Sunday, November 30, 2014

Subversive Femininity

Throughout its history, red lipstick has been given a great deal of thought.

  • In ancient Rome, women painted their lips with vermilion, and it was banned.
  • In Elizabethan times the women wore tinted red alabaster, and an edict prohibiting its use was published... women caught wearing red lipstick "shall be punished with the penalties of witchcraft"
  • The Nazi party banned all lipstick in 1933 to uphold their ideal of the pure Germanic mother figure.
  • In 1770 British Parliament passed a law that if a woman wore cosmetics before her wedding that marriage could be annulled. 
  • Again, in 1915, in Kansas a law was passed that a woman wearing cosmetics of any kind was a misdemeanor.
  • Medieval Europeans however believed that red lipstick and other cosmetics had the power to ward off death. 
  • Queen Elizabeth II had her own red shade mixed up to her specifications for her coronation.
  • In 1930s America red lipstick and female vanity was seen as a vital contribution to the war effort... although this was a big cosmetics advertising push at work.
  • In New York when suffragettes marched for the right to vote in 1912, they all wore red lipstick as a symbol of feminine power and solidarity.  

Of course later in the 1970s, we would learn that lipstick was a tool of patriarchal oppression... a very interesting conclusion given its true history don't you think?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A throwback thursday and some THANKS!

I have been very busy, both with vanilla life and fetish life this year, and I am very grateful and blessed. I now have pretty much everything a gal like Me could want: A stable of sweet, caring and fun lifestyle slaves, An insanely well equipped and gorgeous Victorian style dungeon, A bunch of fun and respectful submissives to play with when My heart desires or their needs call them to Me again, The most talented and prolific artists in town to create beautiful fetish photographs with, Several closets full of the finest and most intoxicating fetish wear, I could go on ad nauseam but to the point!
Thank you to everyone who took part in all this, and all of you who appreciate Me for the kinky perverted flamboyant sexual predator I am.
Thank you to the submissives who are enthusiastic and fun to play with.
I am very busy, with not only BDSM or Femdom in My life, and will be limiting the amount of new (untrained) submissives or slaves I will see each month.
Those of you who have served Me in the past four years will always go to the front of any line.  I will be allowing you to see Me this year for My birthday to pay your respects, as I have in the past, regardless of how long it has been since the last time you've seen Me. When you request appointments, I will do My best to make time for you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Some of My tastes, Some of My limits- bit of a rant.

I do not wrestle in sessions.  I am a beast, and I enjoy being a predator, manhandling, dragging a man around by his hair, etc, like any other cavewoman.  There has always been something about wrestling a man on the floor that does not suit Me, or My dominance style. To each their own.
I do trample.  I do use My weight and My muscles.  You are NOT invited to use yours, unless it is in service to Me. THAT is what I like.
I wear what I like.  I will honor a submissive's tastes and fetishes... because guess why?  If you wear 6 inch boots around a boot fetishist... you will watch him submit immediately.. and THAT IS FUN. Why would I not choose to make submission more swift ? Walking in a room in a full latex outfit makes things pretty swift.  Men are visual creatures, and can easily be controlled, manipulated and played with via their eyes... or even the restriction of their eyes.
I have been asked by a couple submissives to wear track pants. This I simply will not do. :P
I don't have to wear fetish wear to be dominant. However, when I wear fetish wear it can put Me into the right mood.

I like fetish wear.
I like what fetish wear does to other people when I wear it.

Yes I could wear whatever I like, AND SO I WILL.
I like to honor the ritual and perform it as I see fit.  Don't bring your boring, lackluster suburban sex life preferences into My life, thank you.
A priest wears robes, a nurse wears scrubs, and I wear stockings, heels and rubber.

Basically there are things in fetish that I see as degrading or distasteful and there are things I do not. I will not judge another but these are My tastes.