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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Goddess Party Highlights- part one

The slaves and servants arrived an hour early as they were instructed. Mistress Devlynn and Goddess Sadie quickly whisked them away to their posts for the evening.  There was a Butler, immaculately attired in silver silk vest and black suit for the night's festivities.  There was a Maid... but she didn't have her outfit with her... nor did she even know that would be her task for the evening!

Slave 662 was shown to the serving area for the party and ordered to undress, placing all personal items in a bag which was given the Mistress Devlynn.  There would be no flakey or ill performing maids for this party.  ON went the stockings, girdle, and tight figure formed black dress, breast forms, and a light pink wig from Mistress Devlynn's personal collection.  A frilly bouffant of cotton candy to suit the maid's proclivity for getting over-excited.  Cotton candy pink leather cuffs... and thenMistress Devlynn laid down the Maid's EXTENSIVE responsibilities for the evening.  Goddess Sadie flitted by, "What's the little bitch's name?" "Debbie or Betty? What do you think?" Mistress Devlynn asked with a few grabs and pinches at the maid's pert little excited buns.

"Betty" Both Ladies said, and laughed.
Yes there would be a lot of pinches and abuse to keep this maid on her toes all night.  Serving one woman like Mistress Devlynn is a TALL order.
Serving 15 women at the same time, now that would be quite a feat.
Needless to say mistakes were made, and swiftly corrected.

Before we all feel too sorry for this little sissy maid's dire predicament, it would be interesting to check in on the other slaves for the evening.  Early in the evening as the Beautiful Goddesses of the Evening lounged with a signature artisan cocktail or a delightful gourmet locally made dessert, chatting and perusing the Catalog of Slaves for interesting ideas, the other 3 slave boys were locked away in cages, hooded and in their slave attire.  They had all been strictly trained as to THEIR responsibilities, protocols and slave positions by Mistress Devlynn.
The Butler was clearly instructed and trained as well. Underneath his well appointed suit, his little penis was locked up tightly and kept from his wandering hands.  He greeted each Lady at the door, taking their shoes and then introducing them to the rest of the Goddesses.  He was able to massage feet, one of his great skills at pleasing women, and he also served as the Domo Sub for the party- directly under the Headmistresses should any needs arise at the party.
The Goddesses were gorgeous as they arrived one by one, with great smiles and sparkling eyes. Some had attended other parties, and some were new and looking to learn more about the Femdom lifestyle. This would be an evening of new experiences for everyone!
There is no smoking in the Dungeon.  However, there is a discreet smoking area outside and luckily there is a decent ashtray for use as well.  Many of our Goddesses enjoyed a cigarette...
slave 665 learns about ashtray service - with 6 Goddesses!

One Goddess requested to watch Mistress Devlynn give a whipping, which many of the Goddesses chimed in to join.  For some sadistic reason Mistress Devlynn had decided to chain two slaves together with nipple clamps in the middle of the room to see which one could take the most on their nipples.   Luckily for those two this seemed a worthwhile distraction so several Ladies went upstairs with Goddess Devlynn to let another slave out of the cage and use him in the whipping position.
Whipping and flogging techniques were shared, with Goddess Sadie helping new Ladies learn, and dragon tails, floggers, and whips were all tried on for size.  The slave was well trained (of course!) and filled with gratitude, which he expressed with a lot of fun noises and some "Thank you Goddesses". Goddess Devlynn tends to invite this particular slave because of his general pliability and of course RELIABILITY.