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Monday, September 8, 2014

Something to Remember Me By

I renewed My Blood Borne Pathogen Certification this month, and celebrated by skinning some hides.  Knowledge is power.

I like pushing My submissives to the edge safely!
We began our evening with light sensory play to warm him up and bring him to his body.
I then played with My single tail, one of My favorite toys, and also one of the most dastardly.
Once blood began to rise I switched to steel, lexan and silicone instruments, so I could continue to play no matter how much blood there would be!  As you can see by the end this gorgeous Lexan slapper was covered in male blood and sweat.  If only I had collected his tears as well...
Don't get fooled by My pretty pinup looks and My kind, respectful demeanor.  I am one of the most sadistic, evil bitches you will ever have the pleasure of knowing.