Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Review

 I had wanted to see Mistress Devlynn for a while now and finally mustered up the courage to set a time and date with her. She was very easy to talk to and laid out in detail everything I needed to know before our session. Which, for me was wonderful since I was new to her and the femdom world.

Anyways, when I first arrived she answered the door and we sat down to talk and what not. But let me tell you,  when I first saw her I was blown away because she is absolutely stunning! In fact she is even more beautiful in person! So we began to talk and went over some basic protocol since I was new to her and she had me change and get ready.

Mistress Devlynn then took me into her medical room which is amazing! It has so many different toys that she is able to use. She strapped me down to her examination chair and began to do what she does best. She used a lot of different toys on me in order to induce both pain and pleasure. The best part of the session though was when she used electricity to cause me both pain and pleasure!

Overall, I would have to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I would highly recommend contacting her to anyone who is interested because she knows what she is doing and she is simply amazing at it!

Monday, June 27, 2016

New Review

I was new and very nervous when I went to see Mistress Devlynn, I had never done anything like this before.
Mistress Devlynn sat me down and talked to me and within just a few minutes had me calmed down and listening to her every command.

She is a most beautiful mistress. I have always been really shy but I felt so comfortable and wanted to serve her almost instantly. I have to say that my session with mistress Devlynn was the best and most exciting thing I have ever done, not only did she show me the way but she kept me in check and at peace. I would recommend her services to anyone that wants to experience a Domme.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Very Excited to have enjoyed a visit from My fabulous friend Miss Julie Simone. As I have admired the flavor of Her artwork for years, from Nylon fetish to heavy bondage and pain, She has spent her life creating some very beautiful things.
If I will make any films, they must have flavor.  Check out the gorgeous and filthy things we made together here.

"The two sadistic women delight in taking Their time with the bound and hooded submissive as They paddle and cane his bottom until it’s a deep shade of red."

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Boots of Venus


My name is Randy and up until recently I was for the most part happy with my life. Why until recently you may ask? If you’re curious, please read my story?
 I don’t know if this is true for everyone but I bet most of us have thought about what they would do if they were given the opportunity to magically travel back in time to their youth. You want to know something though, unless I could keep the experience I’ve accumulated over the years, there is NO WAY in HELL, I’d go back. I don’t know how I made it through being a kid and young adult in the first place. If some wizard grabbed me and put me back in my young body and told me, “ I’m going to let you go and when I do, you’ll forget everything you’ve learned up to now and all of your knowledge and experience will be back to that of your young self”  I think I’d collapse and die.

With that said however, there is ONE thing that I DO dearly miss.  To a guy, it is THE Holy Grail! The most missed thing and the most sought for attribute of our youth. And what is that? Simple…… the ability to instantly become aroused and STAY aroused.  What male can’t recall an instance from their youth  when they were snapped  out of a dirty little day dream, inspired by the painted on jeans of the girl two seats up, by the period ending bell?  Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, discovering to your HORROR that you had a RAGING hard on! It was TERRIBLE! Knowing that you could not simply wait it out, you’d stand as nonchalantly as possible then quickly place your books strategically so that they blocked the embarrassing bulge. Then you would make your way toward the classroom door, eyes down trying to appear deep in thought, hoping not to draw the attention of anyone, particularly that of one of your “buddies”. For, if one of them became aware of your plight, GAME OVER! Once reaching the door you would slip out into the hallway still blocking the protrusion as much as possible. Your goal now was to reach the relative safety of the somewhat chaotic flow of kids moving between classes. Heart pounding, almost therrrrre…… then…..  “HEY RANDY…… what’s that you’re hiding behind your BOOKS! LOOK everyone…. it’s TENT MAN! AHH HA HA HA!!!!”
OHHHHHHH!!!!!! Immediately turning, trying to make everyone else “disappear” in your mind, you’d face the no good RAT, whistle blower. Then squinting your eyes, locking them with his and trying to look as menacing as possible , through clenched teeth, in an anemic retort,  you’d silently spit “fuck you….”. Big mistake! “You wanna do WHAT to me!  You stay away from me, you weirdo!”
 OHHHHH….. I want to DIE!!!!

 DAMN, what I wouldn’t give to have that problem today. Little did I know, but in the near future, I would give EVERYTHING!

It all started six weeks ago on a Friday. After work some friends and I decided to head to a little sports bar for a few beers.  I’m not even sure what prompted the conversation, but somehow the subject of Viagra came up. Well, I’ve never tried it and from what I’ve heard I really don’t want to. It’s way too expensive, and I think it might even be dangerous.  I don’t want to rupture a blood vessel in my brain or something. And besides “it” still works fine, just not as well as when I was 17.  As the conversation progressed, Keith, a rather outspoken member of our little “gang”, chimed in with a story about a lady a friend of his told him of who specialized in herbal medicines and remedies. His friend swears that since he’s been to see her he just has to snap his fingers and his “little man” instantly leaps to attention. Of course we all told him that he’s full of shit. But Keith, now a little agitated, became defensive and in an effort to support his story told us that he had witnessed in person this little “miracle”.  Uh oh, mistake, for naturally that led to a half hour of us brutally teasing and interrogating Keith in regards to him and his friends “relationship”.  Oh well, what do you expect, do guys ever really grow up?  Anyhow, continuing: after the harassment became “old” and fizzled out Keith told us that he had considered seeing her himself but has yet to get up the nerve. And why we asked? He then elaborated, in strict confidentiality, that his friend told him that in order to make this little wonder possible the lady had performed some sort of strange ritual. His friend, however, who is of Vietnamese descent, apparently considered this to be not extraordinarily weird and refers to her as, bac si phu thuy, which  roughly translates to Witch Doctor in English.

Witch Doctor…… seriously? I had to speak up then. I believe in science and the scientific method. If it cannot be found or proven by science then it means nothing.  I don’t believe in a god, or gods, or magic or ghosts or little green men from outer space. I told the group that she’s probably just some modern day hippie tree hugger who doesn’t eat meat, knows a lot about wild plants and folk medicines, smokes pot and then hears aliens speaking to her through shiny rocks. That got a few snickers. But then Keith said the ONE Thing that is sure to intrigue a guy, “She’s HOT!” That got EVERYONES attention. And now I was hooked. I had to see this lady….. And who knows, I had recently dumped, OK been “dumped” by, my girlfriend and we might even hit it off. So I asked Keith if he had her phone number or email address. Keith had her phone number on a piece of paper in his wallet and he told me that she goes by the title of Miss Fiona. I entered the name and phone number into my phone and soon after felt it was time for me to leave. I had already had three beers and was getting a little tired.

The next day at around noon I finally got up the nerve to make the call. Following the fourth ring I heard for the first time the hauntingly seductive voice of the woman who would soon change my life forever. Her voice was soft and pleasing with a faint suggestion of southern ancestry. We talked for maybe fifteen minutes. She asked several questions, typical stuff mostly, name, age, address, where I work, phone number and of course what I desired to achieve from this meeting. Now that was a little hard to just come out and say, but with her soothing and hypnotic manner she eventually coaxed it out of me. It actually seemed that she knew what I wanted before I even put it to words.  She was not in the least offended or surprised and told me if I was willing to put complete faith in her she was certain that she could give me precisely what I had asked for.  So, we agreed on an appointment time and date. It would be the next Saturday at 10:00am. She told me her address and had me write down specific directions on how to get there. It would be about an hour and a half drive and around twenty miles away from the interstate highway. This place was out in the sticks!

The fateful day finally arrived. I was getting just a little nervous now. Why? I couldn’t put my finger on it really. I always thought of my mind as strictly analytical. I did NOT believe in magic or at least I had never before. What was happening to me? Was it her voice? Not only did I still hear it but I could feel it inside me like a faint, wispy web of electric current or magnetic flux weaving into and entwining with the muscle fibers of my heart gently pulling and contracting within the organ making it beat just a little faster and more urgently.  Whatever was happening, though, one thing was certain.  I was now inexplicably and helplessly compelled to this meeting.  

I arrived at 9:40am. I passed by the driveway at first, only stopping because I saw a mail box, in the middle of nowhere, at the edge of the windy two lane road I had been traveling on for what seemed like more than an hour. The driveway was carved into the hardwood forest.  I pulled into the gravel road and drove for maybe 100 feet through the tunnel of trees where it opened into a clearing cut out of the woods. At the far edge of the clearing sat a white, wood frame house with a tiny porch fenced in by a red stained wooden railing. I guessed it was built in the late fifties but it was immaculately cared for. I pulled up to a cobblestone walkway and parked beside a black, hard top convertible jeep 4x4, then  sat and waited in the car not wanting to disturb her 20 minutes early.   After about five minutes the front door opened and I saw HER for the first time. My breathing stopped, I felt a twinge of fear. Don’t get me wrong she was BEAUTIFUL, but, she exuded power and confidence and grace with a hint of danger thrown into the mix. This was one woman NOT to be trifled with.  I was completely frozen. She broke the spell that had come over me, “Well, aren’t you going to come in?” I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the car door, stepped out and closed it. I moved to the 20 foot walkway and continued forward until standing at the foot of the three steps to her porch where I froze again. My eyes drank in the vision before me.   She had straight, shoulder length, silky blond hair that shimmered in the morning sun. Her hazel eyes were intelligent and inquisitive. She had soft, full pink lips that faintly glistened in the early sunlight and though pale her skin was flawless and had a healthy radiance.  She stood maybe five foot six and had a slim, athletic build. She wore a black one piece short sleeve dress.  Its skirt came down to just above mid thigh. Rather short I thought, but I sure wasn’t complaining.  But, then my eyes drifted down to her boots! I had NEVER before seen boots of such exquisite beauty! I couldn’t take my eyes off of them! They came up to just above mid thigh, their tops barely concealed by the edge of her black pleated skirt. The soft, smooth leather was a deep, glossy, reflective black. Her sexy calves were supported in back by at least six inch stiletto heels.  The boots were strung with black lacing that crisscrossed through eyelets from her toes all the way to the top. The toes of the boots were open exposing her delicately cared for big and second toes. Their perfect nails were a gleaming, liquid blood red.  I became aware of the faint, bitter sweet scent of fine leather. Time stopped, my breathing stopped, I stood paralyzed by their beauty. Then something a little more tangible happened. I felt a gentle twinge and pulling contraction in my prostate. The sensation made me think of a faint electrical current passing through and causing the small organ to gently pulse and quiver. What was happening to me? The sensation, though very faint was becoming more and more arousing. Then I felt “it” begin to stir and swell. The tip began pushing and pressing against the fabric of my underwear with increasing urgency. The pressure increased more, and more.  It just wouldn’t stop! It was as if my penis was a balloon attached to a garden hose! I glanced down.  Oh, NO! It was now nearly fully engorged and still growing and clearly trying to rip a hole through the leg of my khaki shorts! What was going on! I hadn’t gone from “flat” to fully hard in seconds since I was probably in my twenties, maybe even my late teens, maybe never! I froze, staring down at it, eyes wide as saucers, afraid to say or do anything!  She’ll take one look and tell me to get the hell out of here!  
But to my immense surprise,   “Hello…., you must be Randy”.
 She had to see it! How could she be so calm? Slightly at a loss for words……”Yes……, that’s me, Ummmm sorry!”
 “Sorry for what? Isn’t THAT what you came to see ME for?”
“Yes…,uhhhh…I suppose it is, isn’t it?”
“Stop right there, let’s not get off to a bad start, from this point onward and for ALL time, You shall address ME as Miss Fiona, is that understood?”
Her power could not be denied, I replied, “Yes Miss Fiona”.
“Much better.”
“Please do come in Randy.” With no further hesitation I followed.  The front door of the cottage opened directly into a comfortable, well kept living room illuminated by the sun through a beautiful picture window facing the front yard. The scent of some exotic, sweet spice permeated the air, maybe incense of some kind? She directed me to have a seat on one end of her couch. She sat down next to me just a little beyond the middle of the couch. Before us was a small brilliantly polished wooden table probably made of cherry wood. Setting in the middle on an ornate serving tray was an ancient, black bottomed and tarnished copper tea pot and two small white tea cups. Beside the tea arrangement was something else. It appeared to be circular, possibly a bowl of some kind, but was draped over by a red cloth. I thought to myself, “Maybe she has “crumpets” to go with her tea?” Although that didn’t really tell me much because I had no clue what a crumpet actually was, I had just heard the phrase “tea and Crumpets” before. Must have been from an old movie or something? My curiosity was set aside when she spoke; totally ignoring my “aroused state” as if it was not unusual in the slightest.  “Would you like some tea?” As a distraction I was grateful to accept the offered tea. It was warm and mild, delicately sweetened, but tasted good and helped me to relax, which I definitely needed to do. After a few moments of quietly attempting to enjoy the tea, I say attempting, because my penis still would NOT go back to sleep. In fact it was now starting to hurt a little. I picked up my right knee and tried crossing my leg. Miss Fiona, apparently aware of my discomfort spoke up. “I apologize for, let’s say, your surprise condition. But I assure you it is not your fault. In fact there is nothing that you could do to stop it.” She noticed the puzzled look in my eyes, for instead of waiting for me to respond she continued. “It’s the boots.” I gave her a slight questioning look. She went on, “These boots have magical properties. I sense by your expression that you don’t believe in magic, but never the less, they are magical. And what’s more, it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe it. Although if what you are currently experiencing does not give you pause to reconsider your stance on magic then I must seriously question your intelligence.” Looking down at the still steel hard erection trying to rip through my pants leg, I thought to myself, well, a logical, scientific explanation for this does indeed escape me at the moment.

“So, shall we agree that I have already fulfilled your request?” “Umm,,,,well, yes Miss Fiona, I believe you have.” “Very good, we are in agreement. Now that we have established this, the question becomes would you like these boots to have this power over you from this point on?” My head was spinning now; this was all happening too fast. I looked down again at my, for me, enormous erection straining against the leg of my shorts. Perhaps my gaze lingered for just a little too long for abruptly a frightening transformation occurred; the lovely and seemingly sweet woman sitting beside me, completely changed. Standing, she stepped before me and looking down, in a frightfully forceful voice commanded, “Stand up NOW!” Completely in shock and nearly terrified by the transformation I practically leapt to my feet.  “Strip off your shorts AND your underwear!”
She had total control of me and my actions. I could NOT disobey! Quickly I stripped off my shorts and underwear and left them in a pile beside me. She screamed, “Take of EVERYTHING including your shoes and socks!” Instantly I obeyed. Then she commanded, “Grab your COCK!” Of course I did, I simply could not refuse. “Feel that! Isn’t that what you came here for or are you WASTING MY TIME!” She reached down to her table and lifted the cloth from the hidden object. Beneath was a rather large, naturally colored, clay bowl, adorned with strange looking creatures, bizarre designs and unrecognizable symbols.  “Step to the middle of the room and Drop down to your knees NOW!” Immediately I moved to position and went down to my knees. Miss Fiona then picked up the bowl, stepped over and placed it before me.
“MASTURBATE! And when you cum make sure ALL of it goes into the bowl!” Timidly I looked up into her eyes; Gone was the somewhat unusual but cheerful, lighted hearted young woman I had recently been speaking with. What stood before me now appeared to be an enraged GODDESS! If I weren’t so hard I would have peed on the spot! She screamed, “DO IT NOW!”
I reached down, my hands were trembling, I grabbed the engorged shaft and started pumping with my right hand. It wasn’t working! Sure it was hard, but it may as well have been a wooden dildo. What do I do! She commanded, “Open your eyes and look at MY BOOTS!” That did it! Instantly I felt an incredible, warm, overwhelmingly pleasant, deep tingling sensation. It radiated from my prostate and spiraled out into my lower abdomen and deep into my thighs! Oh, I LOVED it! I pumped and pumped! My knees were shaking, but I was coming closer and closer to orgasm! Masturbating had NEVER felt this good! Then it was time, fearful of “missing” the bowl, I pressed downward aiming the tip at the center of the bowl, then…..”OH MY GOD!!!!! My penis erupted, over and over! It kept spurting fourth in AMAZINGLY powerful and WONDERFUL spasms of immense Pleasure! I think it exploded twelve or thirteen times before I was finally spent! My prostate ACHED but oh SO GOOD!!! I was exhausted! I then noticed “it” was finally softening and shrinking. At the time I did not care for at that blissful moment I had no idea that after today, I would NEVER be able to become aroused unless I was in the presence of the mystical boots. But, my ordeal was still not over. Miss Fiona commanded, “Stay on your knees and don’t move.” She reached down and picked up the bowl then walked over and had a seat on the couch. Then after placing the bowl on the floor before her, commanded, “Come and kneel before me.” I obeyed. Once I was in position she lifted her right foot then brought its heel down until it touched the contents of the bowl. She then lifted the boot and held it out toward me and commanded, “Clean the heel with your tongue, NOW!” Unable to resist, I reached out with both hands, cupped the bottom of the lovely boot and brought the heel to my mouth and gently licked and sucked the stiletto clean. The process was repeated with the other boot. After setting the second precious boot gently back to the floor she commanded, “Look at ME.” Our eyes met. “Now, pick up the bowl in both hands and hold it to your chest.” I bent down and picked up the bowl. “Now, bring the bowl up to your lips and carefully pour ALL of the contents into your mouth, being sure to not spill any of the fluid, and then swallow ALL of it!” I hesitated just a little too long…….. “DO IT NOW!!!” Without further consideration of what I was about to do I quickly brought the bowl to my lips, tiled it back, poured in the contents and swallowed everything!” It was slippery and warm going down but I was able to gulp it all down in one try. Fear completely over rode any gag reflex I might have had and ……It was done. I looked back into Miss Fiona’s eyes awaiting further commands.   Then, in a softening tone, “Very good, now place the bowl down to your right.” Instantly I complied. “Now kiss the toe of each boot.”
Without hesitation I bent down and pressed my lips, first to the toe of the right boot. The toe was warm against my lips; I could smell the aroma of superb leather. It was SO WONDERFUL! I then moved over to the left, kissing its lovely toe as well. I looked back up. “You’ve been a very good boy. We’re almost finished. You know you LOVED what you experienced here today! Isn’t that so?” “Oh YES Miss Fiona! It was the MOST incredible sexual experience of MY LIFE! I’ve NEVER been so aroused!”
“I thought as much. You WOULD like to be able to experience this again and again correct?” “Oh yes PLEASE Miss Fiona?” “Very good, then in order for your desire to be fulfilled, you must complete the ritual by answering, YES Miss Fiona, to my next question. After that the power of the boots will be yours forever!”

 “From this day forward and for all time, or until such time as I choose to remove the spell, do you wish for these boots to posses the power to control and to strengthen your sexual desire and pleasure?”

Yes Miss Fiona………….

And that was it. I’ve been in HELL ever since! For, you see, the boots DO have the power to control my sexual desire and to make me more aroused than I have ever before thought possible. They can and do have the ability to give me the most intense sexual pleasure of my LIFE! But……… I MUST be in direct visual contact with them or else I have no sexual desire what so ever!

AND NOTHING, I mean absolutely no other thing or person in the WHOLE WORLD can arouse me now!
What have I DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!