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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A throwback thursday and some THANKS!

I have been very busy, both with vanilla life and fetish life this year, and I am very grateful and blessed. I now have pretty much everything a gal like Me could want: A stable of sweet, caring and fun lifestyle slaves, An insanely well equipped and gorgeous Victorian style dungeon, A bunch of fun and respectful submissives to play with when My heart desires or their needs call them to Me again, The most talented and prolific artists in town to create beautiful fetish photographs with, Several closets full of the finest and most intoxicating fetish wear, I could go on ad nauseam but to the point!
Thank you to everyone who took part in all this, and all of you who appreciate Me for the kinky perverted flamboyant sexual predator I am.
Thank you to the submissives who are enthusiastic and fun to play with.
I am very busy, with not only BDSM or Femdom in My life, and will be limiting the amount of new (untrained) submissives or slaves I will see each month.
Those of you who have served Me in the past four years will always go to the front of any line.  I will be allowing you to see Me this year for My birthday to pay your respects, as I have in the past, regardless of how long it has been since the last time you've seen Me. When you request appointments, I will do My best to make time for you.