Thursday, December 17, 2015


AMNESTY, and general sweetness.

Those of you who wish to take advantage of My fabulous mood, in this most fabulous time of the year, MUST be able to follow impeccably My directions.

1. You must have seen Me for sessions sometime in the past FOUR years. It may have been a long time... so much the better as it will brighten My day.

2. You may email between the hours of 10am and 5pm.  I MAY NOT ANSWER. I AM VERY BUSY.

3. You will email something to help Me remember what time we have spent together, My name for you, or how I have abused you in the past ;).  You will then ask if you may be of service to Me THAT DAY.  You will only text if you can be of service THAT DAY.  Spontaneity and service is what this is about.

4. I will tell you if I wish for you to bring Me coffee or tea, with specific instructions. Everything will be clearly outlined to you.  You will take your lunch break that day in service to ME.

5. If you wish to also bring Me a thoughtful birthday gift you should do that!!  No crap please.  Most of you know what I like.  You are also welcome to beg Me if you wish to take Me on a shopping trip for My birthday, obviously I may not want to spend a day with you, but hey, you may have a chance.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Order of Indomitus in Florida

Get your application in for the Next ORDER of INDOMITUS Full weekend of Femdom in JANUARY!!! Make sure you don't miss it!  I had an amazing time!

"TOTALLY RECOMMENDED ! ! ! I had the honor of being a part of this Great Event and all I can say is go for it you will never regret it ! I just had the best weekend in my life !" - slave 003

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The bdsm friend zone

Its interesting and disheartening to see that bdsm culture has pretty much full absorbed the inconvenient and obsolete useless notions of romantic love that are prevalent in vanilla culture.
Throughout the bdsm world there are men and women looking for their bdsm soulmate.
Ah this magical person... they will be physically attractive to you, by your standards, which are often not even related to your own level of physical attractiveness.  For instance, obese men in their 50s who hope to be slave to young fit woman who watches what she eats and goes to gym to keep that ass up, yet have no intention of ever working out themselves.  She will apparently drink shitty beer with you and eat big greasy meals at TGI Friday's but have great skin and the body of a Goddess through some miracle. She will have her own collection of fetish wear but not mind the fact that you wear cargo pants, sneakers, and xxl t-shirts to fetish parties. After all, who doesn't get turned on by overweight middle aged men in cargo pants?
She will fulfill a list of requirements you have emotionally, in life goals, in demeanor, in hobbies, in attitude.
They will also fulfill a list of requirements you have kink wise... for instance, they will like heavy bondage, CBT, or spanking or service.  They will even approach these things the WAY you want... slutty, classy, playful, humiliating.  They will be the yin to your yang... sub to your dom or vice versa.  Oh, you are willing to try a couple new things, but you have your list and some real dealbreakers.
AND THE MOST IMPORTANT... they will want you, and like you for you, and want to play with you just because.

The play never happens.

What actually happens 99.99999 % of the time is you either never find this person, or you find something close, and they are not actually interested in you.

The entire time, you are surrounded by people you could play with but you have placed them in the BDSM friendzone.  They only fulfilled 80 percent of your list, and for some reason, (looks, personality, lack of chemistry) you're not playing with them.
I have watched this even in gay leather culture at this point, the bullshit straight society's ideas polluting what we should be having... which is a GOOD FUCKING TIME.

Loosen up and remember this was supposed to be PLAY.
Get the stick out of your ass that society put there and have some fun.  You are only hurting yourself... when there are perfectly good candidates out there to hurt you instead ;)

Put a blindfold on and forget about looks.
Buy that lady some fetish wear or toys!
Buy yourself some fucking fetish wear.... women are visually stimulated too!
Go work out if you want a buff chick.
If you want something way above your level, don't dismiss the idea of giving something in return for Her time.

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Additions to the Dungeon

Strict Heavy Duty Arm Binders from Fetters, and a new Estim CBT device. 

Boot Worship anyone??

Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm taking calls on #NiteFlirt for a VERY LIMITED TIME 1-800-To-Flirt, ext:9457515

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cincinnati's Second Annual Bondage Ball

The Governess negotiating with a newbie sub

Leatherfolk from Louisville

Fire Whipping

Local Kink Vendors

Fire Goddess

He took a good whipping from the Governess!

Couples having fun

Sublime and beautiful in bondage. My favorite

Goddess Sadie from Phoenix!!! 

I did these large 6x4 foot drawings of John Willie pinups for the evening.

Look how much fun we are having whipping his nips!

Things which I routinely dismiss Slaves over...

 "Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord splits ya..."

Including but not limited to...
  • Not valuing My time- trying to negotiate rates down or get away with something
  • Not valuing My time- millions of emails... I am too busy to be at your beck and call. 
  • Not valuing My time- no calls, no shows, last minute cancellations.
  • Not valuing My time- PHONE number is for emergencies only, not texts.
  • Not valuing My time- If I made rules for you or took the time to care about your health hold up your end of things, or pay Me for your fuckup.
  • Not valuing My time- Apologies should probably be accompanied by something real, words mean nothing to Me.
  • Not valuing My privacy- If you see Me out, you look down and leave Me alone to enjoy My life. I will do the same when I see you with your wife and kids or coworkers, you're welcome.
  • Not valuing My privacy- I provide tons of photos and information.  Don't prod Me for more, or you will be dismissed, I exist for My pleasure not yours.
  • Not playing My games- If you are in My dungeon, you will follow My rules.  If you opt out of the game, you can opt right out the door, and stay out.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Ways to Serve Me Today...

Strengthen your devotion and addiction to Me and find peace at My gorgeous feet.  I took these photos this month. I tease with a gorgeous pair of stockings and demand you worship My feet exactly how you have been trained!

I've marked a few items "NOW" for a specific fantasy I have been having lately regarding control, pain, pleasure and machines.

If your addiction is too strong, you will have to submit in person to what I want.  Welcome to slavery.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Couples Sessions

I offer many possibilities for couples who are interested in spending time in My dungeon.
Over the past few years, I have helped many Ladies get more comfortable with their dominant side. I've also had many various voyeuristic couples sessions as well.
I've even allowed new dominas to watch Me play with My slaves and submissives to show them the ropes, or maybe just for their own prurient enjoyment.  Learning is always fun!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Devil Woman

Silently she comes,
In the depth of the night,
Devouring your soul,
Taking your sight,
Leaving you breathless,
Sucking you in,
Her body all woman,
An angel of sin,
She'll never love you,
She'll never stay,
She eat's soul's all night,
And sleeps through the day,
All raven haired,
Tempestous eye's,
Bright blood red lips,
The devil in disguise,
You'll never keep her,
Or make her your wife,
So just enjoy this,
The time of your life!!!!!!!!

-Michelle Quick

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Special Treat - Time at Mistress's Feet!

Celebrate your three day weekend with a special treat - Time spent Worshipping My Beautiful Feet!

A special photoset lounging and showing off in vintage stockings and lingerie in My dungeon parlour.  Teasing you with My silk stockings, Inviting you to smell My lovely soles, and kiss My glorious toes.  Enjoy this special treat for Goddess Worshippers and Foot boys.

Friday, July 3, 2015

You are cordially invited to the Second Annual Bondage Ball... An evening of exquisite restraint.
This is the Wildest party in Cincinnati! 
"One of those rare events where almost anything goes!"
Fetish play area, Leather and Toy Vendors, DJ's spinning music all night long.

****Fetish or Formal Attire of your Finest Variety.****
If you do not come in our preferred attire, you will be Blinged at the Door by our Hostess Mistress Devlynn DeSade!

10pm, 603 pete rose way, cincinnati ohio

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Urethral Sounding

Why do we like sounding for BDSM and Femdom play?
First it's good to know there is not always pain involved. Like anal or fisting, sounding is largely about trust and being ready to be violated. Of course as with any kind of play there can be a dance on the spectrum between pleasure and pain.  Most males I have sounded describe the feeling as sensual but scary.
My personal attraction to sounding from a top perspective:

  1. Violation- We are probing a part of the body the submissive usually keeps protected.  He will have a distinct biological urge against what I am doing, and the energy he needs to keep those feelings in check will often lead him to an overwhelmingly submissive state.
  2. Steel- I love all medical and hard, shiny, sterile steel.  
  3. Virginity- See violation, above.

I am asked a lot of questions about sounding and safety by both curious submissives and curious couples.  While I admire the commitment to safety people should not be scared away from sounding play, as men have been stuffing all kinds of things into their urethras on their own.  
  • If your materials are clean and sterile, 
  • your lubricant is sterile and uncontaminated, 
  • you have purchased high quality sounds (cheaper is not better or even ok with Me regarding sounds.), AND
  • you take your time and care with sounding you will be fine.  

Training regarding both safety and technique is important. I was trained to do sounding hands on, with a male subject, and this is how I would recommend anyone learn, with a great mentor.  To book a hands on training session for couples exploration, contact Me here.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Goddess Party Highlights- part one

The slaves and servants arrived an hour early as they were instructed. Mistress Devlynn and Goddess Sadie quickly whisked them away to their posts for the evening.  There was a Butler, immaculately attired in silver silk vest and black suit for the night's festivities.  There was a Maid... but she didn't have her outfit with her... nor did she even know that would be her task for the evening!

Slave 662 was shown to the serving area for the party and ordered to undress, placing all personal items in a bag which was given the Mistress Devlynn.  There would be no flakey or ill performing maids for this party.  ON went the stockings, girdle, and tight figure formed black dress, breast forms, and a light pink wig from Mistress Devlynn's personal collection.  A frilly bouffant of cotton candy to suit the maid's proclivity for getting over-excited.  Cotton candy pink leather cuffs... and thenMistress Devlynn laid down the Maid's EXTENSIVE responsibilities for the evening.  Goddess Sadie flitted by, "What's the little bitch's name?" "Debbie or Betty? What do you think?" Mistress Devlynn asked with a few grabs and pinches at the maid's pert little excited buns.

"Betty" Both Ladies said, and laughed.
Yes there would be a lot of pinches and abuse to keep this maid on her toes all night.  Serving one woman like Mistress Devlynn is a TALL order.
Serving 15 women at the same time, now that would be quite a feat.
Needless to say mistakes were made, and swiftly corrected.

Before we all feel too sorry for this little sissy maid's dire predicament, it would be interesting to check in on the other slaves for the evening.  Early in the evening as the Beautiful Goddesses of the Evening lounged with a signature artisan cocktail or a delightful gourmet locally made dessert, chatting and perusing the Catalog of Slaves for interesting ideas, the other 3 slave boys were locked away in cages, hooded and in their slave attire.  They had all been strictly trained as to THEIR responsibilities, protocols and slave positions by Mistress Devlynn.
The Butler was clearly instructed and trained as well. Underneath his well appointed suit, his little penis was locked up tightly and kept from his wandering hands.  He greeted each Lady at the door, taking their shoes and then introducing them to the rest of the Goddesses.  He was able to massage feet, one of his great skills at pleasing women, and he also served as the Domo Sub for the party- directly under the Headmistresses should any needs arise at the party.
The Goddesses were gorgeous as they arrived one by one, with great smiles and sparkling eyes. Some had attended other parties, and some were new and looking to learn more about the Femdom lifestyle. This would be an evening of new experiences for everyone!
There is no smoking in the Dungeon.  However, there is a discreet smoking area outside and luckily there is a decent ashtray for use as well.  Many of our Goddesses enjoyed a cigarette...
slave 665 learns about ashtray service - with 6 Goddesses!

One Goddess requested to watch Mistress Devlynn give a whipping, which many of the Goddesses chimed in to join.  For some sadistic reason Mistress Devlynn had decided to chain two slaves together with nipple clamps in the middle of the room to see which one could take the most on their nipples.   Luckily for those two this seemed a worthwhile distraction so several Ladies went upstairs with Goddess Devlynn to let another slave out of the cage and use him in the whipping position.
Whipping and flogging techniques were shared, with Goddess Sadie helping new Ladies learn, and dragon tails, floggers, and whips were all tried on for size.  The slave was well trained (of course!) and filled with gratitude, which he expressed with a lot of fun noises and some "Thank you Goddesses". Goddess Devlynn tends to invite this particular slave because of his general pliability and of course RELIABILITY.

Friday, June 12, 2015


LAST chance to RSVP 

or request slave placement in My High Protocol Goddess Party  
is JUNE 15.



Thursday, June 11, 2015


A High Protocol Private Femdom Party.

June 20, 7:30pm, at the DeSade Academy

An Evening of Pure Elegance and Debauchery for Femdom Devotees and Explorers.

FEATURING Expert Guidance in the Arts of BDSM...

Goddess Sadie Hawkins (AZ)

Goddess Victoria Sapphire (NY)

Goddess Devlynn DeSade (OH)

This is a high protocol party focused on Femdom. Formal attire is preferred for Goddess guests. Slave or submissive attire will be specified by Goddesses to submissives and slaves via our final invitation and instructions to the party. Wine, other beverages and light oeur d'oeuvres will be served.

Goddesses are both welcome and encouraged to bring their own property to this party, however slaves or submissives will be required to attend early and will be subject to a quick training on protocols of this party. All slaves and submissives are also required to fill out an application to serve, detailing for all attending Goddesses what sort of service they may provide, limitations in service, photography consent or nonconsent, etc.

Limits, safety, and consent always paramount.

To LEARN more about HIGH Protocol and why we enjoy it:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Goddess Party Slave Application

This is an application for all those who wish to serve in the "s" role at Mistress Devlynn DeSade's High protocol Goddess party on June 20th. Before you take the time to fill this out, make sure you are available on that date from 7pm to possibly 1am at the latest.

As a slave, you still must offer consent for play. your limits and safety WILL be respected. However I have a few requirements: you will be required to provide and wear MY preferred attire. This is somewhat negotiable and easy- but important because as a slave it is your goal to add to the evening and impress the Goddesses. you must be at My dungeon at 7:15 promptly. you must learn the basic high protocol positions and basic slave etiquette from Me at that time, get outfitted, etc. you may be caged or otherwise restrained or made to wait in the dungeon for use. OTHER than these requirements you are allowed a great deal of leeway. BE SURE to be open about your fantasies- they may line up in some way for Me to make something fabulous happen.


Your Name:

What is your experience with BDSM?
*Have you been to other BDSM events, if so mention them:

*Can you provide a reference within the community?

What is your opinion of Femdom lifestyle?
What do you consider your place or most comfortable role in the BDSM/fetish lifestyle?
What type of kinky activities would you possibly be comfortable exploring? (check any that apply, please distinctly mark with several x's your favorites.)
Butler service
CB Bondage
Clamps and Clips
Dildo Training
Dildo Worship
Full Transformation
Hair Pulling
House of Gord style bondage and use
Mother/Daughter Roleplay
Mother/Son Roleplay
Nipple Play
Nipple Torture
Partial Bondage
Partial Transformation
Pet Play
Physical Humiliation
Predicament Bondage
Prisoner Roleplay
Saline Infusion
Sex Change (Simulated, of course)
Sissy Maid Training
Slut Training
Symbolic Bondage
Teacher/Student Roleplay
Vaccum Beds
Verbal Humiliation (mild)
Verbal Humiliation (Severe)
Water Sports
*Special skills of Note: (Impress Me!)

Health Issues We should know about:
Additional comments/ fantasies/ serving requirements (i.e. already owned, significant other rules)

Friday, May 1, 2015

"Thank you for such a great time. 
I can still feel the sting on my backside when I got into the shower this morning.

My submission to you was like no other experience I have never had. WOW!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Organ Grinder's Ball

A lovely weekend in Cleveland for the Organ Grinder's Ball.
Here I am with Chocolate Domme!
No other photography was allowed, or I would get kicked out and badmouthed.
My favorite show of the evening was a segment involving breathplay. A lady wheeled out a submissive on a little trolley. He was in a gas mask and the tube was connected to her panties. They did the cutest little show!
Some real kinksters were running around, but as this is a open party there was also a ton of vanilla people.  Hilariously a vanilla guy was hitting on Me and said, "What are you into?"
I didn't want to ruin his entire life, so I said, "I'm into being treated like a Goddess, worshipped..."  He said, "Aren't all women like that?"


Monday, April 13, 2015

Don't listen to what society tells you.
It is perfectly natural for you to feel submissive to Me.
It is perfectly natural for these feelings of submission to excite you.
I am not your toy.
It is your desire to be Mine.

In your worship of Me you will find peace.
In your devotion there is calm.
In your service there will be elation.
You will find that letting go and letting Goddess was the best gift you gave yourself this year.

Friday, April 10, 2015

What is your Fee? Kink costs.

As a professional Domina I charge an hourly rate for My sessions.
I rarely have anyone balk at or question My rates.  At this point the breadth of My dungeon itself, My experience, expertise and training tend to do the talking for Me.  This is exciting and of course if anyone has been watching over the past 5 years, this was no small feat. I travel throughout the year to learn more, extend My experience, and I invest thousands of dollars every year into both training and the new equipment.
I was sitting talking last night to some young Ladies who are also into the kink scene, one very experienced switch and one slightly less experienced Domme.
I personally CAME into this world through the door of LEATHER.  In the Leather community, many years of learning, teaching and work have went into developing protocols and social mores that protect both the dominant and the submissive.  Living the lifestyle for years means our amazing predecessors have went to the trouble of working out a lot of our kinks for us!
Recently Mistress Evilyne extolled the virtues of one such practice, aftercare, in her blog.  This is worthwhile reading, and the health and well being of the slave or submissive are always cared for within the Leather lifestyle.  Slaves and subs HAVE been mistreated and I have also heard the horror stories, dislocated shoulders, bad burns, all manner of crazy women have caused crazy shit to happen in the name of BDSM.  It is important to have concern here.  If you are new to domination it would be good at the most basic level to know about this.
It would be even better of course for you to have a mentor.
There is a great deal about domination that you cannot learn from books or youtube.  There is even more about domination that you cannot learn until you have been doing it for years, day in and day out.  That's the knowledge and experience that a good mentor can provide.

HERE is a vital nugget of information no one seems to be talking about however.
Domination is energy play, and physical play.
It has a toll on the person administering it, depending on your personal beliefs, this toll is emotional, physical, and spiritual.
I used to regularly spend entire evenings or days or even weekends topping people one after the other. Personally I called this "the Domme Crucible".  I put Myself to My limits, repeatedly, and gave My all.  This was a fast way to perfect My skills and learn a lot.
The day after a Crucible, however, and sometimes even several days after, was like coming down off a coke binge.  I'm sorry if this is TMI for people who would like to see Me as one dimensional fetish providing object, but I am a human being and this stuff is intense. I am not invincible.  My health and other resources are not infinite.

If you give of yourself in this way, if you provide others with something they need, you deserve something back.
In the Leather community this is why a slave or submissive would never show up empty handed to a dominant they are about to play with, even in a non-professional situation. In Sacred Kink, by Lee Harrington, this is called your FEE, fair energy exchange.
My clients who pay in dollars sometimes have the luxury of only paying with dollars and submission. Many times however they also receive a FEE that I deem appropriate AND necessary.  This may be rubbing My feet, cleaning up after a session, bringing Me something I need.  I do what I need to do to continue to sustainably do this. I don't judge My FEE at any given time and the truth is that any submissive who isn't willing to pay a dominant's FEE doesn't deserve to play. Those submissives who have played with Me for a while not only GLADLY pay My FEE, whatever it is, THEY cherish the opportunity to do so.  They know what is on the other side of the exchange and they value it.

The popularity of kink, along with the new categories of players who are just playing has glossed over many things like this.  Many young women don't know their FEE, are not well versed in Leather, and they may not even realize yet how this play will tax them.  They will have a little fun for a while but will quickly burn out or lose interest in playing. Even worse the play with no pay for their hearts will harden them and they will become the "man hating" dominas everyone hates... how do you think they got that way? When a bell swings too far one way it will always swing back.

Being dominant can often be lovely little act where we look so strong, large and invincible, untouchable, superhuman.  Some Dommes I know are pretty fucking superhuman too, which blurs everyone's vision and causes confusion.  The best slaves or submissives can respect and enjoy this and still see our humanity.

If you are a dominant, I think you should get in touch with your needs and get comfortable expressing them.  Otherwise you will be draining yourself for other people's pleasure, and that is completely unsustainable.  The rush you are getting from Topping may seem to feed you but it will not take care of you, and in fact like most drugs it will leave you in a lower place than you started.  You may not notice it for a few years even, but believe Me, it's unsustainable.
This applies to Male Doms as well.  Male Doms can give and get drained also, and they deserve a FEE as well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When did you first want to be a dominatrix?

The first memory I have of this nature was when I was about 6 or 7, I went to a circus type show. After the show we were allowed to take pictures with the lion tamer Lady. She had fishnet stockings and high heels, and was very powerful.  I could not take my eyes off her and was enthralled.  I started drawing sexy legs and fishnets and corsets all the time.  The feelings were not sexual, this was a pre-sexual proclivity, like a lot of people's early experiences.
Legs + Hosiery + Heels = can't get enough of them.
Then I had a boyfriend when I was about 15, and we explored a lot of BDSM together, though we didn't know what it was called.  Although I had largely identified as a top before this is where I really did the most to figure out what it was about and how deep we could go.  We actually did nothing "sexual" and most of the time spent hours enthralled in pure power exchange and sensory play.  We loved chains, knives, and bloodplay at the time.  Blame it on goth culture or Anne Rice.
On My 18th birthday I went with friends to the only store around that sold porn and bought a bunch of magazines!  My friends seemed to like Hustler and Club confidential.  I picked up packs of fetish magazines featuring dominant ladies.  One I remember specifically had a Domme in fully fashioned stockings with a slave at her feet, and She was teasing him.  Of course I had no idea how anyone would go about getting into this business.  I did however, go out to Home Depot and buy a mess of chains, ropes, and other things that I found exciting.  That year I self published my first collection of erotic fetish art.  My friends bought all of the only 20 copies I made- 20$ a piece.  They were printed at kinkos and hand-bound in black rubber I found at Home Depot!
I continued to buy fetish art I loved, and make my own for My own pleasure. This is what I mean when I talk about how the art is what brought Me here... of course the fine line is between art and porn, and I don't really care what the judgement is.  It will always be enthralling to Me.
About 7 years ago I met a male Dom, and begged him constantly to take Me under his wing in the art of BDSM.  He refused.  Now being a Domme Myself I don't blame him... many people don't take this seriously and he had to find out how committed I was.
After a long time of proving Myself in various ways He committed to teaching Me what He knew. After building three different dungeons and a great deal of continuing education here we are.