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Monday, September 22, 2014

Sensation Play vs. Sadism and Masochism

I have quite a reputation for being able to delve into more severe and sadistic sorts of play.  I have always enjoyed cruelty and get a big rush from what I do in sessions. If a person is masochistic, wanting to push their pain tolerances and enjoy the endorphin rush with Me, or wants a paddling to beat all paddlings, this is not something I shy away from...
However it is not the only sort of play I delve in. I am also a great lover of those interesting and rare fetishes, which I think it is a luxury and blessing to indulge in.  I love real slave training, and molding My subjects.  I love transforming a submissive into something entirely else, whether that is femme incarnation, or even an object.  I love the sweat beads of fear and the glazed eyes of someone under My spell.  I love humiliation and degradation and being an intelligent bully with words- this is sadism in its own right though not usually classified as such.

Many of the toys in My dungeon which may look severe are just as well used for sensation play. Sensation play is almost always a part of My training.  I find that connecting a submissive with his body, his senses, and distracting him from the conveyor belt of thoughts in his head is very useful.  It also allows Me to learn his language, his triggers, etc.  Of course it also benefits in the long run with training, ownership and control.  Studies have shown that simple touch reduces the chemicals in our brain that are associated with stress and anxiety.  Knowing the power My touch has on people, I use it wisely and not without forethought.