Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Organ Grinder's Ball

A lovely weekend in Cleveland for the Organ Grinder's Ball.
Here I am with Chocolate Domme!
No other photography was allowed, or I would get kicked out and badmouthed.
My favorite show of the evening was a segment involving breathplay. A lady wheeled out a submissive on a little trolley. He was in a gas mask and the tube was connected to her panties. They did the cutest little show!
Some real kinksters were running around, but as this is a open party there was also a ton of vanilla people.  Hilariously a vanilla guy was hitting on Me and said, "What are you into?"
I didn't want to ruin his entire life, so I said, "I'm into being treated like a Goddess, worshipped..."  He said, "Aren't all women like that?"