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Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Mistress, a Poem

My Mistress (Beauty of Love)

OH, there goes my mistress
Soft and delight She is
Pouring the beauty all around
When I think of her
makes me lost for hours
just in realizing, from where shall i start.
Those sparkling eyes or those gloomy cheeks
Lips which makes me breathless or the voice that gives me peace
The charm of that hug or the warmth of those hands.
Dark those long hairs or the smell coming out of them.
and when I regain my concious, with a smile on my face
I realize the beauty He has created is unbearable
For a mortal like me
May be this was the only way to fix me
Those dark days gone just like a flash
Her single sight makes my day all bright.

I feel like She is the sun of my life
whose light is so important for me
May be this is just a fantasy land
or the reality I couldn't accept yet.
I don't know or may be I don't really want to.
all just i feel is happiness all around