TRAVEL PLANNED FOR 2018- Chicago, NYC, Nashville, NOLA Apply to serve Me now or you may miss Me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Returning to Cincinnati

Those who wish to spend some time at My feet, or in training in the DeSade Academy, should fill out My application to serve.  Applications sent WITH a deposit are the only ones I can expedite.
PRIOR submissives may politely email requesting times and dates, clearly requesting the amount of time you wish to serve, along with any new goals you may have for serving Me.
Couples training and exploration is also possible.
Sessions may last anywhere from one hour, three hours, to overnight.
Most sessions are booked with 2-3 day notice. Many of My submissives also book up to one month in advance.  Same day appointments are possible, but rare, usually reserved to people I know, and deposits of course help expedite the process.
My dungeon is near downtown, discreet, and fully equipped.  I am a safe, sane, sober, consensual BDSM player.
I offer a true power exchange with the luxurious sensuality of Femdom, and playful fetish exploration.  It is a well known fact that there is something about My countenance and personality that inspires submission.  I start with My natural talents and abilities and use all manner of BDSM modalities to deepen that submission...