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Monday, August 8, 2016

Mistress Simone of Chicago

Popped up to Chicago for a quick visit and was privileged to attend the ClubFem Chicago party hosted by one of the best Medical and Heavy Bondage Mistresses in the country, Mistress Simone.
Her dungeon was immaculate and inspiring.  A warm corporal room with wood throne and stretching rack, a sissy room with more clothes, heels, and fun toys than you could shake a sissy clit at, lots of real dark dungeon areas, and the wonderfully kinky medical play room.  Mistress Simone is a true lifestyle professional, with years of experience and medical training. She is also a gothic queen, which of course to Me is absolutely divine. Loved being able to sit and chat with slaves at our feet and other slaves getting used by their Mistresses all around us.