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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Privacy and Discretion

PRIVACY and DISCRETION  is a two way street.
I am the keeper of secrets.  I am the one everyone trusts to tell their fantasies.  I am the one who does not judge, and has a deeper understanding of what makes men tick.  My life is fascinating, I have a dungeon, a fetish wardrobe to die for, a stable of slaves and I get to be pretty open about what a pervert I am.  I am so strange! And I don't care what anyone thinks!
However, apparently I need to tell people how discretion works.
I am a real person.
I go to the movies. I go to restaurants, I go to coffee shops.  I have vanilla friends.  There are children in My extended family who only know My vanilla work life.  I have (GASP!) a vanilla work life.
If you see Me at a movie, even if you catch Me by Myself, it is not appropriate to say, "Miss Devlynn!" or "Mistress Devlynn" any more than it would be appropriate for Me to call you out in front of your family or coworkers.  I have the right to My private vanilla time.  I do not enjoy or get off in any way on being recognized.  I am not in this for ego boost or stardom of some kind, and in fact I am a very private, reserved person.

We follow these rules in the BDSM community not only for ourselves, but out of respect to the vanilla people around us.
Only those slaves who have been trained to the appropriate behavior should approach Me in public. There are only a few of these slaves and chances are you are not one of them.
Another point about discretion.
I don't share the details of any of My training with anyone without their express permission.
I would expect the same courtesy.  If anyone who serves Me seems to have a problem keeping private what I deem private, that person will swiftly be exiled.