Friday, July 29, 2016

Regarding Appointments

When a Domina has been offering Her time to submissives and developed a reputation that precedes Her... you can bet all of Her email boxes are filled with requests for Her time.
How can you stand out among the rest?  This is a primer for anyone looking to find themselves at the feet of a busy and in-demand Mistress.

  1. Be clear and brief.  State your name, city, experience, interests, length of session you seek, dates possible for a session.  If you can't even request a date or time, I often assume you are just a wanker from Nigeria enjoying his computer.
  2. Do not request any illegal services or anything inappropriate. You are simply requesting to be dominated by Me, the way I please, within what you can offer, within your limits, discretion and safety.  I don't offer any services, of any kind.  You are contacting Me for a training opportunity. You can offer whatever you would be willing to try, but in the end your service and submission will define you.
  3. Vet yourself- If I have your real name, clear employment, linked in or facebook profile, references from a respected Mistress, etc... I am way more apt to book with you and take you seriously.  My face and My reputation are right here in front of you.  If you are not able to make Me feel safe seeing you, I walk away.  I NEVER violate this trust for any reason... one of the reasons I have a stellar reputation.  If you can't trust Me, I doubt you can trust Me tied up in My dungeon either, so I'm not interested.
  4. Send a deposit or gift- If I receive a gift from a submissive I always remember. When they email Me I take notice and write them back.  A physical representation of your devotion goes a long way with Me.
  5. Arrange a Niteflirt phone call if you are afraid or have cold feet.  I am available to talk on Monday and Tuesday evenings with notice.  We can discuss your fetishes or My training practices.  I will not send endless emails for you... I have written this blog for over 5 years now and you will find a wealth of information about serving Me right here.
  6. If you want to be seen in a more "personal" light, offer to make My life better. Offer to take Me out to get My nails done, take Me for a coffee and shopping trip, offer to bring Me coffee between these hours and these hours. 

I am actually a FemDom lifestyler.  I enjoy submissive men serving Me and it feeds the Inner Goddess that you want to enjoy.  I am inspired by submission.  Though you may not be well versed with women like Me, luckily I always train men to be better at serving Me and to learn My non-traditional ways.  Pay attention to My instruction and you may find yourself greatly rewarded.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ways to Be of Service

  • Pick up coffee or a healthy meal for Mistress 
  • Do a grocery run for Mistress
  • Take care of Dry cleaning for Mistress
  • Pay for Mistress manicure and pedicure, drive Her to the spa, bringing a nice chai or coffee as well.
  • Take Mistress shopping for makeup (learning experience for crossdressers or sissies)
  • Take Mistress lingerie shopping (learning experience for crossdressers or sissies)
  • Take Mistress shoe shopping 
  • If experienced and vetted slave, offer to clean dungeon
  • OFFER your schedule and times available for use
  • OFFER list of ways you can be of use
  • Cultivate an attitude of attentive silence. Unobtrusive but there when needed.
  • Set up a social media account to help Mistress DeSade- twitter, tumblr, fetlife, etc.
  • If you are a cannabis enthusiast, take Mistress paraphernalia shopping, or grow or find quality Sativas.
  • Bring good Champagnes, orange juice for Mimosas with other Ladies.
  • Buy toys for the dungeon or other needed supplies
  • Easy things to pick up for the dungeon- Paper towels, toilet paper, bottled waters, white hand or bath towels.
Service is extremely useful when cultivating a Goddess Mode.  Goddess Mode is exactly where you want your Mistress to be, because that is where all the magic happens.  Goddess Mode allows your Mistress's mind to wander to wonderful places while you take care of the little things.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tribute to an awesome Goddess Devlynn De Sade

I have the good fortunate to have been serving Goddess Devlynn De Sade for a couple of years. Each time that I arrive for a training session, I am over whelmed with anticipation. From the time waiting at the door for the most beautiful Goddess to open the door and allow me to enter, to the time I am allowed to sit at Her feet for a pre-training discussion, I am at awe that I am allowed to serve such a beautiful, sexy and extremely intelligent Goddess.

My heart rate accelerates with total anticipation during the pre-training discussion as She determines my conditions such as health, experiences and anticipated limits. Quickly I am under Her total control and zoned out anxiously waiting for the opportunity to completely serve, please and worship Her during training.

Upon que, She instructs me to go the slave rooms to prepare for her. Prior to coming to her studio, I have taken great care to be very clean, well shaved overall and well hydrated. I know that the beginning of the training session, I will be completely inspected and must please Goddess.

When Goddess comes to the slave dungeon, She has changed into one of Her very sexy Goddess training outfits and I am spell bound by her over all beauty. She is always so breath taking that my only words to describe Her beauty is WOW and OMG!!! I again realize, how fortunate I am to be allowed to serve and please the most awesome Goddess.
I am spell bound and ready to completely submit to Goddess. Her trainings take me to new heights and areas that once were only fantasies.  Upon qualifying as one of her highly and well trained slaves, She sometimes uses me as a demo slave as She teaches others a variety of skills on how to use a submissive male slave. My trust and respect for Goddess allows me to feel very comfortable being displayed and used in front of others.

By the time my training session ends, I am always thinking about when I will return to Goddess and seek additional training. I leave thinking WOW and OMG and that I need to be under Goddess control again and soon...

For any submissive who has not experienced Goddess Devlynn De Sade’s training, I must say it is an experience that will make you say WOW and OMG!