TRAVEL PLANNED FOR 2018- Chicago, NYC, Nashville, NOLA Apply to serve Me now or you may miss Me.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Scheduling and Travel

Availability In Cincinnati:  
Training appointments start next week.  Available till the 28th, then again after September the 4th.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the quality of male specimens that visited Me on My last trip to Louisville, however,  I am very busy and may not return until after next year. This leaves two options for Louisville submissives: visit Me in My extremely awesome, insanely well equipped dungeon in Cincinnati, or pay My travel expenses to your city.

If you would like to travel in service to Me, perhaps to a BDSM or fetish event I am now planning the next 365 days of travel, so make your request. A slave vacation in service to a Goddess... think about the possibilities.

Cities of interest I may be visiting in the next year: Chicago, Indianapolis, Tampa, San Francisco, LA, Phoenix, Denver, Aspen, NYC.