Terrified to see Me in person?
Wanting to get to know Me before you submit?

Well, you have been asking for this for years and I have finally decided it may be worth My time.  I am offering phone sessions via Niteflirt here. 
I am very busy, have actual slaves and My own stocking and smoking addictions to feed, so I will be on these lines at very limited times.  If you have a special request for times or dates, you may request and I may be available.  If you follow My twitter, that will notify you when I choose to turn My phone lines on and off. I sometimes leave them on for hours but mostly leave them on for a very short time. The little button here on the blog will also let you know when I have decided to allow you the pleasure of hearing My voice again.

Talking on the phone with Me is absolutely nothing like sessioning with Me in person, however it may be able to sate your thirst for Me for a little while. \