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Monday, September 15, 2014

Three ways to be a better submissive

I was approached by a man I have known for a few years and he asked if he may become a slave.  My first instinct was to respond in the negative.  The man was physically attractive and generally pleasing to most women but not to Me. I felt from our previous experiences that he was not a good submissive, and that any training with him would be a waste of My time. The three most attractive qualities in any person wishing to serve Me:

  • Silence- If you can imagine what My life is like for even a moment you may view just some inkling of how many people want My time. If you are hoping to make a good impression on Me, it can be a godsend for a Dominant lady to have a silent, peaceful moment.  Of course this runs counter to your training in the rest of the world- chat, be loud and impress a lady.  Not with Me. Sit, be still, listen and impress Me.
  • Gratitude- Would you like to open your mouth?  The second best thing to silence is gratitude or adoration. I do like to be appreciated for what I bring to your life, or simply this moment. I do work out every day, thank you for noticing.  You very much enjoy time with Me? Thank you.  In the moments of exhaustion or giving My all in a session, those little things may make Me smile and keep thinking it is worthwhile to spend time with you.
  • Attentiveness- Listen. Pay attention. Those slaves who notice the little things like how I drink My tea, what sort of things I actually wear (not just what you want Me to wear), having things ready for Me, getting the door, constantly being ready for My requests... these are the slaves who end up being kept in the long run and treated like gold.  Yes, I have slaves who do things to the letter more out of joy and love than fear of a punishment. 

It is useful, as you can see above, to think of your time around Me as a meditation.  Many times the things going through your mind, or your fidgeting hands, are reducing your experience and possibly even annoying Me.  It would be terrible to waste any of your time serving Me.