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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ways to Be of Service

  • Pick up coffee or a healthy meal for Mistress 
  • Do a grocery run for Mistress
  • Take care of Dry cleaning for Mistress
  • Pay for Mistress manicure and pedicure, drive Her to the spa, bringing a nice chai or coffee as well.
  • Take Mistress shopping for makeup (learning experience for crossdressers or sissies)
  • Take Mistress lingerie shopping (learning experience for crossdressers or sissies)
  • Take Mistress shoe shopping 
  • If experienced and vetted slave, offer to clean dungeon
  • OFFER your schedule and times available for use
  • OFFER list of ways you can be of use
  • Cultivate an attitude of attentive silence. Unobtrusive but there when needed.
  • Set up a social media account to help Mistress DeSade- twitter, tumblr, fetlife, etc.
  • If you are a cannabis enthusiast, take Mistress paraphernalia shopping, or grow or find quality Sativas.
  • Bring good Champagnes, orange juice for Mimosas with other Ladies.
  • Buy toys for the dungeon or other needed supplies
  • Easy things to pick up for the dungeon- Paper towels, toilet paper, bottled waters, white hand or bath towels.
Service is extremely useful when cultivating a Goddess Mode.  Goddess Mode is exactly where you want your Mistress to be, because that is where all the magic happens.  Goddess Mode allows your Mistress's mind to wander to wonderful places while you take care of the little things.