Thursday, January 29, 2015

Keyholding, Control, and Real Life Chastity

Regarding those slaves and submissives looking to explore more time under My control, I do offer keyholding.  Giving up control for more than just a few hours, having your penis as My property for as long as I choose is a wonderful fantasy. It can also be a comfort to some.
How to do you go about exploring this with Me?

The subject FIRST and foremost asks permission to give up ownership.  He should have some idea of the amount of time he can go without orgasm, and he must be ready to be completely honest about his masturbation habits.

We negotiate both My fee for keyholding, estimated commitment and limits together.  The subject may be allowed to buy personal items from Me to enhance their devotion.  They will be expected to do regular checkins, and it is best if they can provide a text-able and call-able phone number for Me to check in and play games with you.

The subject MUST purchase his own chastity device here or here.  There are many chastity devices in the dungeon, but these are My personal ones and I may need them for either professional or personal chastity exploration.

4 days is the absolute minimum of time for chastity play with Me.  In My personal experience this has been the most effective lull for many men.  It can be difficult for the male but nothing worth doing is easy.

I am a professional keyholder, I do not offer sexual services before, during or after your cage time.  I will communicate exactly what I want and you will be expected to be clear with your desires and goals as well.  Many people do not want to leave My dungeon or My control, and this is a way to continue and deepen that feeling even as you go.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CBT advice for couples

I was asked about this recently and I though to post about it for EVERYONE to enjoy.

Some various seriously cheap and easy basic CBT stuff and tips.

Go to the dollar store, get clothespins, twine or shoelace, depending on your sadism level, birthday candles.
Other helpful things to maybe put in your basket there: alcohol, if you are going to break skin. Duct tape, if you want him gagged. Doggie pee pads to use as chucks underneath the area. A basket to keep all your CBT toys in. Capsacin cream for his balls, or if you are feeling very sadistic for his urethra.  Antibacterial soaps for your toys. Saran wrap for encasement?

Now! Tie that guy down and have some fun. You can use the twine or shoelaces to wrap up that junk in many various ways. We find the pain from the tying alone is a sexy/fun level for a while and then gets very severe. So watch out for that. With that restraint to his blood flow, the clamps or clips you've got are really going to be on tight skin, adding to the effect. Clip him right under the head, you can probably get a nice scream out of him. Oh yes that's the worst ;)

In the realm of RACK and NOT SSC, just to be clear... you can use a birthday candle to drip hot wax very specifically. It's fun to let the wax pool up and perch a candle in there, start decorating! If the wax is hot enough he may get marks from this... so why not mark him for your use? If he is very excited, you can perch a birthday candle in his urethra, then just let him feel that. If he sees it too that can be deliciously terrifying. ONCE AGAIN this are RACK suggestions.

LASTLY, and most important.
Blindfold him and he won't always be able to tell what is even happening to him, and this can make it just mindblowing.
Do not just go at that thing. Tantalize him, make him ache for it, tease him. Make him whimper.

HAVE FUN LADIES !!! <3 nbsp="">

Monday, January 19, 2015

When you enter My space you have entered a FemDom World.
All Females are superior to you in this space.
We will place our pleasure, desires, and even amusement over you.
I am not simply a giver of fantasies, but a taker of power. 
This power is given not only freely by My subjects but with great relief and joy.
Over the past four years the power, blood and tears I have collected from you have made Me stronger, like any Goddess with worshipful devotees.
This metamorphosis has confused and bewildered the shallow male, 
while many more intelligent specimens have been able to see what it truly is.
My beauty and the body I have carved Myself through My own hard work and willpower belie My true Dominant and cruel nature.
I am sadist both by My biology and My training.
My mere presence is a dominating one, which some people may find 
calming, or compelling, or disconcerting.
A devotee must be sincere and take note.

When you enter My space you have entered a FemDom World.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Femdom Movies

Very chilly in Cincy, and with holidays over I'm sure many of you are sequestered at home.  Here is a lovely little Femdom type movie from Troma I watched recently... In its entirety!  Enjoy!