Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, New You

An erotic story for spankos and Ms. Devlynn's slave d.

My name is Tabbi. Yes, I know, I know……. like the cat. Ok, my actual name is Tabitha but I can’t remember anyone every calling me that. Well, except for my mom sometimes when I was a kid. She would then use my middle name as well, “Tabitha Marie!” Whenever I heard that I knew that I was in trouble for something. I seemed to get into trouble a lot as a kid. I was kind of a wild child. I’m 27 years old now and actually kind of boring. I sometimes miss that little untamed girl. But, we all have to grow up right? Anyhow, I have straight brown shoulder length hair with matching brown eyes. I have smooth fair skin. Thank GOD I almost never get pimples any more. I’m five foot six and 137 lbs. sadly that is about thirteen pounds more than my college weight. My breasts are kind of small but my butt, thighs and stomach are starting to put on a little more padding than I would like. I snack WAY too much while watching tv. I especially LOVE chocolate ice cream! I think I like ice cream better than sex. My girlfriends tell me that it’s because I always attract jerks for boyfriends. They may have a point. Still, I think I’m pretty.  And I’m actually fairly smart, I think…..,  but my best friend tells me that I’m a classic under achiever. I’m not sure if I totally agree with her but there is some truth to it. I do have a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a decent job, well…. maybe not so good. But it does pay well, or then again…….Ok, so things could be better. Alright, maybe a LOT better. I frequently come up with excellent ideas for my firm but my creepy team leader always manages to present them to upper management as his own. I actually cannot recall him EVER coming up with any useful ideas or strategies. So, as I came to the realization that my job was going nowhere,  my youth was slipping away and my once petite head turning body was expanding I found myself falling into a state of listless despair.

Thankfully because of a chance encounter with an old high school friend at a holiday party this was about to change!  The last time I had seen her she too was a little rounder, a little softer and maybe a little sadder than she had been in our youth. But, that day I almost didn’t recognize her! She walked with self assurance: back straight, shoulders and head held high, confident smile, a happy gleam in her eyes. She looked almost like she was 18 again but with mature poise and self confidence! She had the same lithe athletic body that she had when we played on our high school soccer team. She was GORGEOUS! She immediately recognized me and made her way through the crowd to join me. Before I could speak she embraced me in a hug. Then gently stepping away looked back into my eyes. “Hi Tabbi! It’s been a long time! I’m so happy to see you!” “Hi Julie! You’re looking….…beautiful!” “Thank you Tabbi! I have changed since you saw me last haven’t I?” “Yes, you look GREAT!” “I feel great! Would you like to know how?” A little hesitantly I replied, “Ok…. sure.” “I met this wonderful woman! She changed my life! Actually she transformed me into a new woman! Here’s her card. You should call her!”

I took the card. “New Year, New You. Behavior Modification Specialists at the Desade Academy.”
It had a web address and a phone number. I looked up from the card. Julie emphasized. “You really SHOULD call them Tabbi. But, let me warn you it was pretty intense and at times even painful. But, OH the results are SO worth it Tabbi! Please tell me you’ll call?” I agreed that I would at least call them. What could that hurt? Suddenly someone else caught Julie’s attention. She told me that she’d see me later on.

The party went by in a blur. As usual I drank too much and woke up with a terrible headache. But then I remembered the card and my conversation with Julie came back to me. “What the heck. I’m going to give it a try.” It was Sunday, so I went on line. I found the application and a brief description of the program. I filled it out and scheduled my appointment for 7:00pm Tuesday. That gave me the rest of that day and the next to prepare.

The day came! I was very nervous! Maybe fear of the unknown? I arrived; the office was located in a small, very well maintained house in a historic section of the city. I walked to the door. It had an old fashioned twist ringer instead of a door bell. I twisted it a few times and waited. Within moments I could hear faint foot falls on a wooden surface, then the sound of the dead bolt sliding back into its recess and the door opened. There she was! The woman who would change my life! She had inquisitive, penetrating eyes. I met them for a moment but their intensity quickly overwhelmed me forcing me to look away. She was wearing a white physician’s lab coat, black slacks and matching shiny black medium heeled shoes.  She was very fit, about my height with lovely braided hair the color of whipped honey pulled back tightly into a luxurious pony tail. She had soft, full, pink lips and a flawless complexion. She was beautiful! She spoke softly but assuredly with just a hint of southern drawl. “Hello,  Tabbi?” “Yes. That’s me.” “From this point on whenever you address me you will finish with: Ms. Devlynn or Ma’am. Is that understood?” Taken aback, I was momentarily speechless. She prompted, “Well.” “Yes, Ms. Devlynn.” “Very good, please follow me.” She led me up a flight of stairs and into a spacious, warmly decorated living room. She had me take a seat on her couch. She sat in a plush chair directly opposite. She was holding a clip board and got immediately to business. “I have read your application and have concluded that I shall allow you into my program. It seems that there is nothing wrong with you but for lack of self discipline, motivation and self confidence. Correcting these issues is my specialty.” She stood and handed me a clipboard. On it was a small booklet. “This is your contract. You will read it. Should you agree to the terms you will sign, initial and date in all places where indicated. The total cost of the course will be $750 for three sessions plus $270 for the course itself. $340 is due at the beginning of each month’s session. Should you opt to cancel out of the course for any reason before completing the course in its entirety you agree to not only pay the remainder of the full cost of the course and any remaining sessions but there will be a $500.00 early termination fee assessed as well. I know, this may sound extreme. But, it ensures that my patients are truly sincere. MY time is EXTREMELY valuable. I will NOT have it wasted! Is that understood?” “Yes, Ms. Devlynn.”  “Very good. Please let me know if you have any questions as you read through your contract.”

The contract was several pages in length. I started reading thoroughly at first but then thought, “
This will take FOREVER to read.” So I started skimming through it, slowing for any areas that seemed to be critical. But, my friend recommended the course. And her results sold me. So, I took a leap of faith, signed, initialed and dated all the areas where required then handed the clipboard back to Ms. Devlynn. Very quickly she flipped through the pages making sure that all was in order. Then looking up, “I’m very pleased to have you as my patient. The first part of the program is a COMPLETE physical. So, stand up and follow me.” That took me a little by surprise, a physical? Noting my slight hesitation Ms. Devlynn prompted. “Don’t be alarmed. I’m a certified Physicians Assistant.” Immediately responding to her prompt I stood, “Yes, Ms. Devlynn.”

She led me out of the living room, up another flight of stairs and into her examination room. Turning to me she commanded, “Strip to your bra and panties. Then neatly fold your clothes and place them on the chair beside the examination bench. Then be seated on the bench.  I will return in a moment so be quick.” With that she turned and left the room closing the door behind. I hadn’t expected this. My heart was racing! But then I thought of my friend and how much the program had done for her. That strengthened my resolve. I stripped and folded my clothes as instructed and after placing my shoes beneath the chair hopped up on the examination table. At least the room was nice and warm. Momentarily the door opened. Ms. Devlynn entered, “Stand please.” I did as instructed. “I’m first going to record your measurements and then take a few photographs.” Possibly seeing my eyes widen at the mention of photographs Ms. Devlynn replied, “Don’t worry. They will be completely confidential. But they are a requirement of the program. Turn around, stand up straight and stick your arms out to your sides.” I meekly replied, “Yes, Ms. Devlynn.” She had an aura. I found that I was quickly becoming almost hypnotized by her. I felt her hands reach around my front with the measuring tape. I then felt her soft hands smooth the tape around my bottom. Unexpectedly I felt a little twinge of arousal. Ms. Devlynn noted,  “40 inches. We’ll trim at least three inches from that I suspect.” In a slightly embarrassed and quite voice, “Yes, Ms. Devlynn, thank you.” Next she did my waist. “27 inches”. My chest was still about the same at 36 inches. Apparently I was expanding from the bottom up I thought miserably. Noticing my down cast eyes my care taker spoke in her spellbinding voice. “Don’t be sad. That is why you came to me. We’ll take care of this together.” “Thank you, Ms. Devlynn.” She then took some pictures of me from the front, side and behind.
“Now come and stand on the scale.” I was still 137 pounds. At least I hadn’t packed any more on since I had last weighed myself. She asked my height. I told her. “Ok, have a seat on the examination table.” “Yes, Ms. Devlynn.” She took my temperature, blood pressure and pulse. All were good. Next she examined my mouth, eyes and ears. She listened to my heart and my breathing. She checked my reflexes. I was finally starting to feel somewhat comfortable. At least I was not horribly embarrassed any longer as I sat there in only my underwear. “Ok, lie down on your back for me Tabbi.” I did as ordered. She flexed my hip and knee joints a few times. Satisfied she moved on to the next part of the exam which was some kind of abdominal exam. She started pressing in on my stomach with her warm soft and gentle hands. It felt a little odd but at the same time somewhat arousing. Accidently I let out a soft moan. “Oh, I’m sorry, am I hurting you?” A little breathlessly I replied, “No, Ms. Devlynn. I’m ok.” “Ok, let me know if anything hurts.” “Yes Ms. Devlynn.” She finished the abdominal exam.  “Ok sit up Tabbi, for the next part of the examination I will need for you to remove your bra and panties.” I could feel my eyes widen, I felt like I had just swallowed a glass of ice water! “It’s ok Tabbi, I’ve done these exams hundreds of times.” Looking down I replied,”Yes, Ms Devlynn”. Obediently I pushed myself up into sitting position and turned to let my feet dangle over the side of the bed. I then proceeded to unfasten my bra. Once removed Ms. Devlynn ordered, “Hand it to me please.” Avoiding eye contact I placed it in her palm. While walking to the chair with my other clothes she prompted, “Now, stand and remove your panties.” I complied but instinctually held them down covering myself in an effort to preserve a little modesty. Ms. Devlynn returned extending her right hand palm up. I placed the garment in her hand. She then walked over and placed them on top of the pile of clothing as well. “Hop back up on the table please.” Immediately I pushed myself back up. She approached. Feeling extremely self conscious all of the sudden I closed my eyes. Then I was startled by warm soft hands cupping my right breast from the top and bottom. She squeezed firmly but gently being sure to feel all areas of the breast. I forgot to breath. Ms. Devlynn noticed. “Are you OK Tabbi?” “Yes, Ms. Devlynn,” was all I could manage. Her hands then moved to the left and it too received the same firm but gentle kneading.  I was concentrating now. I didn’t want to accidently let out another moan. But, her touch was wonderful! “Open your eyes please.” She was holding open a hospital gown before me and said, “I’m going to allow you to put this on. Put your arms through but leave it untied in the back.” Barely able to speak I replied quietly, “Yes, Ms. Devlynn,” and slid my arms in.  “Ok, now turn and slide down and place your feet in the stirrups.” Oh, I was shivering! “Relax Tabbi, it’s ok.” Her soothing voice calmed me.  I did as instructed. Once my feet were in position I could feel cool air between my legs. I was so nervous! Ms. Devlynn took position and instructed, “Slide your bottom down more please Tabbi.” I complied. I could feel my bottom hanging just over the edge of the table now. “That’s good. Now be still.” Suddenly I felt soft, gloved fingers parting me. I didn’t dare breath for fear of moaning again! I closed my eyes tightly.  Then I felt two fingers slide inside me and another hand press down on my stomach. I took in a sharp breath. “I’m sorry, did that hurt?” “No, Ms. Devlynn, I’m fine Ma’am.” “Ok, please take some slow deep breaths for me. You’re doing fine. I’m almost finished.” The probing fingers slid out then, “I’m going to insert a speculum now. Just relax Tabbi.” “Yes, Ms. Devlynn”, I mumbled. I felt a little pressure then it slid inside. Oh, these things feel so weird! I could feel it opening inside me. I forgot to breathe again. “Please continue with the slow deep breathing Tabbi.” After a few more moments I felt the pressure decrease as the jaws of the speculum were closed and felt it slide out of me.  Then I felt a cool damp rubbing sensation as Ms. Devlynn cleaned me with a disposable napkin. “Ok, I’m done. Well, with the exception of a little excess weight you’re in perfect health Tabbi. I’m going to leave you now. Please get dressed. Leave the gown neatly folded on the exam bench and then meet me downstairs where we’ll discuss the program further and I’ll give you the program syllabus.” “Yes, Ms. Devlynn.”I replied. But I couldn’t meet her eyes. I was feeling incredibly vulnerable and a little bewildered and confused because I think I actually enjoyed the exam.  Ms. Devlynn noticed that something was wrong, “I’m here for you Tabbi. You came to me for help and that is exactly what I’m going to do. It will be tough, but in two months time you will be a new woman I promise.”

She left the room closing the door behind. I quickly got dressed and joined her in the reception room. When I entered she ordered, “Have a seat on the couch. Here is your syllabus and program package. In it you will find a list of rules and directives for you to follow over the next month. It also outlines an exercise routine and diet regimen. You have also been given a health recording device called a fitbit tracker. You will wear it around your wrist at all times. It will be used to record your progress and upload by wifi to your computer automatically. From there it will upload to a web app where I can track your progress as well.  I will also have you install an app that works in conjunction with the fitbit that will allow you to make healthy food choices. You must only select food options that the app allows. You will record each meal over the course of the day into the fitbit. Also, over the next month you will be required to walk at least two miles every day, more if you like. The following month we will add a more complex exercise routine. Sleep is also very important for a healthy lifestyle. The first month you will be required to be in bed by 10:00pm every night.” I was starting to feel a little dazed. What had I gotten into? “Look at me Tabbi. I’m serious. Don’t you waste my time! I can transform you into a new woman. But, you have to be willing to obey me and stick with the program as outlined. Are you ready for this?” Looking into her intense eyes I was a little frightened. But, at the same time I could sense that she actually cared about me. Oh, that did it! I could feel my eyes watering. No I thought. Don’t cry! But it was too late. Tears started overflowing my eye lids. I replied, “Yes, Ms. Devlynn. I’m ready. Please help me?” “Very good, Please stand up, I’m going to dismiss you now.” I stood. Tears were streaming down my face now. Ms. Devlynn had struck a deep emotional chord in me. She motioned me to her. I walked over. She embraced me tightly. I closed my eyes and stood gently sobbing for maybe a minute. “It’s ok dear. This course will be tough but you’ll make it through. I’ll see to that.” Eventually my tears dried up.  Ms. Devlynn gave me a tissue to clean my face and led me to the door.

When I got home I went over my rules. They were draconian! But I remembered how Ms. Devlynn really seemed to care about my well being and vowed to give it my best shot.

The first week was tough. I did manage to get my minimum two miles in each day and even avoided eating any junk food. I’m pretty sure I was in bed by 10:00 each night too. The 2nd went fairly well too. Oh how I missed ice cream though! It didn’t make my list! The weekend of the 2nd week though I had a minor setback. One of my friends at work invited me out for drinks after work on Friday. I knew that I shouldn’t. Alcohol was definitely NOT on the approved list for the first month! Then I thought, how will the fitbit know that I’ve been drinking? So, I went out. Oh, I was bad that night! I had three mixed drinks and two glasses of wine AND I drove home! In addition I didn’t get to bed until 1:00am! The next day I woke up, hung over and feeling lousy. I vowed to get back on the program, but not that day. I was feeling sad or more like it sorry for myself. So, remembering that I had some ice cream in the fridge that might go bad, I finished that. The third week I was pretty much on the program. I may have had SOME junk food? But mostly I got to bed on time and got my minimum two miles walking in all but for Wednesday night. I was simply too tired to go out for a walk that evening. That Saturday evening I was invited out for a few drinks again! I slipped off the program once more but this time only had three mixed drinks and no wine. I did make it to bed by 11:00 though. Not too much beyond my curfew. And this time I did at least ride there and back with friends.

Finally the fourth weekend arrived and with it my next scheduled session. I was somewhat nervous because I knew that I had cheated a little. But not too much right? If Ms. Devlynn figured it out I was sure that I could explain that it was only a little cheat and that it will never happen again.

On arrival I once again twisted the ringer. Then I waited and waited and waited…... Three minutes passed….. five minutes, six….. I started thinking, “is this the right day?” I’m sure it was. I had the card in my pocket. I took it out.  It showed that I was on time and on the correct day. I reached for the ringer again but just as I touched it the latch forcefully clicked back into position. The abruptness caused my hand to jump back reflexively as if it had been burned! The door opened. I could tell by the expression on Ms. Devlynn’s face that something was TERRIBLY wrong. I spoke, “Hi Ms. Devlynn….” She did NOT say hi back. Instead, “Go upstairs this instant and KNEEL on the floor before MY chair! I’ll be with you shortly. Don’t you dare speak another word!” Oh my god. What had I done? Quickly I climbed the stairs without looking back. I knelt before her chair. About two LONG minutes passed before I heard her climbing the staircase. I could feel my pulse racing. My hands were shaking! I was terrified! I heard her slow methodical steps approaching across the wooden floor in my direction. My eyes were wide open from fright. I closed them. I couldn’t take this! I heard her steps nearing and then the gentle squeak of the springs as she sat back into her chair. I kept my eyes closed. I swear I thought I could hear her breathing! Finally she spoke. “Look at me!” I did. Her lovely eyes now held nothing but menace and anger. I felt like I would melt under her gaze! Immediately tears started pooling and flowing from my eyes. I couldn’t help it. What had I done? “Crying won’t help you! Do you think I’m stupid! Are you wanting to waste my time!?” I couldn’t form any words in reply. I was frozen in terror. “Well, speak up!”
I lost it. I started blubbering like a baby. “I’m sooorrrrrrryyyyy Ms de Devlynn!!!” “For what! You haven’t even heard what I’m mad about yet! Would you like to know?” “YeyeYessss, M..Ma’ammmm?”
“Well, let’s just go over what I have on my clip board for starters and then I have some questions for you in regards to what is missing from the records. You did know that I’d be tracking your progress right?” Actually I had forgotten about that. Then it came back to me!  She had told me that she would be following my progress from the web! OH NO! I replied, “Yes, Ma’am.””Well, I have your records from day one until yesterday. I have made a tally of your delinquencies. All total I have so far counted ten! Three days you did NOT do your two mile walk at all. So having missed six miles that will mean six licks!” It occurred to me, Licks, what does she mean by licks? She noticed the look of surprise on my face. “You don’t know what I’m talking about do you?” Hesitantly I replied, “ I don’t think so Ma’am, I’m sorry!” “I’ll refresh your memory. On page six ,paragraph three of the contract it states: “Failure to adhere strictly to the rules and program as outlined in the syllabus may result in corporal punishment to be administered to the students nude bottom in the form a spanking by the instructors bare hand, a wooden paddle or a caning with a rattan cane. The choice of implement and number of strikes are at the discretion of the course instructor, not to exceed thirty strikes per punishment session for a first offense.”

I was struck dumb. My eyes glazed over in horror! A spanking with a paddle or a caning! I hadn’t been spanked since I was probably about five years old! And then it was just a few slaps on the butt to get my attention. AND it was not to bare skin! What could I do!  I was unable to speak. She continued. “The next offenses are for times that you clearly did not get to bed by 10:00pm. You see the fitbit records your sleep patterns. I can tell whether or not you were in bed on time.” Turning her clip board so that I could see she pointed to two dates highlighted on a calendar. “This Friday you did not get to bed until at least 1:00am! That is three hours late and three licks! This Saturday it seems that you did not get to bed until 11:00pm. That is an additional lick! So that’s ten licks! How many more you receive will be based on how honest you are with me to my next questions.  So to start, tell me about this Friday.” It all came back to me. Oh my god! Do I tell her the truth? I looked into her eyes. I knew she could tell if I was lying. I decided that I had better just be honest. I explained about the night out AND the five drinks. “I appreciate your honesty. For that I will only assess one lick for each offense. Now, did you drive yourself home?” Oh, my god! What do I say? I sighed and replied. “Yes, Ma’am.” “You drove yourself home? Do you realize how screwed you would be if you got a DUI OR if you hurt someone!?” I couldn’t answer that. Of course it would be HORRIBLE! She shook her head in disbelief then spoke quietly but seriously. “That could ruin your life Tabbi. I’m adding ten licks for this offense. Ok, what about this Saturday?” I confessed to the three additional drinks. But at least I did not drive that night. So, all told I was sentenced to Twenty-eight licks! Oh, My GOD! I was petrified!

Sternly she pronounced, “You will go upstairs to the examination room and strip. And I mean take off EVERYTHING! Then stand in the center of the room, hands at your sides facing away from the door! GO NOW!!!!” Her intensity struck me like a bolt of electricity! Jumping up I  replied, “Yes Ma’am!” And wanting to get away from her terrifying presence I practically flew up the stairs!
I knew that I could not get out of this. I had signed the contract. So on autopilot, without thinking what lie in store I stripped before fear could take over and make me run to my car! Then obediently I stood in the center of the room facing from the door. I don’t know how long I stood there but it seemed like HOURS. Finally I heard her ascending the stairs and shortly thereafter the door closed. I was too scared to move! I continued staring ahead, hands to my sides.  She stood behind me for several moments before speaking. “Go stand on the scale please Tabbi.” She spoke authoritatively but without anger. Perhaps she noticed that I was trembling like a terrified animal. Unsteadily I walked to and stepped on the scale. She came beside me. “134! Congratulations Tabbi! You lost three pounds!” I felt my hart skip a beat. Maybe she was going to forgo my punishment? Elated at the return of her encouraging voice I replied, “Yes Ma’am, Thank you Ma’am!” “That’s wonderful Tabbi! Now let’s measure you. Step back off of the scale and stick your arms out to your sides.” I could feel my pulse slowing dramatically. Maybe I wasn’t in trouble any longer? Obediently I stuck my arms out to my sides. I felt the tape measure wrapped around and smoothed back measuring my bottom. “38 inches, Very good Tabbi!” My waist was 25 and a quarter inches. “Very nice Tabbi!” Next she measured my chest. It still remained at 36 inches. But I really didn’t expect much change there anyway. I’ve had a 36inch chest sine I was 18 at least.

“Ok, you have improved. That’s wonderful! But, you could have done better. And some of your behavior over the past month was VERY risky. So, I DO have to administer your punishment now. I’m not mad any longer Tabbi. This punishment is necessary though in order to complete your transformation. You see, most of us avoid change. Change is hard. Change can even hurt sometimes. So, although we may have good intentions, ultimately most will fall back into their old habits because they are familiar and easy and are the path of least resistance. My job is to make it abundantly clear that reverting back to your old slovenly, unhealthy and risky forms of behavior is NOT the path of least resistance. When I am done today you will think twice before EVER deviating from the program again I assure you. Let’s get on with it.  Tabbi, I want you to go to the wall and place your hands shoulder width apart at eye level against it. Go now.” I was terrified, but her calming demeanor made it at least possible for me to move. I obediently walked to the wall. She joined me. “Step your feet back away from the wall about three feet Tabbi.” I couldn’t speak. My hands were shaking. I pressed them harder against the wall. Not wanting to bring out the anger from Ms. Devlynn I slid my feet back further. “Very good, now spread your feet wider than your shoulders…..A little more. Good. Tabbi, this is going to be a very intense paddling. But under NO circumstances are you to allow your hands to come away from the wall. Do you understand me?” I was overdosing on adrenalin now! I felt light headed! I forced the words to come out of my mouth but they were a little breathless. “Yessss, Ma’ammmm!”
She walked from me to a wall FILLED with all manner of whips, paddles and things I have never seen before. None of which looked very pleasant! She selected what looked like a thick wooden yardstick. It was deep reddish brown with a white handle and about three feet long. As she walked back to my side she explained. “This is my cocobolo yard stick paddle. It is very dense and hard and it inflicts a severe sting. But it will not do extensive bruising. Now, listen carefully to what I have to say. You are to remain perfectly still as I administer your punishment.  You are going to receive 28 swatts. Immediately following each you will count out loud: One Ma’am, Two Ma’am and so forth until the last is administered. Do you understand me?” I forced out a reply, “Yes, Ma’am!” Due to my fright level it came out a little forcefully and loud but she didn’t react. “Very well, are you ready dear?” I could feel my eyes tearing up already. “Yes, Ma’am!” I closed my eyes and held my breath………………………………. CRACK!!!!!  OH MY GOD!!!!! I had never felt anything like it before! The sting was HORRIBLE!!!! But I did remember my instructions at least. “ONE MA’AM!!!!“ My knees were shaking. I pressed my hands as hard as I could against the cool surface of the wall. CRACK!!!!! “AHHHAAA!!!! TWO MA’AM!!!!” ……CRACK!!!! “THREE MA’AM!!!!” My voice raised an octave with each terrible lick! …..CRACK!!!!! I howled “OWWWW!!!! FOUR MAAAA’AM!!!”....CRACK!!!! “FIVE MA’AM!!!!!!” ……CRACK!!!!! That was IT!  I screamed, my legs collapsed under me and then I had a mini break down. “I’m sorrrryyyy MA’AM!!!!! Please no MORE???? I’m so SORRYY!!!!” I stayed with my hands against the wall, butt squatted down to my feet, shaking and sobbing like a lost child. I was in a world of never before imagined fiery sting! In a surprisingly sympathetic voice Mistress Devlynn came to my side. “Give me your hand Tabbi.” I looked up into her eyes. I could barely see they were so blurry with tears. Shakily I reached out to her. She took it pulling me to standing. “Come with me.” She led me to a black padded bench. It looked somewhat like a thin black padded picnic table. She guided me up into it and had me place my knees into two padded planks lower but parallel to a long padded center beam. She then had me bend down and place my elbows into two more padded, recessed planks at the front of the bench. “In order to complete your spanking I’m going to secure you in the whipping bench. Otherwise I’m afraid you might move and cause me to accidently hurt you.” With that I felt leather straps pulled tightly and secured around each leg just behind the knee and then each arm at the elbow. I was now lying with my stomach and face pressed against a soft padded bench with my butt protruding from one end totally unable escape my impending punishment! Oh, NO I thought, it’s still not over!!!  “You’re getting rather loud so I’m going to gag you. Open your mouth dear.” Obediently I opened up. A rubber ball on a strap was shoved inside. Ms. Devlynn quickly secured it to the back of my head. I tried pushing on it with my tongue. I could barely budge it. “Tabbi, I’m going to finish your punishment. You’ve been very brave but I was asking too much of you to stand for this many licks. You don’t need to count any longer either. It will be over soon dear.” Terrified of the coming pain I squeezed my hands as tightly as I could, gritted my teeth and closed my eyes. Then………... “CRACK!!!!!......CRACK!!!!!! ……CRACK!!!!!! ……CRACK!!!!!  After the fourth I was squealing and sobbing through my gag and kicking against my restraints but to no avail. The punishment continued. CRACK!!!!!.....CRACK!!!!!......CRACK!!!!........ I seemed to fall into a mild state of shock as the explosive stings continued to rain down on my unprotected and soft bottom!  “CRACK!!!!!......CRACK!!!!! …….CRACK!!!!!! …… Eventually I lost count....... then….. it was over.  I felt like I had been sitting in boiling water! OH it BURNED so BAD!!!! I could feel the skin swelling and tightening!!!! As I regained some of my senses I continued to quietly sob into my gag then opening my blurry eyes I noticed a silvery string of drool stretching from my mouth to the floor. I became aware that my feet were feebly and gently kicking up and down. Then a soothing voice was at my side and a gentle hand was rubbing my shoulder. “It’s over dear. Lie still. I’m going to clean you up.” I felt the strap of the gag being untied. “Open up Tabbi.” Obediently I opened my mouth. The gag was popped out. I was SPENT. A few moments later I felt a soft, wet, cooling, soothing cloth press against my abused scalded bottom. Ms Devlynn then proceeded to massage my bottom with the moist towel. The soft cloth slid around and between my cheeks gently rubbing and cleaning me thoroughly. Oh I LOVED this! My sobbing transitioned to soft easy breathing as I lay there relishing the soft swirling and rubbing sensation on my bottom and most private parts. I no longer cared about modestly. I was in such a dazed but blissful state that nothing else mattered. When finished Ms. Devlynn unstrapped me then helped me up. She asked if I was ok to get dressed. I was still unsteady, my face soaked by tears. She took me into her arms. I collapsed exhaustedly into them and softly cried some more. She held onto me until I had regained enough composure to stand on my own. Then releasing me she told me to dress and meet her downstairs. When I made it to the second floor Ms. Devlynn explained that with all of her students the second month’s progress was dramatically better than the first month. We talked for a little while longer. She added some more exercises to my routine and then led me to the door. There she gave me a warm parting hug and wished me well until next time.

That was over a year ago. Ms. Devlynn’s tough love and the shock of that SEVERE spanking lit a fire in me. Literally! I was from then on able to stay diligently with the program. Within two months I reached my target weight of 125 pounds. My hips slimmed back down to an eye turning 36 inches. I am much more confident; I finally stood up to my creepy team leader and demanded that he give me credit for my ideas. At first I thought it might get me into trouble with my company but instead I received a ten percent raise! I still haven’t found that perfect boy friend but does one really exist? At least I don’t let them walk over me any longer. I do still go back to Ms. Devlynn about every other month though. I LOVE how she keeps me in line! But now they’re just over the knee “booster” spankings. She’s never had to give me another like the first!

Thank you Ms. Devlynn!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Censorship: It Didn't work then and It won't work now.

Great Britain has always had its fair share of perverts.  In fact, over a decade ago I had a quick stint as a phone sex operator to a line that advertised only to British fellows.  I talked to them about their country as well as their cocks, and they told Me the British stereotype of the American woman is actually one of prudish, wait-till-marriage holiness.  They loved My accent.
The UK has recently passed a new law governing the production of porn outlawing certain BDSM acts we all adore, along with some random things that apparently offend them, among the most hilarious, female ejaculation.  This affects some of the brightest and most fabulous women I know, who work extremely hard creating fetish content for the masses who want it.  People like the imaginative and inspiring Mistress Miranda.  This stuff is ART to Me and to some of the people who create it and peruse it as well.
So to commend Great Britain in its inability to remove the large stick from its ass, (or possibly to just move it around a little and make it more comfortable) I would love to call everyone's attention to Britain's LONG HISTORY in the production of fetish content and their LONG HISTORY of trying and failing to stifle such publications.
The Pearl was a tiny little hand published magazine distributed in London in the late 1800s to spanking aficionados, femdom fans, and other perverts.  The tales within are of Naughty nuns, schoolgirls who get excited being spanked, and voyeurism, along with a great deal of bawdy humor:


Mrs. Johnson, going into the cellar one day, caught her husband fucking the
servant girl. A short time after, finding that Kate was packing her boxes to leave, she
enquired the reason.
Kate.- "I couldn't think of stopping mum, after what you saw in the cellar."
Mrs. J.- "Go along girl, do you think I mind? Perhaps with what you do in the
cellar, and I do upstairs, we may keep the old whoremonger at home between us."

-the pearl, no 8.

While I look at this publication as gorgeous taste of life in that era, and a chronicle of imaginative fantasies, it was seen as terribly obscene and was outlawed.  In Australia in 2011, a man was convicted for possessing the book, as it was seen as "child exploitation material" with the coming of age stories.  Of course, this book is text on a page, ideas from a perverted brain, and no one was harmed in its making.  Perhaps of course, the consuming of this perverted material led to exploitation?  I think not.

Would you like to read more of this illegal text?  Here it is in its entirety.