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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Things which I routinely dismiss Slaves over...

 "Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord splits ya..."

Including but not limited to...
  • Not valuing My time- trying to negotiate rates down or get away with something
  • Not valuing My time- millions of emails... I am too busy to be at your beck and call. 
  • Not valuing My time- no calls, no shows, last minute cancellations.
  • Not valuing My time- PHONE number is for emergencies only, not texts.
  • Not valuing My time- If I made rules for you or took the time to care about your health hold up your end of things, or pay Me for your fuckup.
  • Not valuing My time- Apologies should probably be accompanied by something real, words mean nothing to Me.
  • Not valuing My privacy- If you see Me out, you look down and leave Me alone to enjoy My life. I will do the same when I see you with your wife and kids or coworkers, you're welcome.
  • Not valuing My privacy- I provide tons of photos and information.  Don't prod Me for more, or you will be dismissed, I exist for My pleasure not yours.
  • Not playing My games- If you are in My dungeon, you will follow My rules.  If you opt out of the game, you can opt right out the door, and stay out.