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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Urethral Sounding

Why do we like sounding for BDSM and Femdom play?
First it's good to know there is not always pain involved. Like anal or fisting, sounding is largely about trust and being ready to be violated. Of course as with any kind of play there can be a dance on the spectrum between pleasure and pain.  Most males I have sounded describe the feeling as sensual but scary.
My personal attraction to sounding from a top perspective:

  1. Violation- We are probing a part of the body the submissive usually keeps protected.  He will have a distinct biological urge against what I am doing, and the energy he needs to keep those feelings in check will often lead him to an overwhelmingly submissive state.
  2. Steel- I love all medical and hard, shiny, sterile steel.  
  3. Virginity- See violation, above.

I am asked a lot of questions about sounding and safety by both curious submissives and curious couples.  While I admire the commitment to safety people should not be scared away from sounding play, as men have been stuffing all kinds of things into their urethras on their own.  
  • If your materials are clean and sterile, 
  • your lubricant is sterile and uncontaminated, 
  • you have purchased high quality sounds (cheaper is not better or even ok with Me regarding sounds.), AND
  • you take your time and care with sounding you will be fine.  

Training regarding both safety and technique is important. I was trained to do sounding hands on, with a male subject, and this is how I would recommend anyone learn, with a great mentor.  To book a hands on training session for couples exploration, contact Me here.