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Monday, October 26, 2015

A little Primer on Electrical Play

 Some people are afraid of electrical play and some people love it.  Some people only know about one kind of electric play.
In My dungeon, I use all different kinds of electrical devices.  I love the medical mad scientist feeling.  I love that most of My electrical implements don't leave marks even when used to quite severe and sadistic ends.  I love that I can show some less masochistic submissives how fun electrical toys can be.  A lot of people that do not like pain absolutely love the various sensations that come from a violet wand.
So a simple Electrical toys 101 for the curious or inspired...  And alongside, photos that were taken in My dungeon with ONLY the light of the violet wand.  So first there are two kinds of electrical feelings.

One kind goes through the skin and into the muscles.  
This would be like the tens type machines you see people using for pain.  Of course the "tens" types machines you will see in a Domina's dungeon are a bit more advanced and can end up costing us about a grand.  For the extra money we pay, we get more programs, more sensation, the ability to create our own programs, some of which are so complex and wonderful they have been able to produce hands free orgasms.  I personally have several Erostek devices, one with a remote control, one which I can control with the sound of My voice or the sound of My heels clicking on the floor, etc, and one insanely large and complex box that has hundreds of applications. I honestly don't think My life will be long enough to explore every possible thing in that box, which is probably why I bought it. I will of course see how well I can do ;)
With these machines, the Domina may have any number of ways to apply the electricity to you. There are gloves, one of My personal favorites, sticky pads, clamps and clips for torturous electrical CBT and the like, and some very interesting insertables.  Insertables are amazing and I love them. There is nothing like a poor slave tied up and controlling severe fucking sensations that are happening to him, while he is quivering and completely going nuts, and I am calmly playing with My little device.

One kind plays along the skin...
MOST applications of the violet wand are of this style. They can be little sparkly sensual licking feelings or zaps.  One can create the sensation of being sliced with razor, but leave no mark.  In My dungeon there are zapper devices built just for kinky play. There are also a couple of violet wands, originally used for pseudo- medical purposes but now mostly used by kinksters as well. One of these has a contact wand, which electrifies the subject so anything that touches them shocks them. This is a wonderful way to play with multiple people, or create predicaments. All kinds of people, kinky or not, have tried the violet wand at My hand for simple exploration and found they absolutely loved the feelings.  Some have found them quite addictive and I have to tell them to move on so I can let other people try it!

Regarding safety:
I personally prefer to not engage in electrical play with people who have heart issues or pacemakers. Some people like to advise to never play with electricity above the waist.  These people are doing a great disservice to those Nipple Torture aficionados.  Early on in My domination career I followed this rule, but now I find the violet wand is very safe above the waist, along with some forms of Estim that obviously don't go from nipple to nipple.  I never do anything involving the head, expect give a little shock to the lips or earlobe once in awhile for fun.