Friday, October 31, 2014

The Magic Boots

My name is Tom. At one time I was just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life with one notable exception; I have a pair of magical boots! Or is it they have me? Regardless of which is true, it is because of these boots that I am no longer just an ordinary guy for I am now the possession of an extraordinary woman! 

To begin my story: I’m not sure if I’d call myself  good, but I don’t think I’m  bad either. I’m kind of a golden rule type.  I do have one attribute, however, that some might call “weird”. I have an absolute obsession for women’s boots. I particularly love Women’s English riding boots! I love everything about them; their shinny blackness, their simple unadorned elegance, their feel: cool, and smooth against my skin, their soft leather scent, their faintly bitter taste. But, what I think attracts me to them the most is their symbolism:  They represent the Goddess of the hunt, a woman of uncompromising power, a woman of athletic prowess but who is not only physically strong but shrewd, cunning, potentially dangerous and hypnotically BEAUTIFUL! It was a few years ago that I was ensnared by the boots that would change my life forever.   I was browsing a small antique shop when the proprietor, a small, white haired, ancient woman approached, “I KNOW why you are here.” “You do Ma’am?” Without further word, she grabbed my wrist in her boney, cool, dry hand. I was surprised and a little frightened by her powerful grip for she appeared to be nearly 90 and very frail. But I was unable to resist being dragged to a dark corner in the rear of the dusty shop.  There illuminated by an antique shaded lamp setting majestically on a small wooden table side by side in mesmerizing, flawless, gleaming blackness  was the most exquisite pair of knee high slide on riding boots I had ever seen!  “You are here for these, young man. But, before you accept them, and you WILL, I must caution you; these boots are magical! So you must consider very carefully who you give them to for they will transform her into the woman of your dreams!” Of course I was a somewhat skeptical and also a little frightened. But I had to ask, “Well, how much do you want for them Ma’am?” She replied, “What makes them special cannot be reproduced by human kind so it is not possible to assign them a monetary value. And besides, what would an old woman like me do with even a million dollars? I have all that I NEED. Pick up each and kiss it and they will be yours forever. Then I will have what I WANT”. 

Of course I accepted them and the terms. It was not possible for me to resist. Since that moment they have been my favorite possession. I keep them in a glass case in my living room. But, my ultimate desire is to finally place them on the feet of a lovely and powerful woman.  Soon my wish would come true!  A few days ago while taking out the trash, I stepped wrong on the front porch step stumbling and falling down the concrete steps bumping my left elbow causing an enormous swelling and oozing cut and severely bruising my right hip. I am rather clumsy at times. It didn’t seem to hurt too much. I was more pissed at myself than anything. But, I could not stop the bleeding and the swelling in my elbow looked pretty bad. So after bandaging the cut, I drove to the emergency room. It was here that I would meet the woman who would soon become my world!

When I arrived I entered through the wide automatic sliding doors to the emergency room reception area, went through the lengthy registration process and had a seat. It seemed that I was there for hours when a lovely questioning voice called out, “Tom!” I looked up and my breath was taken away!  Standing in the open door was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen!  She had silky, champagne blond, shoulder length hair, soft pink lips on a porcelain doll complexion. She was somewhat tall for a woman, maybe five eleven making her about two inches taller than me. But she had a slim, graceful yet powerful build which was totally evident due to her tight form fitting nurse’s uniform. I could tell that she either was some kind of athlete, or judging by her lean musculature possibly played soccer or volley ball in college. I stood, half way raising my hand.  Her gaze instantly adjusted position, locking and focusing directly on me like a bird of prey spotting a small rodent scurrying in the leaf litter of the forest floor.  She had intelligent, inquisitive, penetrating eyes. I felt like she could see right through me and could see not only my nakedness but read my thoughts as well. I was speechless. Seeing that I was incapacitated, she pointed directly at me, turned her palm upright and motioned me to her with her index finger while saying, “Come with me please.” I was reminded of being summoned into the hallway by the assistant principal for some misdeed back when I was kid in school. I followed. We proceeded down a long hallway with ten foot wide adjoining rooms or cells on either side. Each had a white curtain drawn across the opening until the fifth room down on the left. She turned, “In here please.” then in a friendly but all business tone said, “Strip and put on the folded gown on the bed. You can leave your underwear on. You may put your clothes on the chair in the corner. Then hop up on the bed, I’ll be right back.” I followed my beautiful nurse’s directions. After sitting for a few minutes the curtain was drawn back again and she re-entered closing the curtain behind her. Immediately she got to work, “So, why are you here today?” I told her of the accident. While I spoke she gently removed my bandage examining my wounded elbow and cleaning it. “Well, you’ll likely need a couple of stitches. Do you have any other injuries?” In a shy voice, “Well, I bruised my right hip pretty well Ma’am.” “Don’t call me Ma’am, call me Nurse Monique please.” “Yes, sorry Nurse Monique.” “Slide off the bed please.” I did as directed. “Let me see the bruise.” Slowly I reached back, carefully parting the back of my gown and reaching down pulled the elastic waist band of my fruit of the looms open so that she could look down and see the bruise. In a patient but professionally insistent tone Nurse Monique said, “I’m a nurse Tom. There is nothing that you have that I haven’t seen. Now turn and face the bed please and place your hands on the bed and RELAX. I don’t bite.” To my surprise, she added in a slightly mischievous tone, “Well, not unless you deserve it.” “Yes Nurse Monique.” I placed my hands on the bed. I felt the drawstring being undone and then the gown was pulled open exposing the whole of my back side. Next I felt fingers at the top of my underwear and then they were pulled down exposing my entire behind.
I tensed out of nervousness. I felt fingers pressing against my right hip. Apparently my muscles were too tight for in her professional voice she said, “Put all of your weight on your left leg and relax the right side of your bottom”. She emphasized her request with a gentle slap to my injured cheek. Oh no! That was all it took! I could feel “it” instantly waking up! She deeply prodded and kneaded my injured right cheek with her thumbs and fingers. Oooh was it tender! I let out a little moan. She responded. “Oh, does that hurt?” “A little Nurse Monique.” “Sorry, I’ll try to be as gentle as possible.” She continued to press into the injured muscle. “Well, I don’t think anything is broken and it doesn’t seem to be swelling any longer. Of course the Doctor will look at you shortly”. She pulled my underwear back up and said, “Hop back up on the bed”. I was afraid to move. I now had a full erection! What could I do? I stood there frozen and feeling humiliated. “Would you like some help?” In my agitated state I blurted out, “NO Nurse Monique!” Swallowing, I turned around and carefully slid back up on the bed hoping she would not notice. Of course she did though. Instantly her eyes dropped down to the raised area in my gown. I could see her eyes widen. “Well, I see you’re feeling better now. I don’t think you’re seriously injured after all.” I sat there with eyes cast down wanting to disappear. She came to my rescue, “Don’t be embarrassed, I seem to have that effect on a lot of men and possibly women too but” she added with a wink, “it’s not so readily apparent with them.  I’ll be back later when the doctor has finished with you”. She turned and pulled aside the curtain and left closing it behind.

The Doctor came and went. I didn’t even notice him put in the two stitches.  I listened as well as I could but I was in a sort of “shock” condition now from what had just happened.  Nurse Monique seemed PERFECT! I knew she was the woman I wanted to pair with my magic boots! But how?  I was brought back from my wistful daydreaming by the doctor’s comment, “My nurse will be back in a few minutes to bandage you and you also will need a tetanus shot and an antibiotic shot.” 

Shortly after the doctor left my lovely care taker returned. Closing the curtain she came to me, “Give me your left arm.” I extended it and she immediately proceeded to gently bandage my elbow. “Well, I see that you will need a couple of injections”. She had a rolling cart. She prepared the first syringe and then reached over, lifted my sleeve and with a cotton ball applied alcohol. She then quickly retrieved the first syringe and jabbed it into my right deltoid. I felt a little sting, but nothing terrible. Next she said, “For the next one I want you to roll over on your stomach. These antibiotic shots tend to hurt more and there is more fatty tissue around your bottom so that will lessen the pain. I felt my heart flutter and my penis begin to wake again. Quickly I rolled over before she could notice. I felt coolness as the hospital gown was opened. I then felt her fingers reach under the elastic and pull down my underwear. I smelled alcohol and then felt the cool sensation of the dampened cotton ball being rubbed in small circles disinfecting a patch of skin. She suggested, “grit your teeth, this one will sting a little.” I felt the stab which was not too bad, but then ooohhhh!!!! The injection BURNED!  A little“unhh!!”  escaped my lips.  “Burns a little, I know, sorry, the sting won’t last long dear”.  I felt her apply a small band aid immediately after removing the needle but then to my shock and pleasure she gently slapped my cheek, commenting, you keep yourself in pretty good shape. You’re a runner aren’t you?” “Well, yes Nurse Monique.” She added slyly, “I thought so.” She pulled up my underwear and said,” you can sit up now”. I knew it was now or never. I quickly sat up right then asked, “Nurse Monique, I’m an amateur photographer and you are an absolutely beautiful woman, do you think I could do a short photo shoot of you wearing some lovely riding boots I have at my place? I will pay you for your time?” 

Her eyes locked onto mine with her penetrating gaze for a LONG moment. But then much to my immense joy replied, “Ok, I’ll leave you my phone number, call me tomorrow morning at 9:00am and we will discuss this further.”

Oh, I was practically dizzy on the ride home. I couldn’t believe this! Once I arrived I immediately went to my living room and took out my boots. They felt unnaturally warm to the touch. It was almost as if they could sense that their time had come! I was excited but at the same time starting to feel just a twinge of fear. What was I about to do?  Is there such a thing as magic? I could sense a faint vibration in the boots now, or at least I thought I could. Was it my imagination? That night I had trouble sleeping. The next day the minutes seemed to tick by like hours then it was 8:59am! I counted the seconds………..9:00! My hands were shaking; I entered the number and pressed the call button on my phone. I heard it ringing. On the fourth ring it was picked up. Through the little speaker I heard the lovely and unmistakable voice of Nurse Monique. “Hello.” 

We spoke for maybe ten minutes. During the conversation I asked if she had a pair of tight fitting khaki slacks and a long sleeved white button down shirt. She did! Oh, that would go PERFECT with the boots!  We agreed to meet me at my place at noon that very day!  We hung up.  I was so happy! And yes more than a little scared now. My stomach was a little jittery so I had a bowl of oatmeal and an apple. That helped. 

The hour came! At 12:06 the door bell rang. I walked slowly to the door and opened it and there she was! I invited her into the living room and to have seat on the couch. I asked, “Would you like anything to drink?” She replied, “Yes, I would like some orange juice please if you have any.” I went to the kitchen, poured her a glass and brought it to her. She commented, “You have a nice place.” “Thank you Monique.”  She continued, “Well, I actually do have some things to do later on today so let’s see those boots!” They were setting beside my chair; I picked them up into my lap. While focusing on them with her expressive eyes she used her feet to slip off her black medium healed dress shoes. she said, “Oh, I LIKE those. My mouth had gone dry. I was unable to speak. I stood and walked over instinctually dropping to my knees before her placing the boots in front of me. She responded by lifting her left foot saying, “Well, put them on.” Gently I cupped her soft, surprisingly dainty, black hose clad foot in my hand. My heart was pounding! I couldn’t believe this was happening! Her foot was soft and warm, while supporting it in my right hand I placed the leg opening of the boot over her lovely foot and gently slid the boot forward. At first I thought the foot portion of the boot was too large, but I swear it seemed to diminish is size as the boot slid forward! I told myself, “You’re only imagining that.” But, a little nagging voice told me that it was not my imagination! I was starting to feel a little scared now! When the boot was completely snugged into position I looked up into Monique’s eyes. They were transfixed on the boot. But, her EYES, they were an impossible crystalline blue like shallow Caribbean Sea water sparkling under a tropical sun. I could have sworn they had been hazel before. I told myself, “You must be mistaken.” And her pupils were like luminescent spheres of black onyx!  Her deliciously full lips were slightly parted and it seemed like she had stopped breathing. At that moment her lips tightened just a little and her fully open eye lids closed just a bit. Her eyes were still that mysterious topaz blue but now it appeared that her consciousness had just returned from a slight day dream. The haunting eyes scanned upward locking onto mine. Her piercing gaze seemed to make my eyes water, blurring my vision. I blinked a few times to clear them. When my focus returned it seemed that her eyes had again undergone a transformation. For once I had my full visual clarity I noticed that her eyes WERE hazel! They were still enchantingly beautiful but the ethereal sparkling blue was gone!  I couldn’t have imagined this! I was petrified, what had I done?  But then she spoke in a new, warm and very seductive tone which instantly doused the flames of fear. “Well, what are you waiting on, give me the other boot.” Without a thought I replied, “Yes, Ma’am.” She made no comment and her gaze didn’t flinch. It was as if she had expected this response. I could feel a slight tingly sensation like static electricity on the hairs of my arms and back of my neck! I kept telling myself, “This is impossible!” But, I knew it wasn’t. Something magical WAS occurring. The lovely voice refocused my attention to the task at hand, “Any time now.” Without further hesitation I picked up the other boot. Her right foot immediately rose to greet me. I gently cupped the warm, soft foot in my left hand and after guiding it inside the leg opening, slid this boot into place. At the last instant it seemed that this boot too sucked and shrunk into position as if by a slight vacuum. This was unnerving to me and my fear started to build again. She took no notice at all of anything bizarre. I kneeled back on my haunches and looked up into the Monique’s eyes. She responded, “Well, aren’t you going to get your camera out?” Immediately I hopped up and went to the dining room table where I had set my camera equipment. Quickly returning I was once again overwhelmed by her new and powerful presence. I focused the camera. Oh, the BOOTS! They were so INCREDIBLE when paired with this magnificent woman! I snapped off a few shots from various angles and positions.  After maybe a dozen or so shots it seemed that her transformation into a new and powerful Goddess completed, for abruptly she stood, legs spread shoulder width apart, hands on hips, back arrow straight, eyes focused  on ME! I continued taking shots. I didn’t know what else to do. Then she spoke this time leaving no doubt what so ever that these boots were INDEED magical! “BOY, I’ve noticed that MY new boots are rather dusty. When was the last time you polished them?” Taken aback by her new demeanor I stuttered a reply, Uhm, well, uhm, I believe it was maybe about a week ago?” “You believe! You’re not sure! That is not good enough! I see that I need to put you in your place! This instant, I want you to go to your room and strip off all of your clothes and then return to me with a polishing cloth!” Momentarily stunned I just stared, eyes wide open. “GO! “ Instantly I turned to leave when “STOP, return and stand before me!” I did as commanded. “You will reply Yes Mistress Monique from now on to ALL of my directives! Is that understood?” “Yes Mistress Monique!” “Very good, now you’re dismissed!” “Yes Mistress Monique!” Quickly turning I hurried down the hall way to my bedroom, closed the door and stripped. I was definitely frightened but also a little aroused by the thoughts of what may lie in store.  I grabbed my polishing cloth from my dresser and headed back out to the living room. When I arrived I found Mistress Monique sitting once again. She locked me in with her predatory gaze, “Come kneel before your Goddess!” “Yes Mistress Monique.” I took three more steps and dropped to my knees. “You may begin polishing and you had BETTER do a good job!” I slid closer, picked up one of the exquisite boots placing it on my closed thighs. I immediately started rubbing my cloth back and forth across the toe working up the beautiful leg. I thought I could feel an almost electrical current flowing from the boots into my hands and arms. I was overcome by an irresistible urge to touch them, to rub them, fondle them, taste them, breath in their scent.  I started rubbing harder and faster. The leather was absolutely perfect! Mistress Monique started becoming impatient, “What are you doing? Haven’t you ever polished a fine pair of boots before? You DON’T want me to have to demonstrate!” Startled and frightened by my reprimand I slowed trying to think what I had been doing wrong. I grabbed an end of the cloth in either hand and started buffing a lovely black toe. I sawed back and forth faster and faster! Suddenly I couldn’t take my eyes from task before me! I was obsessed! My buffing became even faster and harder! I was starting to feel faint but still could not stop! Abruptly Mistress Monique came to my rescue snapping me out of the spell that had come over me. “STOP!!!! Enough of this! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!  Stand up!“ Uneasily and shakily I stood. I was unable or speak.  “Give me that cloth!”  She snatched the cloth from my hand, crumpled it into a ball and threw it across the room. “You won’t need that any longer! You HAVE the perfect tool for polishing them! But first, lay across my lap now!  And I want your bruised hip on the outside! I bet a few hard swats will get you under control and make you pay attention to detail!” Obediently I lay across her lovely, muscular, khaki clad thighs and as directed my right cheek was on the outside. She reached down wrapping my waist in the powerful grip of her left arm. I closed my eyes…….”SMACK…..SMACK……..SMACK……SMACK……SMACK…….SMACK…..SMACK……SMACK!!!!!

Every one of the terrible smacks landed squarely on my injured cheek! Oh I HURT!!!!  She ordered, “Stand up!”  I pushed up and stood before her. I couldn’t stop my knees from shaking.” Look at me!”  I tried to focus but my vision was totally obscured by tears. “Are you ready to do a proper polishing job now?” “Yes, Mistress Monique!” “Very good, now kneel before me.” “Yes Mistress.”  The next order, however, would leave me in such a dazed and happy state that I all but forgot about my aching, stinging behind. “Since you don’t seem capable of caring for my boots properly with a cloth I’m going to have you use your tongue. Start with my left foot boy!” She raised it to me. Trying to hide my absolute joy for fear of her changing her mind, this was NO punishment for me after all; I carefully reached out with both hands and lovingly cradled the foot of the incredible boot then brought my mouth down to its surface. I inhaled the intoxicating leather scent. I touched the tip of my tongue to its perfect toe. It was smooth and warm from the precious foot inside. I then fulfilled my lifelong dream of worshiping the boots of a Goddess! Slowly, methodically, tenderly I proceeded to make love to the magical boot with my tongue being sure not to neglect a single millimeter of its divine exterior. After thoroughly tongue washing every inch of silky smooth, delicious leather I turned my attention to the bottom. I found it to be a little gritty but not filthy. I had to raise the precious foot a couple of feet off the floor but while in kneeling position it was easy to access the entire surface. When finished with the bottom I carefully placed it back on the floor. I was so dazed with happiness that without thinking I kept my cheek pressed to the outside instep as I lowered the boot. I could have fallen asleep I was so content. At that moment I felt fingers beneath my chin and my face was tilted upward. Opening my eyes I found that I was peering directly into Mistress Monique’s incredible eyes. I was a little scared at first. But she had a warm smile now. She was pleased with me! “That’s a good boy. You are doing a superb job”.  She added in her divinely seductive voice, “If you do such fantastic service to my right boot I may have some more work for that tongue of yours my new slave.”  It took a moment, but then it dawned on me what had just been said. Without warning emotion overwhelmed me; tears flooded my eyes to overflowing and streamed down my cheeks. I was now the slave of a Goddess!