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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The fast track to Slavery

Hi, I'm a real person.
Your need to become My slave is palpable to you, and you have had that need even before I arrived before you.  I can understand.
However having a sane, sustainable interest in Femdom lifestyle, there is no fast track to slavery with Me.  I have learned the hard way about going full force into any relationship without considerable thought and considerable time.  It takes time to get to know you. It takes time to see if we click together.  

It takes time for Me to see if you will be a good thing in My life or a hassle.
This may seem so crazy to those on the outside of the equation. Why wouldn't I just take on any slave? They are slaves, right? They do what I tell them to... so it should work out. Unfortunately, that's lovely fantasy that I wish was true.  My slaves take a great deal of energy from Me.  In the beginning there is training and the establishment of boundaries.  Later, there is constant commitment, continued training, and a place in My life, which means, a chunk of My time, a chunk of My brain, a small piece of My heart.  
You have to be worth it.  I also think it may take a slave time to really see what I am worth to them. My "slaves" who recently met Me may fixate on My beauty, My dungeon, and My natural dominant ability.  My slaves who have been with Me for years have a much more colorful and complex appreciation for Me.