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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Some of My tastes, Some of My limits- bit of a rant.

I do not wrestle in sessions.  I am a beast, and I enjoy being a predator, manhandling, dragging a man around by his hair, etc, like any other cavewoman.  There has always been something about wrestling a man on the floor that does not suit Me, or My dominance style. To each their own.
I do trample.  I do use My weight and My muscles.  You are NOT invited to use yours, unless it is in service to Me. THAT is what I like.
I wear what I like.  I will honor a submissive's tastes and fetishes... because guess why?  If you wear 6 inch boots around a boot fetishist... you will watch him submit immediately.. and THAT IS FUN. Why would I not choose to make submission more swift ? Walking in a room in a full latex outfit makes things pretty swift.  Men are visual creatures, and can easily be controlled, manipulated and played with via their eyes... or even the restriction of their eyes.
I have been asked by a couple submissives to wear track pants. This I simply will not do. :P
I don't have to wear fetish wear to be dominant. However, when I wear fetish wear it can put Me into the right mood.

I like fetish wear.
I like what fetish wear does to other people when I wear it.

Yes I could wear whatever I like, AND SO I WILL.
I like to honor the ritual and perform it as I see fit.  Don't bring your boring, lackluster suburban sex life preferences into My life, thank you.
A priest wears robes, a nurse wears scrubs, and I wear stockings, heels and rubber.

Basically there are things in fetish that I see as degrading or distasteful and there are things I do not. I will not judge another but these are My tastes.