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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!
Thanks to all the slaves who are making it wonderful!

Thursday, December 17, 2015


AMNESTY, and general sweetness.

Those of you who wish to take advantage of My fabulous mood, in this most fabulous time of the year, MUST be able to follow impeccably My directions.

1. You must have seen Me for sessions sometime in the past FOUR years. It may have been a long time... so much the better as it will brighten My day.

2. You may email between the hours of 10am and 5pm.  I MAY NOT ANSWER. I AM VERY BUSY.

3. You will email something to help Me remember what time we have spent together, My name for you, or how I have abused you in the past ;).  You will then ask if you may be of service to Me THAT DAY.  You will only text if you can be of service THAT DAY.  Spontaneity and service is what this is about.

4. I will tell you if I wish for you to bring Me coffee or tea, with specific instructions. Everything will be clearly outlined to you.  You will take your lunch break that day in service to ME.

5. If you wish to also bring Me a thoughtful birthday gift you should do that!!  No crap please.  Most of you know what I like.  You are also welcome to beg Me if you wish to take Me on a shopping trip for My birthday, obviously I may not want to spend a day with you, but hey, you may have a chance.

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's that time of the year again. During some of the winter I do work on the dungeon.  I will be replenishing a lot of toys and also getting some new ones.  If you have any ideas or want to contribute check out My "New Toys for Me to Play with" wishlist.

This Saturday is also My birthday. As I have done in years past, if you are a safe, verified slave or submissive and you would like to pay Me a short visit, run an errand, or kiss My feet in gratitude for filling your life with fetish Femdom fabulousness, email Me and request a few times or dates.  I am very busy as always, but it's nice for Me to see those familiar faces and feel appreciated!
If you cannot make it in to see Me but want to send Me something...  gift certificates to Westward Bound Latex, Secrets in Lace, Nordstrom, DSW are all wonderful ideas.  Below is My amazon wishlist link.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Order of Indomitus in Florida

Get your application in for the Next ORDER of INDOMITUS Full weekend of Femdom in JANUARY!!! Make sure you don't miss it!  I had an amazing time!

"TOTALLY RECOMMENDED ! ! ! I had the honor of being a part of this Great Event and all I can say is go for it you will never regret it ! I just had the best weekend in my life !" - slave 003

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Latex Slavery

After photoshoots and wearing whatever I lust after all week, a pile of luxurious latex piles up.
No need for Me to worry about it even though these pieces are quite expensive.  My latex wardrobe features pieces from Venus Prototype, a no longer available female designer from California, DeMask of Amsterdam, Atsuko Kudo, Libidex, Westward Bound, Madame S, So Hip it Hurts, Ooh La La Latex, Renee Masoomian, Slinky Skin, and even includes pieces handmade by Myself to fit My body perfectly. Latex clothing is handmade and much of My collection is completely one of a kind.

There is sumptuous gold latex, piles of slick gorgeous black, sheer translucent rubber to show off My tattoos.  Sturdy steel boned corsets to sculpt My body into something statuesque. Seamed stockings and garter belts to hold them up... what Femme could do without these? A translucent catsuit with huge inflatable torpedo boobs for when I am in a particularly fun and saucy mood. A few simple pieces for when I want to wear latex out on the town for no reason at all... though their simplicity does not lead to any less stares.

In a photoshoot with one of My favorite kinky photographers I may use a suitcase full of latex. Layers may be worn.  And I am very picky!  This is when the Latex Slave comes in handy.
This slave enjoys being of service. He enjoys seeing Me in this rubber as much as possible so he knows its care and maintenance is a part of that joy.
Piles of latex must be cleaned by hand, piece by piece, carefully in a sink.  He then hangs each piece in the shower to drip momentarily.  When it is no longer soaking, he lays out each piece on a towel to dry in the dungeon, inside out.  Once all the pieces are drying, he starts the next part of the process. He dries the rubber with the towels, then turns them right side out again to dry the outside layer, applying a thin layer of a lightly scented powder I like to the inside. This prevents the sticking that could possibly ruin a piece.
Some pieces are hung in a closet on plastic hangers covered in tissue paper. Some are bagged in zip baggies and labelled.  Over the years I have had several latex slaves, I hate training new ones, but once again, I am very picky.