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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Regarding Gifts

Any slave who has served Me for some time knows I place efficiency over many other things.  Many of My protocols were built by Me to that end.
I have a Amazon wishlist, as most do, from which people are welcome to buy Me gifts, or surprise Me at any time.  These gifts are sent to Me.
Some people of course like to buy Me gifts when they are out shopping and think of Me.  This can be more difficult and can sometimes lead to a slave wasting money on things I will not use or do not need or desire.
I thought today to post a list regarding some of these things to make slaves useful to Me instead of wasteful to themselves.

  • Foods:  I have a figure to watch, that many others also enjoy watching.  Do not buy Me sweets or other treats that will lead Me down the path to the average American female figure.  Possible treats for Me: Raw almonds. Extremely dark chocolate with very little sugar or useless fats. Some slaves bring Me vegetables or herbs from their gardens, this is also appreciated especially in tomato season. A bottle of red wine (Apothic, Coppola, Cotes du rhone- not actually a wine snob) is a very nice gift as I will usually end up sharing it in the evening relaxing with a lady friend.
  • Other Grocery: Lysol or similar germ killing cleaners for the dungeon.  Latex gloves in small always appreciated.  NO BODY/ FACIAL Soaps or lotions as I have very sensitive skin.  If you must I use this only which is found in the african american section of most stores.
  • Flowers: I am lifting for the winter My moratorium on fresh flowers.  I prefer reds and whites, and I detest pinks and yellows.  I also am a collector and mother to orchids, special or new varieties are a wonderful treat.
  • Stockings, Lingerie, etc.: This has been an issue throughout My tenure. I don't wear stripper style lingerie or stockings, My taste is far beyond that at this point.  The sorts of lingerie I wear, including hosiery, can mostly only be found online and not around here.  When you see Me dressed up from head to toe, and wonder why I look different: this is why-  I may be wearing a conservative average of 500$ worth of lingerie.  Some is handmade, some is vintage, and almost all of it is one of a kind. This is My personal art form, hobby and addiction. Please don't waste your money on crappy lingerie or hosiery I would only let a sissy wear! If you would like to go lingerie shopping with Me to learn My taste, feel free to beg.  Some people enjoy the finest wine, or bourbon, and I enjoy the finest lingerie.  
  • Toys: To be quite honest I am something of a toy hoarder... though unlike hoarders I sometimes share a great deal of My fabulous toy collection with the greater BDSM community.  No real way to go wrong here,  If I don't end up using it in the dungeon, it could always end up in My bedroom.  I love remote control toys, I love electro toys, I love strange and new things... oh And I LOVE antique or medical type things. 
  • Big Gifts this year:  I would love a gift certificate to Westward Bound to buy new Latex, or a gift certificate artifice to have PVC clothing specially made for My unique measurements.
I hope I have been thorough here and I appreciate your appreciation for Me. It makes Me absolutely joyful when people can clearly see I go above and beyond with My calling to Domination.  I will leave you with one of My most impressive gifts last year, a dress from westward bound given to Me by a slave I have been seeing for four years now.  Have a lovely week, and with this weather I wish I was travelling south! But I will be here in Cincinnati till the end of the month.