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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Type A Personalities

As I sat there in the Mistresses' lounge, I mulled her question to me:  "What are you looking for?" and I answered as simply as I could.  I told her that I like to be put in a place where I have no control, where I literally have no ability to stop the pain or pleasure.  I want to give that power to someone who knows how to push me, where to push me.  I told her I enjoyed CBT play, and being utterly defenseless.

Several days later, as I write this review, I look down at the angry purple bruises on my ballsack and cock and contemplate what it truly means to give control over to someone as competent, caring, and at the same time, cruel and sadistic as Mistress Devlynn Desade.

This was my first session with Mistress Desade.  As advertised, she is a stunning beauty, confident in how she walks, speaks, and presents herself, and with a knowledge and array of tools that are as mindblowingly diverse as they are cruel and insidious.  From the carefully lined shelves of her medical play area to the countless floggers and paddles within arms reach in her dungeon, this is a BDSM expert who invests both time and money into perfecting her craft.

My session (as requested) consisted of bondage, sensory deprivation, and CBT.  Although this was my first time with Mistress Desade, it was not my first CBT session.  However, it was a session like no other.  Mistress markets herself as cruel, and let me tell you -- this is one case of truth in advertising.  When other mistresses would back off, Mistress Desade keeps pushing through, and found new ways to make me scream, squirm, and sob.  In our pre-session, I had mentioned that I liked having clothespins applied to my ballsack.  While in the past, Mistresses I have worshipped would go for quantity (applying 18 or 20 pins to my ballsack until it looked like a colorful lions mane), Mistress Desade went for quality  -- a few strategically placed and applied to provide the maximum level of pain and discomfort.  Combining this pain with the sharp pain of electroplay while also employing pleasurable massage of the Venus2000, left me a puddled bruised, and broken mess, laying on her table literally sobbing in pain while begging her to continue.  She laughed at me as I squirmed away from her touch while simultaneously thanking her and asking for more. In a short amount of time, I had transformed from confident, controlled professional to a pathetic and broken painslut.

At the end of the session, she put me in whipping position and sat upon my back.  She reminded me that as worthless as my cock had been when I had walked into her dungeon in my vanilla professional clothes, I'd be leaving with my cock reduced to a useless swollen mass of bruises.  Under that pressed and pleated exterior, I was now a wreck.

Although my travels don't take me to Cincinnati too often, I look forward to adoring this cruel beauty again in the future.

--sub s

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Goddess Party

Invitations have been sent out for the Goddess Party April 29.
If you did not receive one, and you hoped to, file a new application.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Training Slaves

Hello Goddess.

You looked absolutely AWESOME today.  WOW I am so lucky to be considered as ONE OF YOUR SLAVES.  The outfit you were wearing today also accented your awesome and outstanding figure. OMG and WOW were part of my responses over and over today.
The most important thing is that you are so intelligent, inventive, so confident  with your skills and someone I can completely TRUST.
I also really like your new toys, especially the Venus 2000!   I now realize how pleased I am that I  have returned to Ohio and can see you again more often..

Hooray for Spring Weather in Cincinnati!
Time to set new goals for My slaves and play new games.